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Review and prospect of large-size Hadoop data application in eight major industries

The development of any new technology will undergo a process from the public to the final universal application. Large data technology as a new data processing technology, after nearly a decade of development, has just begun to be applied in various industries. But from the media and public view, the big data technology always has the mysterious color, appears to have the magical power which digs the wealth and forecasts the future. Widely circulated large data applications include the target supermarket based on the girl's shopping history to determine whether pregnancy, credit card companies based on the user in different time and space shopping behavior to predict the customer's next purchase behavior, and so on. Large Data Technology ...

Machine learning and application scenarios under the trend of big data

Machine learning is a science of artificial intelligence that can be studied by computer algorithms that are automatically improved by experience. Machine learning is a multidisciplinary field that involves computers, informatics, mathematics, statistics, neuroscience, and more.

What are the major data engineers in the United States interview strategy?

Hello everyone, I am from Silicon Valley Dong Fei, at the invitation of domestic friends, very happy to communicate with you about the U.S. Big Data Engineers interview strategy. Personal introduction to do a self-introduction, after the undergraduate Nankai, joined a start-up company Kuxun, do real-time information retrieval, and then enter the Baidu Infrastructure group, built the Baidu APP engine earlier version, and then went to Duke University, in the study, during the master's degree, Starfish, a research project related to Hadoop's big data, and then Amazon ...

What is the difference between bat's Internet Big Data application?

"Editor's note" This article is reproduced in the public number "Fu Zhihua", the author has been Tencent social networking business Group data center director and Tencent Data Association president.     Before Tencent, he worked in the market consulting, Analysys International, China Internet Association, and served as vice president of Dcci Internet Data Center. The internet industry in the accumulation of large data and applications to Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba is the most noteworthy. Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba in the application of large data although there is a common place, but due to their respective data sources and ...

The PM2.5 on the clouds

Absrtact: With the rapid take-off of China's economy, the development of environmental pollution problems intensified, haze in all regions raging, PM2.5 index frequent "explosion", the daily life of the people caused great trouble, aroused public opinion's strong concern. The Government attaches great importance to and put PM2.5 monitoring work in the focus of environmental protection work. Cloud creates storage independent innovation PM2.5 cloud monitoring platform breaks the traditional research and development way, utilizes the innovative design idea, causes the environmental protection and the cloud computing high-end technology organic combination, the structure massive monitoring data storage, the processing platform, may reflect each region's air quality microcosmic, for the public ...

Databricks, Intel, Bat assembled, 2015 Spark Summit Spark

In attracting Cloudera, DataStax, MapR, Pivotal, Hortonworks and many other manufacturers to join, Spark technology in Yahoo, EBay, Twitter, Amazon, Ali, Tencent, Baidu, Millet, BEIJING-East and many other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to practice. In just a year, spark has become open source to the hot, and gradually revealed the common big data platform with Hadoop's Chamber of the potential to fight. However, as a high-speed development of open source projects, the deployment process of ...

Big data is a "double-edged sword" with a thorn.

Foreword 2012 years time "big data" the argument gradually appears in our vision, to 2013 years "The Big Data" became the hottest discussion topic, then what is the big data, the big data actually has what magic to let the person go hot to discuss? Let's look at the definition of large data: "Big Data", Or the vast amount of data, refers to the volume of data involved in the large scale to be unable to pass the current mainstream software tools, within a reasonable time to achieve capture, management, processing, and collation to help the business decision-making more positive purpose information. (In Victor Maire-...

9 Committer gathered at Hadoop China Technology Summit

For the open source technology community, the role of committer is very important. Committer can modify a piece of source code for a particular open source software. According to Baidu Encyclopedia explanation, committer mechanism refers to a group of systems and code is very familiar with the technical experts (committer), personally complete the core module and system architecture development, and lead the system Non-core part of the design and development, and the only access to code into the quality assurance mechanism. Its objectives are: expert responsibility, strict control of the combination, to ensure quality, improve the ability of developers. ...

Intel Wugansha: Large Data development context

On the morning of 26th, Mr. Wugansha, chief engineer of the Intel China Research Institute, delivered a speech on the theme of "Big Data development: Seeing yourself, seeing the world, seeing sentient beings". In the speech, Wugansha pointed out that the next wave of the big science and technology revolution has been ready, large data models can be divided into three categories, the first category to see themselves, as Socrates said you have to know yourself. The second level is to see heaven and earth, you have to pay attention to yourself, to the world between heaven and earth, to understand the community and social behavior. The third is to see sentient beings, the so-called sentient beings are heaven and earth, nature, all things, the so-called all sentient beings have Buddha nature, this is the day ...

Larger data series Topic Four: What does big data mean to Intel?

If you're familiar with it, you'll know. Intel actually has a lot of free resources to fight for, such as Intel has a software department that can help and guide users in software optimization and development, Intel offers compilers and various development tools, high-performance computing and the Internet are frequent Intel software, and some have joint laboratories with Intel. For example, Intel also has a data center department that provides consulting and services for data center construction and operation, all free of charge. "Intel's purpose is to help users improve their application level, but given the limited resources, we try to choose ...

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