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The organization high sedan Wuhu Port two retail investors daily increase 48.77 million yuan

The high level of innovation has been a challenge in the last one months for the port of Wuhu (18.19,0.87,5.02%) (600575). However, in Tuesday, the unit was lifted by institutional funds and pushed to a trading limit, has been easy to hit a record high in two consecutive days (recovery rights), yesterday closed to 17.32 yuan. Wuhu Port is so strong, the first reason is the company and Huainan mining between the reorganization matters.  However, when the Tuesday institutional funding after the Hong Hongxing, has been lurking for a year of the two super "retail", Zhangjian just three trading days worth 58.52 million yuan. Performance Surge ...

Wuhu Port, Rizhao Port, Shenche recommended attention

Thursday, the port, high-speed and other transport logistics plate performance is more active, such as Yingkou port, Jinzhou Port, Wuhu port, Lianyungang, on the Hong Kong group, Rizhao port, such as the rise in front. We think there is an opportunity for shipping and port stocks in the future. First, the dry bulk market has bottomed out in the near future, as domestic steel demand enters the peak season, import demand will continue to rebound, in March, the South American food Pallet began to enter the market, to increase new demand. In the short term, iron ore negotiations have the potential to push up market tariffs.  Therefore, the future dry bulk market will rebound. For the port stocks, we still propose to pay attention to Rizhao port, the deep red ...

SouFun announced down the port fee, let 500 million yuan to the national major intermediary companies

Abstract: In a number of real estate intermediary Industry Alliance, the next SouFun listings, SouFun finally made a response, the latest announced down the port fee, let 500 million yuan to the national major intermediary companies. Can this dissolve the enmity between the two sides? Search room sum, the intermediary to win in many real estate intermediary industry Alliance, the next frame SouFun, SouFun finally made a response, the latest announced down "Port fee", let 500 million yuan to the national major intermediary companies. Can this dissolve the enmity between the two sides? Search the house sum, intermediary "win" to restore cooperation with intermediary Alliance, SouFun recently do ...

Administrative punishment of the SFC in Beihai port

Beihai Port (000582), in response to the CSRC on the company in Tianjin de Li Group Limited in the actual control of the alleged disclosure of information on the case for investigation, the company on February 18, 2011 received the CSRC issued the "Administrative penalty decision book."  The decision of administrative punishment determines that the Beihai port does not disclose the actual controller change according to the regulations, and that Tianjin de Li has failed to fulfill the offer acquisition obligation and the announcement matters, and that the Beihai port has not disclosed the foreign security matters according to the regulations, and that the Beihai port has not disclosed the relevant party funds transactions According to the illegal facts of the parties, nature ...

SSLH 1.12 Publisher Connection Port Protocol tool

SSLH is a port that uses the same ports to connect HTTP, http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/29830.html ">https, SSH, OpenVPN, Tinc, XMPP protocol or any other protocol, and the Server Connection Port Protocol tool that uses regular expressions to test. It can connect to any of these 443-port servers, while the service is connected to HTTPS for that port. SSLH 1.12 This version supports a ...

Tangshan Port proposed to increase 135 million shares to raise capital 870 million yuan

Tangshan Port (601000) on the evening of March 4, the announcement of the Non-public offering of stock plans, the number of non-public offerings not exceeding 135 million shares, the issue price is not less than 6.63 yuan/share, the plan to raise funds not more than 870 million yuan. The company intends to use this non-public issue to raise funds to acquire the holding shareholder, Tang Hong Kong Industrial Holdings of Shougang Wharf Company Capital Contributions, and to Shougang Wharf company to increase capital.

Port stocks recover as a group strengthens exports

Yingkou port morning morning small shocks pulled up to the limit, led the port stocks strengthened collectively.  The improvement of the domestic macroeconomic situation and the recovery of exports will enhance port handling operations such as containers.  Industrial Securities Research reported that January 2010 China's coastal ports completed 439 million tons of cargo throughput, of which 188 million tons of foreign trade cargo throughput, container throughput 10.27 million TEU, respectively, year-on-year growth of 31.7%, 38.5%, 22%. At present, Rizhao Port rose more than 6%, Jinzhou port, Wuhu Port rose more than 3%, Lianyungang, Nanjing Port, Yantian Port rose more than 2%.

