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The classic dawn of the dual-server series Sky wide A440-G

[YORK network channel news on November 5] As the focus of the dawn to create SMB channel products, days wide A440 server for small and medium-sized enterprise environment, in the research and development of the various components on the targeted design. I know from the dealer, this product from the original price of 12,900 yuan, now special 7,500 yuan, the procurement of SMEs users concerned. Dawning A440-G (Opteron 4234 / 4GB / 500GB) Product Category: Tower CPU Model: AMD Opteron 4234 3.1Hz ...

Built-in Android micro-projector selling price of about 1352 yuan

This small projector in the image above can project not only the image on the screen or the wall, but also a fiery "Androse" inside its 2.7x2.4x2.2 (inch) casing. The device, named Epict EPP-100, simply connects it to the mouse, keyboard, or other peripherals, and it becomes an intelligent screen that can be projected onto the wall, free to surf the web, watch videos, play games or run any Android app. Have you ever seen a screen that can reach a dozens of-inch smart machine? Its ...

Omate Truesmart smart watch exposure price thousand yuan

Recently, Omate has shown the final draft of its Truesmart smart watch, which includes a series of product images and video products. As early as last month, the watch has raised target funding on the Kickstarter platform, but there are still plenty of investors who continue to donate money. The final version of the Truesmart Smart watch is equipped with a sapphire crystal scratch glass, similar to the configuration on the iphone 5 rear-mounted camera, while other smart watches, the Samsung Galaxy Gear, use Corning Gorilla Glass ...

Samsung i9228 licensed "Geek Digital" Price 4730 yuan

Samsung i9228 licensed the current offer in the business, "Geek Digital," the latest offer for the 4730 yuan, the phone's accessories include batteries, headphones, Charger and data cable. Samsung i9228 is the Samsung Galaxy Note TD version, powerful configuration, 5.3 inch screen is a great selling point. Pictured: Samsung i9228 mobile phone Samsung GT-i9228 ...

The price may be comparable to or lower than the 179 dollar Moto G.

The official photo of Moto E, which was scheduled to be unveiled at the London press conference in Thursday, Moto E is the first smartphone product to be launched by Motorola Mobile since it was bought 2.9 billion dollars from Google earlier this year. It is reported that this product is mainly for the middle and low-end market, the price may be comparable to 179 U.S. dollars Moto G or lower. In terms of appearance, Moto E also continued the design of Moto X and Moto G, with the configuration of Moto e using 4 ...

Lenovo V470A Promotions

Today, Lenovo V470a-ith (i3 2350M/2GB alone) notebook in the Amazon mall price dropped 100 yuan, compared to other dealers, the price of 400 yuan, very competitive prices. This model is a business model designed for business people. This notebook uses the Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM, 750GB high-capacity hard drive, NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M standalone video card. Windows 7 Home Basic is also pre-installed.

Millet released new product summary-Millet note sold 2299 yuan, and "mysterious New Year Gift"

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Millet Conference has ended, its total brought 4 products, respectively, millet note, millet Note top version, millet small box and millet head wearing headphones, Of course, the mobile phone is the focus of attention ... Compared with the current "best similar products in the world" IPhone 6 Plus, the millet note 6.95mm thick, 1 ...

China good machine sinks six revealed Dark horse Ubtel won the most cost-effective award

Recently, the aim is to provide consumers with higher prices, better quality, more cost-effective "China good machine sinks" activities before the top 6 has been released, through the layers of selection, Ubtel, blue sky, small chili, Newman, Kingsia, Jules Verne through the scene, from the top 8 again to stand out, into the "China Good machine sinks" activities of 6 strong. One of the most high-profile when this event is the largest black horse Ubtel,ubtel this competition 5.3-inch four core flagship products Big U mobile phone because of hardware, software, as well as the quality of mobile phones, performance, configuration, scalability, cost-effective and other aspects of outstanding performance, won the meeting of the judges ...

Arm value Geometry Calxeda Server Evaluation report: last Chapter

ARM based servers adhere to very low power consumption and excellent per watt performance ratio, it's also possible to put an incredibly large number of servers on a rack--and now you've implemented up to 1000 arm servers in one rack (48 server nodes in a 2U chassis),   All of these nodes consume less than 5KW of power (or a four-core arm node consumes about 5W). But when a new technology is advertised, it's best to remain skeptical. Because people are happy to know something new, the media always shop ...

Flagship Phantom of the MX4 Pro configuration Exposure October release

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall [summary]mx4 Pro is expected to use the Samsung 8 core processor, 4G memory and 2K display,   It is expected to be available for October. Although the charm of MX4 released by countless netizens after the pursuit, but still have a lot of people are still infatuated with the flagship version of MX4 Pro arrival. Recently, on the network to reveal the so-called charm m ...

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