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The management motto of the Facebook product design Director

This digest is translated from a manager's manifesto (a manager's manifesto) written by Julie Zhuo, the Facebook product design director. She has been involved in many of Facebook's project development and has worked with Dave Morin, who later became the Path founder.   In this article, she shares her experience in managing the product design team. 10. You have no way to do everything. Close your ...

"The Duke of Doom Forever" developed 12 years of burning money 30 million dollars

October 9, the latest news, "Forever The Duke of Doom" since the 1997 project development has been 12 years, the new gearbox Randy Pitchford revealed that the original responsible for the development of the 3D Realms George  Broussard lost about tens of millions of dollars for it. "George Broussar is not a poor man, but I reckon he should have lost at least 20 million to 30 million dollars on this project." Because he does not care about burning money, his only goal is to be willing to lose money also ...

Light countries invest in Shandong new energy projects

"The newspaper" Everbright International (0257) announced that respectively with the Shandong Province Zibo High-tech Zone People's government signed a new energy and ecological Rehabilitation Project cooperation framework contract, Shandong Province Dezhou government signed urban Governance and new energy, Materials development Cooperation Framework Agreement, and the Belgian 3E signed a new energy technical cooperation Memorandum of understanding. Development of solar energy and wind farm wastewater Treatment Everbright International will be in the Zibo high-tech zone in the four Baoshan area of eco-recovery project development, investment, construction, management and maintenance, and fully support the Zibo in the field of new energy development, including the proposed investment in solar energy ...

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