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Wuhu Port soared 400% flying is still behind the scenes?

Every reporter Zeng Zijian July 14, Wuhu Port (600575, closing price of 13.30 yuan) to limit the report, the stock prices stay at 13.3 yuan. July 15, the port of Wuhu announced that the suspension was suspended for important matters not announced.  16th, the company said that the company's controlling shareholder Fei Shang Industrial Group is planning and listed companies related to major asset reorganization matters, the company's shares will continue to suspend business. November 3, 2008, Wuhu Port fell to bear market's lowest valley 2.49 yuan. In the 8-month rally in this round, the cumulative increase in Wuhu port reached 400%. Such a huge rise in wuhu ...

Yingkou Port owes big shareholder 2.8 billion to buy money worry: 4 times in half a year loan

May 6, Yingkou Port Co., Ltd. (600317, hereinafter said: Yingkou Port) issued a notice, April 27, 2009, and the Bank of Communications, Yingkou branch signed a total amount of 200 million yuan in the loan contract, used for operating capital, borrowing annual interest rate of three years, the benchmark interest rate of 10% downward, The period is from April 27, 2009 to April 26, 2012.  Borrow for credit. This is already in Yingkou port since 2009 issued the 4th loan information, the loan amount has reached 1.55 billion yuan. In a short period of less than six months, Yingkou port for 4 consecutive loans in the end ...

Ningbo Port will enter Shanghai on September 28

NetEase Finance September 26, Ningbo Port Sunday Evening issued a notice that the company will be officially on September 28 stock Exchange, the securities referred to as "Ningbo port", the Securities code is "601018". The announcement shows that Ningbo Port has issued 2 billion shares, including 1.1 billion shares online. The IPO price is 3.70 yuan/share, corresponding to the issuance of the total share price P/e ratio 24.72 times times, corresponding to the issuance of the total share price P/e ratio 29.3 times times.  The total amount of funds raised amounted to 7.4 billion yuan, after deducting the issue fee, the net amount of raising capital was 7.21 billion yuan. Ningbo Port Co., Ltd. is the country's largest ...

The ice situation in the Bohai Sea of Hebei province gradually eases the recovery of electric coal transport in the port

January 25, due to a rebound in temperature, Hebei province, Qinhuangdao, Tangshan, Cangzhou Three ice situation is gradually easing. Recently, the continuous impact of several strong cold air, the coastal part of Hebei Province encountered 30 years of rare sea ice, Qinhuangdao sea ice maximum outer rim line of 5 nautical miles, ice thickness of 12-18 cm. Sino-New Shi Yujia Xinhua Beijing, January 26, according to the China Meteorological Bureau website News, due to the recent rebound in temperature, Hebei province, the Bohai Sea, Qinhuangdao, Tangshan, Cangzhou Three ice situation is gradually eased, the harbor ice has dropped to 3 to 4 centimeters, the port of coal transport gradually restored ...

HONG KONG-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge 26 years of game to reveal the difficulty of coordination unprecedented

Xinhua Beijing, November 2, the State Council approved the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Project Feasibility Study Report, means that the controversy over the 26-load Bridge topic ended.  The authorities involved in the bridge report revealed that because the bridge is the first world-class bridge in China involving "one country, two systems", the difficulty of coordination is unprecedented, and the bridge landing point, bridge type line, port mode and financing arrangement become the four focuses of the three-party game. According to the Hong Kong Grand Bulletin, after 26 years, the first large-scale sea-crossing bridge involving the Chinese special Economic Zone and two special administrative regions has been built, built, constructed and built.

26 shares hit record highs

July 14, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 2.1%, and then hit a new record of 3147.59 points. As the market shocks upward, a total of 26 stocks to create a record high.  Among them, 8 stocks yesterday strong performance, sealed on the trading board. With 3,000 points on the market, 14 of the 26 stocks have risen more than 20% since July.  Victoria shares, road shares rose alarmingly, 10 trading days, stocks rose by 43.16% and 42.03% respectively. Of course, these stocks not only July performance eye-catching, the beginning of the year has hit a new high record, and 26 stocks ...

26% Deposit increase in Chongqing Agricultural Bank "refund into the loan"

November 17, the People's Bank of Chongqing Management published data show that by the end of October, the deposit of local financial institutions than the beginning of the increase of 200.4 billion yuan, less than 57.2 billion yuan Year-on-year. In the context of a small increase in the overall deposit, the Chongqing branch of ABC is undoubtedly a dark horse.  In October of this year, its deposit balance of 162.7 billion yuan, an increase of 33.5 billion yuan in the first four local lines, accounting for the local financial institutions to increase the share of 17%, the daily balance of each deposit in the ABC system ranked first. Its lending business is equally eye-catching. In the same period, ABC Chongqing branch of the loan surplus ...

43.99 billion RMB agent Blue Port Web game "flying West"

January 26 Afternoon news, 4399 games online signed LAN Hong Kong independent research and development of the Web game "flying West" domestic market agent, agent cost of 10 million yuan.  "Flying West" by the blue port online under the Si-Special game studio after 15 months of research and development of the Web game products, the first Test in May 2009 to achieve the same group of servers over million level.  According to the Blue Harbor aspect, in Baidu Chinese search ranking and other third party rankings, "flying West" has ranked top five, become one of the most popular web games. 4399 is CAI investment in the domestic ...

Port Land announced that "the Sword of Kings" and "My name is Mt" launched the Cross promotion

"TechWeb Report" July 26 news, the blue Port online recently confirmed, its combat hand Tour "The Sword of the King" and the music of the remarkable card game "I call MT online" spread, content replacement has been online. It is reported that in the "Sword of the King," July 23 version of the update, "My name is Mt online" pumpkin melon, milk White and other representative role has appeared in the "Multiplayer copy" and "Monster siege" two activities. And "My name is Mt Online" will be introduced in the 2.8 version including "Sword of the King" icon and classic ...

Dalian Port 26th issued medium-term bills

(ZONGWU) Dalian Port Co., Ltd. 2009 the first phase of the medium-term paper will be issued on May 26, the issue amount of 1.5 billion yuan, a period of 5 years. Through the integrity of the International Credit Rating Co., Ltd. comprehensive evaluation, the medium term of the instrument credit rating aa+. (ZONGWU)

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