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Product Manager Workplace must-see book - "YES! Product Manager"

Content brief introduction This book combines the characteristics of management, tools and workplace novels, and the author is the most powerful team of domestic product manager consulting community. This book is a complete introduction of product management, product manager-related knowledge in the form of workplace novels, and all the questions and answers were placed in 101 designed the plot, at the same time, each plot also has a corresponding relationship between each other , So that readers can not only understand the complete knowledge of product management from the concrete plot direction, but also deeply feel the real working state of a product manager, and from the point of knowledge ...

Book Recommendation: God-like product Manager

Edited by Shang ISBN 978-7-121-16885-7 June 2012 Published pricing: 79.00 Yuan 16 open 496 pages of propaganda: The book has a full picture, there are details, including more combat. For this system of complex business, this book made Ha Fi analysis definition, carding and summary. Brief introduction This is a systematic exposition of mobile and Internet products from scratch, from have to excellent product manager practice case works. And this book runs through the "people such as products, products such as people" and "products of the roots and sources from the real life" ...

Zhou Hongwei: How difficult is it to be a good product manager?

Content Readership: There is a huge gap in China's Internet, that is, high-end users and genuine mainstream users agree on differences. Who can cross this gap, that is, who can experience from the user point of view. Zhou Hongwei simply said: one is the intention; the other is the heart I just came when the organizers told me the meeting, many people today to communicate designers, product managers, it is said there are 50 executives, I am today I hope to have a exchange with you, for many executives, I actually have a suggestion, in the past this company is particularly clear division of labor, to make a product ...

Why the product manager should build the competency model of the product manager

Nowadays, more and more people want to do product manager This position, a lot of companies, teams have also established a product-centric organization. So, there are a lot of "product manager's ability model", we all feel very important, understanding can be entered into, at the same time found that the various models are very different, tangled unceasingly. Recently, I think the more I think the discussion of the so-called competency model into the "Method Center" type of thinking, and "Best Document Template", "optimal organizational Structure" is no different, the nature behind it is to first "problem center", that is, thinking ...

What product manager classic books?

At present, there are many communities of Internet product managers, there are a lot of information, how to cultivate an excellent product manager experience is also a variety of forest, the author also read a lot of benefits. Today, the author is not talking about how to become an excellent product manager. Being an excellent product manager is only the second step. Entry is the first step. The author as a product who has done for some time. Talk about what you need to do when entering a product manager. Premise: to do the product, the key is to find the needs of users point, find the user's sore ~ ​​~ first, concerned about the Internet and dynamic ...

Product manager to be careful, the heart of care, be careful!

Lead: Zhou Hongyi made in their own products, there are many experiences. One of the points is, Zhou Hongyi feel hardworking, responsible for themselves, responsible for their own products, is the basic premise of a product manager. When I first came, the host of the conference told me that many of today's exchangers are designers and product managers. It is said that there are 50 executives in the company. I hope to have a communication with you today. Many executives In fact, I actually have a suggestion. In the past, the division of labor in this company was particularly clear. It seems that a product becomes a production line. Someone is in charge of planning and claims that ...

On the foundation and ability of product manager

Into the product this line only 2 years, as a new product, while learning to think, walked a lot of detours and insights, this article to their own experience, the perspective of the product manager in my impression that some understanding. (1) Conceptual understanding: 1. PD and PM: Normally, PD refers to product design, PM refers to Product manager, but in some companies, product managers collectively pd,pm refer to project management. 2. Products and operations: some of the company's products and operations are differentiated, the team has a dedicated product personnel, has a dedicated operation of the operators, but also some of the company's products and operations are not separated ...

Product Road, Road Learning, Product Manager Road

All things to push the road is to settle down for the life of ambitious ambition; the last time you share a share of Ono Erlang's sushi, we share the meeting on the 20th, Obama ran to Japan on the 24th to Ono Jiro store ate sushi What does this mean? Is the United States listening to China? Of course, this is just my imagination. Afterwards, both online and in some foreign media outlets, they reported separately that Obama complained about the unpleasantness of sushi. In fact, this tells us to do an important reason for people who make products, no matter how good the product has been selected by the user, leaving the product attributes to select users, the consequences are very embarrassing ah. ...

What you need to do to be an Internet Product manager

Now, the Internet Product manager's community has a lot of information, and how to cultivate the experience of becoming a good product manager is also a variety of Lin Lin, I also read a lot, I think I have benefited a lot. But today, I do not want to talk about how to become a good product manager, because to become a good product manager is only the second step, and the first step in the entry.   The author, as a halfway, is like talking about the preparation that the product manager needs to do. First, pay attention to the Internet Dynamics: 1. You need to read the latest in Sina technology or other portal sites every day ...

Product Manager to grasp the functions of management how to do

The Product manager is a management role, this should be a lot of people agree with it, although most of this management is not personnel and finance, and do management also have title, mainly to manage a product from concept to implementation process, the final output is a specific function, meet people a certain need or desire of products or services.   Since it is the role of management, then from the focus of management to say how the product manager to grasp the functions of management. The management function of Product Manager focuses on product management, which is similar to project management, and staff coordination, work arrangement

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