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Emergency portals look how to move?

Beijing July 5, Brazil thrilling World Cup semi-final promotion, Neymar fissured fission bid farewell to the World Cup. Such explosive incident can best reflect the overall media coverage strength and execution. The four portals news client has a brilliant move, the final outcome of each battle how? Lunch break, I idle, compared Tencent, Sina, Netease, Sohu news client reports, in addition to Sina, the other three are launched the event , So that users understand more relevant information. The following is a screenshot of each news client comparison: "Neymar now how hurt", this is a pen ...

The perfect world buys 255 million yuan to buy the electric game bus

November 12 News, the perfect world announced today, will be about 255 million yuan in the price of the acquisition of Wuhu Hui days 100% Equity, and about 40 million yuan in the price from Beijing Hui days to buy Beijing hand swim interest minority stakes. The tgbus.com-operated video-game bus (ptbus.com) and the fun-running pocket bus in Wuhu are the two leading gaming portals in China. In the perfect world before the investment, the final control of the days of Wuhu and Beijing Hui days for a person with no connection to the perfect world. The completion of the transaction described in the Agreement shall be in the usual delivery condition ...

How should Open data portals be evaluated?

Building a successful Open data portal can effectively help the public sector drive public data openness, but what kind of Open Data portal is successful? What indicators can be used as an Open data portal evaluation standard? Perhaps the following international Open Data evaluation system is widely used to give the answer. Sunshine Fund Evaluation System Sunshine Fund (Sunlight Foundation) is a non-profit organization designed to promote government transparency in the United States. 2011, the Sunlight Fund proposed 10 standards, and thus established the U.S. government Open Data portal evaluation system ...

Content to pay? You're worth less than a hand!

Haibo released a statement: All the punishment I accept the overall. First floor: Please call me in the future, the yellow word has been swept, the second floor: hereafter please call me the sea, the wave is also false; the third floor: hereafter please call me each, three point all does not show, four floor: hereafter please call me the person, the mother's not allowed to appear under my body. This joke has and can only be created in one place: NetEase posted. These gathered the Netizen's quick, the ridicule, the rape's posting, is NetEase news in the four news portals unique reason, almost is the modern edition "The World speaks the new language". Under the headline of the serious news, the gag-style is almost ...

The ninth tour of the 2015 Strategic Conference held today

Absrtact: The 2015 strategic conference of nine tours is held today. At the meeting, the nine tour announced that its business integration of Ali Hand Tour has been preliminarily completed, nine tour in Ali internal resources will be upgraded, will be able to get Taobao, Alipay, God horse search and so on a number of entrances directly to the 2015 Annual Strategic conference held today. At the meeting, the nine tour announced that its business integration of Ali Hand Tour has been preliminarily completed, nine tours in Ali internal resources will be upgraded, will get Taobao, Alipay, God horse search, such as a number of portals directly provide flow support. In addition, nine tours ...

Microsoft wants to launch Windows based cloud system

This week, Microsoft launched its 2012 Microsoft Global Partners Conference in Toronto (WPC), where Microsoft demonstrated its new offerings and services to its global partners. Microsoft announced that it would launch a new windows-based cloud system. New services enable users to build their own web sites and Web applications, build their own windows-based or linux-based virtual machines, and, finally, build their own self-service portals. Microsoft Windows cloud Services will provide Windows Server 2 ...

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