The ice situation in the Bohai Sea of Hebei province gradually eases the recovery of electric coal transport in the port

January 25, due to a rebound in temperature, Hebei province, Qinhuangdao, Tangshan, Cangzhou Three ice situation is gradually easing. Recently, the continuous impact of several strong cold air, the coastal part of Hebei Province encountered 30 years of rare sea ice, Qinhuangdao sea ice maximum outer rim line of 5 nautical miles, ice thickness of 12-18 cm. Sino-New Shi Yujia Xinhua Beijing, January 26, according to the China Meteorological Bureau website News, due to the recent rebound in temperature, Hebei province, the Bohai Sea, Qinhuangdao, Tangshan, Cangzhou Three ice situation is gradually eased, the harbor ice has dropped to 3 to 4 centimeters, the port of coal transport gradually restored ...

Regulation of spam message Dead command-Unicom has shut down all groups of the originating port

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > for repeatedly banned spam messages, China Unicom has issued a policy, immediately shut down port text messages, centralized clean-up rectification, as well as focus on cleaning up the disguise of ultra-low tariffs of SMS packages, and requires strict implementation of the real name of the SMS ... According to the relevant department in charge of Unicom, China Unicom in recent years, according to the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Information, continued to carry out garbage message special management work, the governance work into performance appraisal, ...

Zhuhai Port to issue 500 million yuan corporate bonds

Zhuhai Port (000507) February 28 night issued a notice, the company was allowed to open the total public offering of not more than 500 million yuan (including 500 million yuan) corporate bonds, bond coupon rate of 6.8%. The company will be issued on March 1, 2011-March 2 for social public investors online public offering, in the March 1, 2011-March 7 for institutional investors under the network, of which the online preset distribution scale of 10 million yuan, the network under the preset distribution size of 490 million yuan.

Shanghai Port Cargo throughput ranked first in the world last year

-Reporter Zhang Yong Yang Dong intern Zhang Yiten at the city government Special press conference held yesterday afternoon, the municipal Construction and Transportation Committee Deputy Director, spokesman Shenxiaosu introduced the Shanghai International Shipping Center since 2009, the construction of the interim results and will be held this March "International Shipping Shanghai Forum" related situation. "As at the end of last year, 27 of the Clear 59 annual key targets in the construction of the International Shipping Center have been basically completed or made significant breakthroughs." 2009, the port cargo throughput reached 590 million tons, container throughput reached ...

3DS will be with area lock function port version can not run the Japanese version of the game

(Compilation/Sky White) Although there have been rumours from last year E3 that Nintendo's latest handheld 3DS will add a zone lock, Nintendo has not made any announcements about it, but from recent media information, 3DS does add regional locks. What is a zone lock, the domestic players may not know much.  This area lock function is the world's version of the game through the region code divided, so that the United States version or Japanese version of the game can not run through the port version of the 3DS. Although the news appears very sudden, Nintendo's previous NDS and NDSL are not ...

"Two-day" is coming, Huanggang, Futian Port will usher in a round of passenger flow peak

Absrtact: Futian Port reached the peak of the crowd yesterday, in the large baggage inspection area, the staff for the spot check of the passengers carrying bulky baggage. Futian Port, an elderly person after the customs inspection has been down to pack things.   Futian Port, Futian Port yesterday to reach the peak, in the large baggage inspection area, the staff for the spot inspection of the passengers carrying large baggage checks.   Futian Port, an elderly person after the customs inspection has been down to pack things. Fukuda port, customs will be seized by the brigade ...

Xiamen Port regained decline Credit Suisse to increase target price to 1.8 yuan

Xiamen Port, the bottom of the rally this morning, the share price is now recovered flat at HK $1.69, deal 2.14 million shares.  Credit Suisse issued a report saying it maintained the unit's neutral rating, but raised its target price from HK $1.11 to HK $1.8 to reflect better medium-and long-term growth prospects, with higher permanent growth rates and lower weighted capital costs (down from 11.7% to 10.7%), compared to a market premium of 7% per cent. The port of Xiamen is the best performing stock in the ports since this year (up 89.9%), mainly by China's planned development of the SAR pilot and economic cooperation with Taiwan.

