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Brocade Vyatta controller to accelerate China market

September 24, 2014, Boko announced the introduction of the Brocade Vyatta controller, as a software definition of the network of products, will help Opendaylight project (an open source programmable network platform) further landing in the Chinese market. Boco vice president of China Yu Chine first introduced the current data center of the industry's development trend. He says the rise of the T3 platform has made it increasingly difficult for traditional data centers to meet the ever-increasing demands of business. With the increasing acceptance and popularity of cloud computing in the Chinese market, cloud computing is a trend in the Chinese market. Next ...

Detailed DCPROMO commands in Windows server

& ">nbsp; The dcpromo command is a "switch" command. If the Windows Desktop Server computer is a member server, running the DCPROMO command installs the Active Directory, upgrades it to a domain controller, and if the Windows Server computer is already a domain controller, ...

In-depth interpretation of domestic robot industry investment opportunities and risk points

The Chinese market is the world's largest robotic market in the future, and has grown rapidly in recent years. International robot giants have to occupy the Chinese market, to ABB, Kuka, Yaskawa motor, hair that the four families represented by the foreign robot enterprises occupy more than 90% of the market share of China's robot market, through the domestic robot market space, industrial chain, domestic and foreign competition, domestic robot enterprises competitive trend analysis, Identify the following investment opportunities and risk points for the robotics industry. I. China robot market (i) China has become an important city for industrial robots in the world.

The large data algorithm behind Weibo: A brief introduction to Weibo recommendation algorithm

Before introducing the microblogging recommendation algorithm, let's talk about recommendation systems and recommended algorithms. There are some questions: what scenarios does the recommendation system apply to? What are the problems and what value are they used to solve? How is the effect measured? The recommendation system was born very early, but was really valued by everyone, originated from the "Facebook" as the representative of the rise of social networks and "Taobao" as the representative of the prosperity of the electric business, "choice" of the era has come, information and items of great wealth, so that users such as the vast universe of small points, at a loss. The recommendation system ushered in an outbreak of opportunity to become closer to the user: fast ...

Dual-Link development: The reorganization of the program over the expectations of the agency to see 120 yuan

Suspended for up to 8 months after the double sinks development (000895. SZ) Comeback!  November 29 announced the reorganization plan, the company's share price set foot on the "trading trip."  It is understood that in the development of the double sinks of this large-scale asset operation plan, including 33.94 billion yuan of meat processing assets were placed to achieve the overall meat processing business listing, listed companies also repurchase 9 external shareholder equity, and management buyout. "After the reorganization of the double sinks in the slaughter and meat industry will become a company with billions of market value scale." "Wanguo analyst child trainer thinks. As of ...

Chinese companies try to water China's core again

Zhangjingko "China core" has always been a heavy topic in China.  There is a fake "Han-core", after the Chinese Academy of Sciences to support the difficult forward "godson", and now there is a new enterprise to explore the perspective of "China core" road. What kind of "China core" September 13, Beijing New Shore Line Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "new Shore Line") launched this is called "the world's first arm CORTEX-A9 technology 40 NM dual-core 2.0G computer system Chip", the new shore line will be named Nusmart 2816. The name of the complex chip behind ...

Wave group Zhang: autonomous controllable, cloud-raising future

Wave as a machine manufacturers also have to do the idea of chip, I am here to talk to you about our machine business, server and storage. Over the past two years we have launched a wave of clouds of strategy, mainly to promote the development of cloud computing throughout the country. In this process, we have a relationship with the domestic chip manufacturers. We hope that through the development of cloud computing to drive the chip industry progress.   Today, I would like to highlight our strategy on cloud computing and the related situation of the products of cloud computing to domestic processors and domestic chips. Cloud Computing Foundation and background, we have heard many times, ...

Audience-oriented ability Convergence video cloud

Guide: Cloud computing is not so much a technological innovation as a revolutionary force. Video cloud computing is based on the concept of cloud computing technology, using video as a "cloud" to the "terminal" to show the results of a cloud computing solution. Whether it is Archie Art set up a dedicated team to expand the video cloud services market, or the Youku Platform API interface to the outside, or is it a video network bulletin said that with the music as a joint venture to establish an independent cloud computing company.   The concept of video + cloud has already been taken seriously. One question: "2012 is the year of OTT, when the whole concept of video cloud ...

Win2000 command Complete (1)

Accwiz.exe > Accessibility Wizard for walking you through setting the up your the for machine your. Accessibility Wizard Acsetups.exe > ACS setup DCOM server executable actmovie.exe > Direct Sh ...

Patented technology scans domestic and foreign blade server market

I. Industry and standard developments 2002, Blade server into China. At present, five foreign manufacturers IBM, HP, Sun, AMD, Dell still occupy the domestic blade server market about 80%.      But in recent years, the Wave, founder, Dawn, the Great Wall, Pao and other domestic enterprises have begun to promote their own design, manufacture of blade server, market development speed. Because the price is more expensive, blade server early customers mainly focus on the telecommunications, financial sector, the main purpose is the data center. In fact, the blade server is very versatile, ...

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