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Guangdong Zhongshan to popularize road water price next year

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the City Water Conservancy Bureau, the Bureau has a preliminary plan for next year's key work, of which, urban drainage facilities construction and river flood comprehensive treatment of the two Systems Water Conservancy project, will become next year or even in the next few years Zhongshan Water Conservancy project construction focus.  In addition, in this year to steadily promote urban residents living water quota and road water price trial work on the basis of the next year, Zhongshan will be in the whole city to promote "road water price", "the town will be synchronized next year." The Ministry of Water resources to promote the model of Zhongshan irrigation December 17 ~ 18th, the group members, center Ji ...

Ministry of Water Resources: rural drinking safety project needs supporting maintenance fund

Xinhua Chongqing, April 30 (reporter Lisong) reporter from the National Rural drinking Water Security project construction at the meeting learned that in order to overcome some rural drinking water safety project reconstruction not heavy pipe situation, the Ministry of Water requirements of rural drinking-safety project construction needs supporting maintenance Fund, the implementation of special household storage,  In order to solve the rural drinking water security project lack of day-to-day maintenance costs. In order to keep the rural drinking water Safety project to maintain a long-term benign operation, Jilin, Henan and other provinces in the province to establish a rural drinking water Safety Project Maintenance Fund, the county's financial annual level of 100,000 to 300,000 yuan into the budget, in addition, per ton of water 0. ...

Zhengzhou affordable the first ticket for building a villa

Xinhua Zhengzhou, July 14, Xinhua News reporter recently learned that in the "housing use to build villas" survey results announced soon, Zhengzhou City Construction Committee to the developers a 770,000-yuan administrative penalty notice.  This is Zhengzhou's first ticket for the incident. The "Notice of Administrative Punishment", issued on 13th, shows because of the "West Lake Autumn Rhyme" (6-19# Building) project built by Henan Tian Rong Real Estate Co., Ltd., the project construction did not handle the project quality supervision formalities according to the state regulations, the construction unit did not obtain the construction permit without permission, violated the "Construction engineering quality Management regulation" ...

Seven-year advance of investment in Shandong section of South-to-north Water Diversion project

Xinhua Jinan, January 22, Xinhua reporter from the Shandong Province South-to-north Water Diversion Project Construction Authority learned that since the fourth quarter of 2008, China issued a series of expansion of domestic demand, guarantee the growth of major initiatives, the South-to-north Water Diversion project in Shandong accelerated construction, a total investment of 3.24 billion yuan, more than the first seven years combined.  As a major strategic infrastructure to alleviate the serious shortage of water resources and optimize the allocation of water resources in the north of China, the overall planning of the South-to-north Water Diversion project is divided into the East line, the midline and the Western Line three water diversion lines, of which Shandong is the key province of the Eastern Railway Project. Since the start of the South-to-north Water Diversion project in December 2002, Shandong ...

Seeking for sustainable development of Guizhou tire a investment 7.1 billion implementation of off-site technical renovation

In order to seek sustainable development of space, Qian Tire A (000589) today announced that the proposed in Guiyang Xiuwen County Zha Ding Village New requisition of 1.4667 million square meters, the implementation of "High-performance radial tire production line off-site technical transformation Project", the total investment of about 7.109 billion yuan.  After the completion of the project, the company's capacity will be significantly increased, high-performance radial tire total capacity of 16.8 million/year. Public data show that the current tire capacity of Guizhou Tire has reached 5.5 million/year, of which the capacity of the radial load Meridian 2.9 million/year, 2011 Annual allotment of funds to invest in the project "Production capacity of 11 ...

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