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VoIP protocol security-can't ignore the pain

Currently, VoIP faces security issues of four main: blocking service (DoS) attacks, illegal access, charges fraud or eavesdropping threats. VoIP protocol security is not negligible pain. Information security experts will warn you that if you do not deploy VoIP properly, Internet telephony will be attacked by hackers and malicious code. VoIP can disrupt the security of the network, especially for corporate networks, because companies are eager to deploy this technology and ignore security. Careful analysis can be seen, VoIP first to face the security problem is the lowest ...

SSH protocol combined with Java code to achieve client login authentication

Before we begin, let's have a broad overview of the SSH protocol, which is more conducive to our understanding of this article. The first thing to mention is "> Computer network protocol, the so-called Computer network protocol, simply defined a set of standards and rules, So that the normal network communication between different computers, does not appear on one machine issued instructions to another machine is not recognized ...

Is Qihoo 360 an accident or a disregard for the protocol?

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall about Qihoo 360 violates" the Protocol of the Robots "has already circulated on the network, The beginning of the Dragon shape has not believed that this is true, after all, as a search engine rising star, a lot of webmaster give it too much anticipation. Remember last year 360 search turned out and quickly occupied the domestic search engine 10% market share, and ...

Discussion on the protocol log server of cloud-nest technology

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby Wikipedia gives cloud computing the definition of cloud computing as a way of delivering it-related capabilities to users, Allows users to get the services they need over the Internet without understanding the technology that provides the services, the knowledge they have, and the capabilities of the device to operate. Cloud computing contains the internet ...

Application and improvement of key agreement protocol in cloud computing environment

Application and improvement of key agreement protocol in cloud computing environment Nimmin in order to solve the problem of the adaptability of the existing key agreement protocol in the cloud computing environment, the paper deeply analyzes the security requirements of the cloud computing scene to the key agreement protocol, and combines the security performance defects of the existing IKEV2 protocol, adopts the puzzle mechanism, The key material and the delayed transmission of identity information are used to improve the IKEV2, and a key agreement protocol ike-c adapted to the cloud computing network environment is proposed, which effectively improves the responder's anti Denial-of-service (DoS) attack capability, and resolves the man-in-the-middle attack which leads to the identity leakage of the initiator.

China network domain name equipment through the IPV6 Gold Core Protocol Enhanced Certification

The author learned from the Global IPV6 Summit forum that our country's independent research and development of domain name dedicated equipment has been the first global through the IPV6 Gold Core protocol to enhance the certification of commercial DNS equipment, but also China's first comprehensive support for DNSSEC commercial DNS equipment.  This means that after years of IPV4 technology, in IPV6 Domain name technology Service level, China has stood in the world's leading position, for our country to build a IPv6 based on the next generation of trusted network to provide technical support and technical advantages. With the exhaustion of IPv4 address, take IPV6 as the core technology ...

Samba v3.5.8 releases free software to implement SMB protocol

Samba is a freeware software that implements the SMB protocol on Linux and UNIX systems, consisting of servers and client programs. Samba is a tool suite that implements the SMB (Server message Block) protocol, or the Netbios/lanmanager protocol, on UNIX. The SMB protocol is typically used by the Windows family to implement disk and printer sharing. It should be noted that NetBIOS is based on Ethernet broadcast mechanism, no transparent network bridge can not cross the network segment, and ...

KERBEROS5 Authentication Protocol

& ">nbsp; The term Kerberos is derived from Greek mythology "three-headed dog-the gate Keeper of Hell" Kerberos is a network authentication protocol designed to provide powerful authentication services for client/server applications through a key system. The certification ...

A new round of emissions reduction targets in the Kyoto Protocol Dystocia

A new round of emission reduction targets in the Kyoto Protocol the developed countries ' negotiators have avoided talking about the targets of 2020, and many environmental groups have criticized the developed countries ' existing emission reduction commitments and scientific requirements Li Hujun Huangshan from Copenhagen in a battlefield without US participation, the EU and other developed countries and developing countries are still arguing. Copenhagen local time December 15 afternoon, at a meeting of the Kyoto Protocol Ad Hoc Working Group, when the moderator asked the developed countries negotiators, how the scope of the scientific requirements to increase emissions, developed ...

Linux system download and install Network Time Protocol NTP pack

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a protocol that is used to help the Linux system clock synchronize with the exact time source. Allow all sites on the web to sync time. Divided into two categories: * 1th: The NTP site uses the clock timing. * Class 2nd: NTP sites and smaller exact time sources. (NTP sites with slightly pager accurate time sources) This practice has the advantage that at least one server becomes a local server on your network, serving other devices. (This ...

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