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Introduction to the Windows7 command prompt PowerShell

&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; The Windows PowerShell command prompt is a language that supports objects, and we can simply assign the result returned by the command to a variable, $files contains a collection of objects in the table of contents that are in the previous directory, and use the normal array access syntax to get the object at that location ....

Introduction to PowerShell and its programmatic access

This tool can be used alone and can completely replace Cmd.exe. For example: But it's much more than that, for example, we can easily get all the process names: Take another look, the following example is getting a list of currently running services. (Can be easily filtered by conditions): In addition, PowerShell also support customization, such as Microsoft many products have provided a dedicated PowerShell plug-ins (typically: SQL Server,sharepoint Server, ...

Logitech iOS 7 game handle PowerShell real machine image

The "TechWeb report" Logitech, a specially developed game handle for Apple's iOS 7, is officially PowerShell today at a 99.99-dollar price. With the opening up of iOS 7 systems, more and more vendors are starting to focus on the game-manipulation experience on Apple's system. At present, the media has released Logitech PowerShell's true machine image, let us see quickly.

Using PowerGUI will greatly increase your productivity

We know that PowerShell will be the successor to CMD, and Microsoft has integrated it into Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7. I don't know if you noticed, http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/32995.html "> in Windows 7, in addition to PowerShell, there is a tool called PowerGUI, From the name of the fact that it is based on graphics ...

Hyper-V open real-time migration process

Real-time migration is the most important feature that Microsoft adds to Windows Server Hyper-V, which eliminates the need to move virtual machines (VMS) between Hyper-V hosts and, in the normal maintenance of Hyper-V hosts, You can also remove all of the VMS it hosts, and then move back when the maintenance is over, and don't worry about causing business disruption throughout the process. In addition, the use of real-time migration capabilities can also be better dynamic adjustment of host resource utilization, the busy Hyper-V host parts ...

Company Smartphone Security (B) - Aim WSUS Server

Company Smartphone Security (B) - Aim WSUS Server. After scanning found that there are two hosts to meet our needs, send us a stable remote shell. They are WSUS (Windows Update Server) and Antivirus (Antivirus Related Server), respectively, because these services must have Internet access to update the database, let's start from the first. There is an interesting question, NTLM hash of the local administrator is enough to access this server? Perhaps our answer is yes. In a public ...

Corporate Smartphone Security (C) - Aim at domain controllers and look for Golden Ticket

Corporate Smartphone Security (C) - Aim at domain controllers and look for Golden Ticket. Before leaving the internal network, we decided to get the hash of the domain controller, especially the Kerberos account (krbtgt) and wanted to create a Golden Ticket *. Golden Ticket refers to the forged TGT (Ticket Granting Ticket). Similarly, the Silver Ticket is a forged TGS (Ticket Granting Server).

Company Smartphone Security (a) - From APK to Golden Ticket: Initial Probing

Company Smartphone Security (a) - From APK to Golden Ticket: Initial Probing, Getting Domain Admin Access from an Android Smartphone, and More ... This article describes the potential dangers of using a personal smartphone in an enterprise network, These cases are typical after the actual case has occurred. It turns out that it is not difficult to trick an employee into installing a malicious application, bypassing network protection, accessing corporate networks, elevating and obtaining confidential information. In addition, it turns out that bypassing all protection mechanisms (including anti-virus software) without being discovered ...

Three questions about how Windows Server cloud performance improves

Server08 R2 is the cloud mainstream operating system 2012, the development of cloud computing has begun to descend slowly, after all, the ultimate goal of cloud computing is to bring profits to the business, to bring convenience to people's lives, illusory things even if the outline of the perfect will be eliminated.   In 2012, cloud computing has begun to solve the real problem for users, the major IT vendors have launched their own cloud solutions, it can be said that the next step of cloud computing will usher in a real test, but also the cloud is ushered in a rapid landing opportunities. ...

Windows Azure Infrastructure Services new functionality VM Agent

Windows http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/13357.html ">azure infrastructure services recently announced a new feature VM Agent. The VM Agent is a lightweight process for launching additional solutions, shared by Microsoft or partners, to configure, manage, and accelerate virtual machines. This blog is intended to illustrate the relationship between the VM Agent and its VM extender ...

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