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China railway has fallen nearly 4% in a temporary shutdown of the Libyan project

NetEase Finance March 2 News China CRCC 1st evening issued a notice, said its 3 projects in Libya, the total contract of 4.237 billion U.S. dollars, has now completed 686 million U.S. dollars, the outstanding contract amount of 3.551 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for its outstanding contract total about 2.3%.  Due to the recent unrest in Libya, it has been hit in some of the Libyan camps, the project has been suspended. China CRCC said that the emergency mechanism has been activated, the majority of the company's Libyan personnel have been safely evacuated, the remaining few people are ready to evacuate, will be as soon as the Chinese government unified arrangements to evacuate. Ben ...

China to build Libya 17.6 billion yuan project suspended

Chinese architecture (601668.  SH) announced today that due to major changes in the security situation in Libya, the company has been in accordance with the unified arrangements of the Government, the withdrawal of all the workers in Libya, the project was suspended.  According to the Chinese construction Bulletin, the company entered Libya in 2007 to engage in project contracting projects, currently under construction are government national housing projects, the project scale of 20,000 sets, the cumulative contract amount of 17.6 billion yuan, the duration of 40 months, the project has completed nearly half of the project, the original expected profit is more ideal. As a result of the project suspension, the current project management level has not produced a loss, but ...

Huachang 190 million project for the construction of concentrated nitric acid

Huachang Chemical (002274) January 31 Evening announcement, the company intends to declare investment in the construction of 150,000 tons/year of concentrated nitric acid project, the project is expected to invest 190 million yuan, is located in Zhangjiagang Jin Hong Kong free trade Zone Company plant, the source of funds for its own capital. According to the company's plan, the company uses the existing synthetic ammonia system to produce concentrated nitric acid products, improve product structure, achieve product diversification, can improve the comprehensive utilization of resources, reduce costs, at the same time play the company's regional advantages. The company's current production capacity of synthetic ammonia has reached 500,000 tons/year, downstream products are mainly urea, soda ash, ammonium chloride ...

Hop Hing Packaging subsidiary 200 million Packaging integration project

Hop hing Packaging (002228) January 21 Evening announcement, the company Nanjing hexing Packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. and Lishui Economic Development Zone, South Development Co., Ltd. 21st signed cooperation agreement, the company will build Nanjing hexing Packaging Integration Project, for the production of packaging and printing products, investment scale of 200 million yuan, is expected to sell 300 million yuan. Project land and area of about 101 acres, the nature of land for industrial use.

Yang B Bamboo Garden major upgrading project through environmental acceptance

Yang B (900935) Wednesday Evening Notice that the Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the company's holding subsidiary Shanghai Friends of the first bamboo garden sewage Treatment Investment Development Co., Ltd. of the major upgrading of the project on February 28 completed environmental protection acceptance. The project was fully started on July 18, 2008, and on December 26, 2009 the main project was completed successfully.

China's second largest hydroelectric project has completed an investment of more than 20 billion yuan

Xinhua Yichang December 28, Xinhua reporter 28th from the Chinese Three Gorges Group company learned that up to now, China's second largest hydroelectric project-Xiluodu hydropower station has completed an investment of 20.88 billion yuan, the projects are progressing smoothly.  2010 will be the first peak year of the concrete pouring volume of Xiluodu dam. The Xiluodu hydropower station located in the lower reaches of the Jinsha River is one of the mega-projects in China after the Three Gorges project. The hydropower station will be installed in the left and right bank of 9 units capacity 770,000-kilowatt unit, more than the Three Gorges Project 700,000-kilowatt unit capacity. Project dynamic total investment of 67.48 billion yuan, in ...

Project perception Neuron is currently raising 270,000 dollars

Absrtact: In Kickstarter, launched the public-funded domestic company Noitom, launched a consumer-level action Capture suite Project Perception NEURON, has now raised 270,000 U.S. dollars to complete the 250,000-dollar target, while beyond the ANTVR and Uarm, To become the most successful fund-raising Kickstarter in Kickstarter domestic company Noitom, launched the consumer-level action Capture Suite project perception N ...

