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Recommended! The machine learning resources compiled by foreign programmers

C + + computer vision ccv-based on C language/provides cache/core machine Vision Library, novel Machine Vision Library opencv-It provides C + +, C, Python, Java and MATLAB interfaces, and supports Windows, Linux, Android and Mac OS operating system. General machine learning Mlpack dlib Ecogg Shark Closure Universal machine learning Closure Toolbox-cloj ...

Douban QA Supervisor Jia Yanbo speech record: good steel used in the blade

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall "CSDN report" July 9 afternoon, CSDN Tup 11th "architect Salon--internet research and development way" at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Computing Technology Research Institute of the first floor report Hall held, The event invited the industry research and development of strong Tencent and watercress guests to share the Internet product development experience, the industry more than 300 technical managers came to the scene. Tencent search operations research and Development management Director Li Juan, Tencent R&d project director Jing, Tencent Pet Client main program, senior soft ...

Frets on fire a music play game from Finland

& ">nbsp; Frets on Fire is a music playing game from Finland, written in Python, released with a GPL protocol, similar to the series of the commercial game Guitar heroes. Players can play the music with a keyboard (a sense of the guitar), a joystick or a guitar controller. Built-in music editor, can also be from the Kat ...

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the five best programming languages

Just like most software applications, developers are writing artificial intelligence projects in multiple languages, but there isn't a perfect programming language that can be fully equipped with artificial intelligence projects.

Web Development Toolbox: 120 Web Development tools (top)

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall This is the latest Web Development toolkit that Mashable collects, including drag-and-drop Web application creation tools, code libraries, project management, test programs, and frameworks that support a variety of programming languages, from Ajax to Ruby to Pytho N。   This is the first part.   Web program Create Class Dreamface-a framework for creating personalized WEB programs. Organi ...

Why do mobile games fall into the infinite cycle of "Cool and die"?

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall note: Compared with traditional host games and PC games, the life cycle of mobile games is often short. The "Candy Smash Saga", which has sucked gold for the past 1 years, has inevitably plunged into recession and stagnant growth, leading to a plunge in game developer King's share price. Why is that? The English-language technology media recently published a column from the famous game industry analyst Tegg Kelly Tadhg Kelly, analyzing the topic. In this article, Kelly will ask ...

Year-end inventory counts 2017 Top 20 hot topics in Yunqi Community (with 100+ topic list)

Here to find year-end inventory counts 2017 top 20 hot topics in Yunqi Community (with 100+ topic list)

15-Year-old Boy from the Game Master change programming Tatsu people, entrepreneurial play father and son soldiers

-Reporter Yu Yu intern Zhao Yi Wen reporter bo Photography core tips 丨 when their peers spend their parents ' money, in various cram schools "fatigue life and Death", the boys Mian, but use the weekend time, for Dad's mobile internet company "Work", he is a network management, part-time programmers and free user experience. Father Mi Ming, 40 years old, in the mobile internet field has been counted as "before the wave", not trained him, but repeatedly with the help of his son's coup, made by the customer "point praise" products. His son Mian is only 15 years old, but has started his own business, the bedroom 10 small partner is his "...

Docker: Easier, happier, more efficient

Editor's note: With Docker, we can deploy Web applications more easily without having to worry about project dependencies, environment variables, and configuration issues, Docker can quickly and efficiently handle all of this. This is also the main purpose of this tutorial. Here's the author: first we'll learn to run a Python Dewar application using the Docker container, and then step through a cooler development process that covers the continuous integration and release of applications. The process completes the application code on the local functional branch. In the Gith ...

2013 China Open source software 10 major annual hot projects

The end of 2013, we based on the past year's user access, exchange and sharing and the project itself update frequency and other aspects of the open source China's nearly 30,000 open source software statistics, so that the top 10 most popular open source software, for reference only. The list is mainly for domestic open source software, the list of 10 open source software is not the same type, although put together is not very scientific.   We only select from a few angles, including user access, software updates, and user discussion of the software. 1. Goagent ...

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