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Cloud Platform: The Battle of the Gods

Michael Driscoll is co-founder and CTO of Metamarkets. He recently published an article about the most competitive cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google App engine, and EMC Virtual Private Cloud, and analyze their strengths. The author thinks that the essence of cloud platform is computing, storage and network virtualization (abstraction), who won the Battle of the Cloud platform, it will be like the exercise ...

2015, a free phone battle will be launched

From free calls to free internet access, the advent of mobile Internet is changing the communications industry all the previous practice, and the phone has been said for a few years free of charge, many people want to get free of the no mandatory consumption of mobile phones, but the delay has not been achieved. Will free mobile phones become a reality in 2015? In fact, the original operator launched the "0 yuan buy machine" once swept the 3G era, should be considered a kind of free, but this free but need monthly contract consumer commitment to achieve, so is not the people think is free mobile phone. In fact, Apple mobile phone is the most conditional on the phone for free, but Apple is doomed ...

Mobile video becomes an important resource provider for the Battle of Terror

Lead: U.S. It Web site PC today, as mobile video becomes an increasingly important resource, there is a "war" between content providers and mobile operators about competing for such resources. The following is the full text of the article: profit distribution with the rapid development of mobile video, how to profit from this area is still the challenge of content providers. Before finding a way to share costs and benefits, content providers and mobile operators may conflict over the distribution of benefits. Over the past few years, by mobile operators, network construction, local broadcasting companies to lead the real ...

DEDECMS System it Plato lectures content

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall DEDECMS system it Plato's lecture content dedecms System application skill, by our Dedecms the developer to lecture, the master lectures really very good, hoped some friends and has seen the all to see, I put the IT Plato lectures content, the purpose of convenience we have not seen the webmaster, I hope everyone likes! Thank you! If convenient, all the QQ Group window open for full screen, that originally I today is to comprehensively tell Dede some intermediate application ...

Double-sided Chen Au: The truth of the start-up industry "Rashomon Door"

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall "editor's note" catches, after the IPO of the United States excellent product is not attacked, but founder and CEO Chen Au has become the target of criticism.   Its early years in the new wave of an entrepreneurial process, was painted into two versions, there are "black" has "holding", a time of disagreement.   We will show two different Chen Au as follows, who is to solve the taste of the believers is true.        We will show two different Chen Au as follows, who is to solve the taste of the believers is true. "Poly Beautiful Products: I for the self ...

Cloud Computing Week Jevin review: Sweep 18 major databases

Sweep 18 Major databases: 12 species of sql+6 nosql remember that two or three years ago there were only a few cloud platform vendors to choose from, it seems that there is not much cloud database in the market. But after the cloud boomed, the cloud database also appeared to be springing up. And what is really reliable and easy to use, for users, and bad analysis. So, this paper analyzes the usability and application direction of 18 kinds of databases (note that the Management database service is not the database instance that still requires user management and implementation). There are still deficiencies, I hope to hear more ...

Ten masters of artificial intelligence who have changed the world

In 1948, Allen Turing, the father of computer science, and Claude Shannon, the father of information science, independently developed the basic algorithms still used in today's chess programs.

Cloud computing platform dominated the war

Now the cloud is the new operating system of the enterprise, and the service is the new application. Clouds offer shelter for the next generation of service mechanisms, from Pinterest to Instagram, from foursquare to AirBnB, all because of the cloud. On this side, Microsoft Windows and MacOSX, which provide the interface for the previous generation of desktop applications, are already in a state of flux (note: this conclusion may be premature because these established operating systems are constantly undergoing metamorphosis) and on the other hand, Service provides the necessary calculations, storage and ...

What is the value of the program ape?

Q: Pool teacher, I am not an interactive person, but you have all the articles I read, thank you very much for your guidance, I started the life of the first MBP. Now the problem is, but you can't find the right person to answer, only you, if you have time. The problem is this: I have a 32bit Unix file (open a service process), and the error message on the MAC is: Exec format error, but it can be performed on a Linux server, why? Is there a scenario on the MAC that you can run? Period ...

Netflix CEO Ride Hastings

Foreign media recently published an article about how streaming media video service provider Netflix and its chief executive, Ride Hastings, have experienced and survived repeated blunders, eventually joining Silicon Valley's "elite community" story. The following is the full text of the article: Under normal circumstances, Netflix's share of home Internet traffic in the United States usually accounts for nearly one-third per cent over the weekend evenings, higher than the share of YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, HBO go, itunes and BitTorrent. No matter which time ...

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