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Intel Xeon Processor e5-2600 v2 core of modern data center

It companies around the world are working to virtualize and automate data centers in the hope of helping their business achieve higher value and lower costs, delivering new data-driven services faster and more efficiently. Intel (R) Xeon (TM) processor-based servers provide the foundation for this innovation. These servers account for the vast majority of all servers in the current virtualization center and cloud environment, and can support most of the most high-performance workstations. Performance improvement up to 35% Intel Xeon Processor e5-2600 ...

ARM CORTEX-A15 processor Architecture and IPAD3 performance/configuration Outlook

As the March 7, 2012 draws near, the news of Apple's next-generation ipad is growing, but compared to the variety of previous speculation, the new ipad's many specific features and performance prediction messages have been more unified, This is because these features are ready for Apple before iPad2 release, such as retina-level screens that reach 2048x1536 resolution, Siri that has been used on iphone, and so on. But the recent controversy is that the latest processor is Apple A6, or a5x. Today...

Intel CFO: Cloud computing drives server processor Hot

Sina Science and technology news Beijing time of April 28, Intel CFO Starcy Smith (Stacy Smith) said Wednesday, the popularity of mobile devices to drive the data center used by the processor explosive growth, and Intel will continue to benefit from it. "With the growing demand for cloud computing, the explosive growth of cloud devices will push the server market up to $10 billion trillion," Smith said in an interview. "Intel believes that the processor requirements of the cloud server are not a short-term requirement because the increasing sales of smartphones and tablets will drive the city ...

Intel 45 Nano processor features and advantages analysis

As early as 2006, servers based on multicore "> Intel processors began delivering breakthrough performance and energy efficiency to businesses of all sizes to help achieve efficient, flexible and expandable infrastructure. Today, the latest four-core processors are built with Intel's powerful, energy-efficient 45-NM manufacturing technology, delivering up to 25% higher performance than today's leading four-core Intel processors. &nbs ...

Qualcomm has become a mobile processor upstart

Qualcomm is a family business founded in 1985, and talking about Qualcomm, it's easy to talk about two other companies: Intel and MediaTek. One of them is the boss of the computer microprocessor, and the other is the king of the cottage machine. And they will be the main players in the Smartphone processor field. Currently, Qualcomm has become a mobile processor upstart, market capitalisation even beyond Intel, but the study of Intel's marketing is quietly, for MediaTek, Qualcomm also through the introduction of a reference design strategy, and thus achieve a perfect combination of speed and quality. Marketing Intel starts with the 骁丽 Dragon S4 series ...

Intel Nehalem Processor Rack-up Server Shopping Guide

Now that the Intel Nehalem processor has been released for months, the author has learned from a number of distributors that since the launch of the new Nehalem processor at Intel earlier this year, major OEM server vendors have been Aggregation/21263.html "> The first time to launch a new server to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated enterprise data center building. If enterprises want to better and faster development needs a strong infrastructure to pave ...

MediaTek releases eight-core processor MT6592

Summary: MediaTek today officially released eight nuclear processor MT6592 in Shenzhen. MediaTek's general manager, Xiaiqingjiang, said MediaTek's smartphone chip shipments were about 110 million in 2012, with more than 200 million shipments expected this year, and more partners will increase MediaTek's use of MediaTek's chips in Shenzhen today to officially release eight core processor MT6592. MediaTek General Manager Xiaiqingjiang said that MediaTek's 2012 smartphone chip shipments of about 110 million, this year is expected to ship more than 200 million, more partners will increase the use of MediaTek chip procurement ...

Not afraid of large 3D games! OPPOFind5 Show quad-core processor hard power

Now many people buy high-end mobile phone one of the most useful is to play games, Android free game is very much, but there are some very high configuration of 3D, in the face of these mobile phone configuration game, high configuration of the flagship smart machine is the inevitable choice! 骁丽 Four core processor game fluent basic mobile phone's most important parameter is CPU, and computer, also divided into single core, dual core, quad core, and so on, of course, the more nuclear, the higher the frequency, processing capacity is stronger. Oppo recently listed Find5 mobile phone, using the 骁丽 four nuclear processor APQ8064, the processor frequency reached 1 ....

AMD six-core server processor launched in China in June

Bit network (chinabyte) May 9 News, today, AMD Vice president and server and workstation business General manager Pat Patla today in Beijing for the first time to show the "Istanbul" six nuclear server processor.  It is understood that the "Istanbul" processor will be formally launched with the OEM manufacturer next month. "The ability to launch the processor ahead of time has not been affected since we recently split the manufacturing plant and the research and development department," Pat Patla said. "According to the introduction, AMD will launch in the next 1 quarter of 12 core" Mag ...

AMD pushes the first X86 architecture 16 core processor to force cloud computing market

AMD yesterday in Beijing released a new generation of Hao Long (Opteron) processor-Hao long 6200/4200 series of processors. Among them, the most eye-catching is the world's first 16 nuclear x86 processor-Hao Dragon 6200. The previously code-named "Interlago" 16 processor performance is very strong, memory bandwidth up 73%, the price reduced by 34%, power consumption reduced by 20%, performance beyond the competitors up to 84%. (the competitor here refers to ...)

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