E, a project promoter accompanying this smart hardware, Hahompo is also a returnee

E accompanies this intelligent hardware Project sponsor Hahompo is also a returnee, studying abroad, has the stable work. Return to the entrepreneurial choice of care for the elderly market intelligence hardware, for him, but also from their own immediate needs-young people are often not at home, how to understand the health status of elderly people in the family?   He wanted the company of E to be a bond.   When chatting up the project with another co-founder of the project, Sboll, he said that they had also done smart watch products before, but eventually did not launch, feeling the homogeneity of the more serious, so chose a more detailed market for the elderly. E company ...

Smart Pebble revenue surge soared into the most successful KickStarter financing project

June 12, Pebble, the smart watch maker born on the crowdfunding platform KickStarter two years ago, with more than 85,000 orders plus more than $ 10 million in support, sent Pebble's intelligence Watch became the most successful financing project ever since KickStarter was founded. And in 2013, the company's revenue has reached 43 million US dollars, and, if no accident, will double its revenue this year. Venture Capital Company Charles River Ven ...

Guangdong Lechang Gorge Reservoir Week Road emergency special project

The Central Engineering Administration office recently announced 20 construction projects in the field of tendering and bidding typical cases, the Guangdong province Lechang Gorge Reservoir Week Road emergency special project was alleged collusion bidding. It is reported that in 2009, in Guangdong province Lechang Gorge Reservoir Week Road emergency special Project tender, Guangzhou Yu Fung Trading Co., Ltd. General manager Jiang, Lechang Construction Engineering Company, the director of the Project V Zhang Bingsheng in the absence of qualifications, through the payment of registration fees, bid bond and other means, linked to a number of companies collusive bidding In November 2010, Jiang and Zhang Bingsheng were sentenced to 7 months ' imprisonment and 5 months ' detention due to criminal collusion.

Mengniu and Danish enterprises jointly develop raw milk fingerprint project

Mengniu and Danish enterprises jointly develop the original milk fingerprint project-raw milk detection technology will be a real breakthrough November 27, Mengniu Dairy Group, Denmark Alaforz and Fox Tripartite Research and development of the "Original Milk Fingerprint Project" signing ceremony in the Mengniu Qingyuan Division, Mongolia Dairy Group President Assistant Wang Yansong, Frede, project manager Marlene.ransborg.pedersen, director of the China area, and Fox project manager Larsnrgaard witnessed the international cooperation between the dairy companies. As a result, raw milk detection technology or will be a breakthrough. ...

Long yuan construction 389 million bid a project

Dragon Yuan Construction (600491) March 10 Evening notice, the company March 9 received Chengdu Silver City Real Estate Co., Ltd. recently issued the "winning letter", to determine the company for the Silver City in Chengdu investment of Chengdu Thai Yue Hao Court project winning units,  The total construction area of the project is about 159,000 square meters, the tender amount is tentatively 389 million yuan. Responsible Editor: NF054

North new building materials signed 663 million Yuan project contract

North new building Materials (000786) March 2 evening Notice that March 1, the company's holding subsidiary of North New Housing Co., Ltd. and the China Machinery industry complete sets of Engineering Corporation signed a construction project in Zambia Housing construction projects and materials such as material design, supply and service business contract, the contract amount of 663 million yuan. The amount of the contract accounted for 20.55% of the company's main business income in 2009, the statement said.

Guangxi Guilin 3 year refuse to batch pollution project 200

Chi Shimin Louqing, shortly before the establishment of the site in Guilin, Guangxi, the upper reaches of the Peach Blossom River, "Guilin Tian Gui Livestock Breeding Co., Ltd. slaughter the million-head beef Cattle Service System construction project" in the "EIA" was "jammed."  The reason is that the project can not properly handle the daily production of hundreds of tons of waste water, may be contaminated through the Guilin area of peach Blossom River, and even affect the Lijiang River.  At this point, Guilin City in Guangxi over the past 3 years has been more than 200 environmental impact of the project refused to approve, more than 300 projects proposed owners to relocate the construction. Guilin is a famous international tourist city, national historical and cultural cities, ...