"Taxi software" Shanghai was banned

Shanghai Port Bureau released the news, since March 1, to the peak period of the new capacity allocation scheme until the introduction of the temporary implementation of the daily 7:30 to 9:30 and 4:30 P.M. to 6:30 two morning and evening rush hour, the taxi to the use of "Taxi software" users to provide about vehicle service measures, It is hoped that this solution can alleviate the problem of the difficult to catch a taxi during rush hour.   The disabling of taxi software during the rush hour makes people talk. "Taxi software" after the emergence of the traditional taxi market impact and road Yang difficult to recruit car problems, triggering a high social concern. Shanghai Exchange ...

Jia di salty shaqima discovered plastic finger sleeve suffered consumer complaints

Recently, consumer Ms. Liu to the Lishui County Consumer Association complained that her husband unexpectedly in the small daughter bought a good di salty shaqima eat out plastic finger sleeve.  After mediation, the factory finally compensated the consumer 500 yuan. Ms. Liu said she purchased 17.6 yuan of Lishui's savory Shaqima at the "North-South Dock" snack food chain at the port. After home, the husband opened a bag to eat half of the time, found that there is a similar white film in the Shaqima, a closer look, unexpectedly is a plastic texture of the finger sleeve. More let Ms. Liu worry is, oneself only 20 months of little daughter often eat this Shaki ...

News: Shenzhen local stock Show active

Shenzhen Comprehensive package reform overall plan released yesterday, Shenzhen local shares in the active after opening today, a share of the majority fluttering red, as of press, deep room a once trading, seg Samsung, Sun Hung Kai, deep Tianma A, deep heaven A, deep state business, such as a number of shares rose more than 3%, Shenzhen Energy, deep sky ship to a, Yantian port, etc. also rose in front. Approved by the State Council approved the "Shenzhen comprehensive package reform overall plan" 26th officially released. According to the China Securities Daily reported that Shenzhen this time to obtain four "first try" right. First, the major measures to deepen the reform of the country and expand the opening, the second is ...

Zhengzhou Real estate market has ushered in a new king

In the National real estate market a jittery, Zhengzhou real estate market has ushered in the "New king." But you have to ask Zhengzhou people, in the past year, the fastest rising prices in Zhengzhou where? The answer is not the "new king" in the center of the city, nor is it the last ten years Zhengzhou fully promoted the East new area, but in Zhengzhou southeast more than 30 kilometers of the aviation port.   In the eyes of the locals, house prices have gone crazy in the past year. 2008, Zhengzhou Air port area of housing prices of only about 1800 Yuan M2, the equivalent of Zhengzhou under the jurisdiction of county-level city housing prices, and now the average price of the sale of items.

Valentine's Day to send Apple Wuhan iPhone4 Valentine's Day promotion

[YORK Network Wuhan station businesses] what Valentine's Day to send the most innovative? If you are 80, send a bouquet of roses is not romantic enough, if you are 90, send a true confession is not romantic enough, Valentine's Day this year must play Apple, the most stylish Valentine's Day gift items, Wuhan Poly Xin Technology Port Version 8g Valentine's Day a large number of spot promotions, the best price 3750 yuan, but also installments. Figure: Valentine's Day to send Apple Wuhan iPhone4 Valentine's Day promotion appearance: Apple iPhone 4 is ...

Inter-Chinese thyme raisin nuts breakfast cereal mould exceeding

Pro-Beta News November 11, AQSIQ sampling results show that as importers of Shanghai International Logistics Co., Ltd., its products Thyme raisin nuts breakfast cereal molds exceeded. According to my understanding, Aqsiq recently released the September import unqualified cosmetics, food list, the result said, a weight of 4,000 kilograms of thyme raisin nuts breakfast cereal, due to mold exceeded the Shanghai entry port inspection and quarantine agencies to be destroyed. The manufacturer of this sampling product is H. & J. Brvggen KG, the origin is in Germany. According to the author obtained ...

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