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Spring Festival outbound travel heats up Europe to become new favorite

There are one months before the Lunar New Year, the Spring Festival tourism has become a topic of concern to many people. The reporter learned that the Spring Festival outbound tour in addition to the general public attention of the new Malaysia, the European Tour of concern also shows a straight upward trend, calls to consult the public a steady stream. Travel web site with the head of the holiday project told reporters that during the Spring festival in Europe during the winter Shopping festival, many luxuries are discounted, this to the public has a great temptation, coupled with the European winter fairy-like snow, making Europe a popular tourist destination. The staff also disclosed that during the Spring Festival to Europe Travel products newspaper ...

Spring Festival tourism into the new wind will usher in scenic spots tickets scheduled peak

Horse Spring Festival is coming, many people begin to prepare for the Spring Festival travel. Reporters from the travel website with the network learned that, as in previous years, the Chinese New Year, the majority of people travel to choose the surrounding self-help tour. The travel cycle is generally maintained at 2-3 days. The same way network self-help travel project leader told reporters that the recent spring festival is the scheduled peak of self-help tours, hot springs and skiing and other tourism topics favored by the public. Most of the subscribers to the family, mainly scheduled "wine + King" package, in order to attract more public attention, with the network launched the Spring Festival blasting products, such as the Spring Festival during the scheduled "day Spa 2nd self-help Tour" only 600 ...

The central part of the budget is intended to be open in Shanghai for 3 years.

For the first time, the State Council outlined a timetable for a blatant part of the budget, seeking to achieve a total public budget within 3 years.  The previous year, the State Council to the second National People's Congress of the 12th meeting of the implementation of the review of the report showed that the Audit Commission proposed will continue to promote the central part of the budget openly, and strive for another two or three years of efforts, so that all the central part of the budget to the community openly. Shanghai has a secret refusal to openly with the implementation of the Government information blatant regulations, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other areas of the specific part of the budget to the public practice of public attention, but Shanghai and other areas have been to involve the national secret ...

National teeth, Shanghai citizens Oral Health problems

September 20 is the 26th "national teeth". Shanghai Health and Family Planning Bureau September 19 released a news report, according to the third national oral Epidemiological data survey, 5-year-old deciduous tooth caries rate in Shanghai 66%, 35-44-year-old middle-aged patients with caries rate of 88.1%, the elderly patients with a higher caries rate of 98%, periodontal health rate is only 14.5%. Oral diseases have become a major health problem for Shanghai residents. In order to raise public attention to oral health, the Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission held an expert consultation at gate 5th of Nanjingxilu People's Park on the morning of September 20. By then, from ...

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