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China-color shares and Shandong Gold Group cooperation project

Medium-color shares (000758) March 9 Evening announcement, the company's board of directors agreed to the company's holding subsidiary-Chifeng Color Zinc Industry Co., Ltd. on the Bairin Zuoqi 100,000 tons of lead smelting project and Shandong Gold Nonferrous Mining Group Co., Ltd., the establishment of Chifeng (Lindong) lead smelting project company,  Registered capital of 650 million yuan, Chifeng in color Zinc Industry Co., Ltd. to have invested in the project (130 million yuan) capital investment, accounting for the project's 20% stake, Shandong Gold in cash by instalments, accounting for the project's 80% equity. The company announced that the lead smelting project in the company reorganized Baiyinnuoer lead-zinc mine in Inner Mongolia ...

Zhong-color shares reopened Chifeng lead smelting project

Medium-color shares (000758) disclosed today, November 12 last year, the company's holding subsidiary in Chifeng City Zinc Industry Co., Ltd. and Shandong Gold Nonferrous Mining Group Co., Ltd. on the Chifeng Bairin Zuoqi 100,000 tons/year lead smelting project signed a cooperation agreement, yesterday the company board of Directors considered the matter passed. Agreement, in color zinc industry has invested in assets evaluation of about 130 million yuan, Shandong Gold to cash 520 million yuan jointly funded the establishment of lead smelting project company to build Bairin Zuoqi lead smelting project. Among them, the Chinese-color zinc industry shareholding ratio of 20%, Shandong Gold shareholding ratio of 80%. ...

1.2 billion investment in Changzhou urban reconstruction project

Tunnel shares (600820) notice, the company's wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Jianyuan Investment Co., Ltd. to invest in Changzhou City, Wu Avenue urbanization Project, investment scale of about 1.2 billion yuan. Company Introduction, Changzhou Zhong Wu Avenue Urbanization Reconstruction project West Yulong Road, Dongzhi new Beijing-Hangzhou Canal Tinian Bridge West Road, length of about 17859 meters. Along the road to build 11 bridges, new sewage lifting pump 1. Simultaneous implementation of rainwater, sewage, water, gas, power supply, communications and other types of pipelines and intersection lights, traffic signs, road lights, greening, bus stations and other ancillary facilities. ...

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