The Twin Towers food investment 75.92 million yuan constructs the biological science and technology Industrial Park project

NetEase Finance March 3 News Shuangta Food 3rd evening announcement, plans to invest 75.92 million yuan to build biotechnology industrial Park project; The project has been approved by the Board of Directors of the company.  The Twin Towers Food said that the project to the postpartum, the estimated annual new profit of 36.599 million yuan, investment recovery period of 3.35 years. According to the announcement, the main products of the project are edible fungi and edible fungi. Project up to the postpartum, annual production capacity of 7200 tons of edible fungi (of which 5400 tons of edible fungi for their own use, 1800 tons of mushroom strains external sales); At the same time, to achieve annual production of Pleurotus ostreatus, agaric, apricot ...

FDA approves the use and sales of Deka ARM system project

Able-bodied people are difficult to understand the suffering of the disabled, such as no right hand, drink a glass of water can not be done. Recently, the FDA approved the use and sale of the Deka ARM System project, which is a prosthetic prosthesis that can perform many complex movements, known as Luke, the Skywalker Luke of Star Wars, and he was fitted with a flexible prosthetic hand after he was cut off by his father. DEKA arm's strength is that it can monitor the muscle power at the severed limb of the amputee, and then convert it to a machine-executed instruction to control the fake ...

China shares bid for South-to-north Water Diversion project in Baoding section

National stock (002205) March 10 evening announcement, March 10, the company received the letter of acceptance, the company was identified as "South-to-north Water Diversion Project Corridor Zhuo Main Canal project (Baoding section) PCCP Pipeline manufacturing the second bid" of the winning bidder, the winning amount of 71.9717 million yuan.  At the same time, in the "South-to-north Water Diversion Project Corridor Zhuo Main Canal project (Baoding section) PCCP Pipeline Manufacturing first project", the company is only one of the successful candidates for the project, the bid price is 200 million yuan. Company Prior notice, the company participated in "South-to-north Water Diversion Project Corridor Zhuo Trunk Project (Baoding section) ...

Wanlida holding subsidiary 10 million Yuan to invest in MICA iron oxide project

NetEase Finance March 7 Wanlida 7th evening issued a notice, agreed to a holding subsidiary Shangnan County Qingshan Mining Limited liability company invested RMB 10 million yuan to build a mirror iron ore products deep-processing MICA Iron oxide Project, the project source of capital for the Castle Peak mining shareholders to increase funds. Wanlida said according to the existing mirror iron mine daily processing capacity and the current market situation of MICA iron oxide, if the investment project smooth production, it is expected to achieve an annual output of 300 million tons of mica oxide, achieve sales revenue of 79.2 million yuan, after-tax profit of 49.61 million yuan, and for the parent company to bring new profits increase ...

Silver Pigeon investment to invest 22.5 million euros in grass pulp project

Silver Pigeon Investment (600069) January 21 Night announced that the company signed a framework agreement with the Finnish company, the two sides intend to jointly fund the establishment of a joint venture in Leihe, of which the company invested 22.5 million euros, plans to build a new annual output of 160,000 tons of new straw pulp project. The announcement indicated that the JV Company's registered capital was tentatively 30 million euros, in which the company contributed € 22.5 million, accounting for 75%, and the Finnish Branch company contributed 7.5 million euros, accounting for 25%. The company said that after the completion of the project will help the company to improve their own pulp ratio, reduce the external dependence of raw materials.

(Update the hands-on video) The Dreamer is coming! Sony releases virtual reality device Project Morpheus, supports PS4, 1080p resolution, 90 degree view

Absrtact: (2014.3.20 9:00) update hands-on video from the Verge: at today's GDC conference, Sony released the previously rumored Reality VR (virtual reality) device Project Morpheus (the word Morpheus from Greek mythology, Amos, (2014.3.20 9:00) updates the hands-on video from The Verge: at today's GDC conference, Sony sends ...

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