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Android apps with Python and sl4a: Building your own development environment

A common misconception about developing on Google's Android platform is that you must write code in the Java™ language. In fact, you'll have a variety of options with scripting Layer for Android (SL4A) project. SL4A first was a project that completed 20%, and was developed by Google employee Damon Kohler. It took almost 2 years, with 4 major versions. SL4A for many scripting languages ...

Python for Qt 1.0 release provides LGPL protocol Python bindings

The Pyside project provides the Python bindings for the LGPL protocol for QT, a cross-platform application and interface framework, which allows free open source and proprietary software development, with the ultimate goal of supporting all platforms like Qt. This announcement means the end of the long term feature freeze: In addition to continuing the repair Bug,pyside team will begin to optimize the code base to further reduce the "" ...

"Sina" cloud computing platform pushes a number of blockbuster services

It is reported that the SAE is the core part of Sina Cloud computing strategy, in August 2009 launched in Sina Research and Development center of the internal developments, and officially launched the first alpha version on November 3, 2009. After the restructuring, the current SAE official website will continue to serve as an application development hosting service website for the majority of users. By then, the four official website will be based on the different needs of users, provide the corresponding professional and comprehensive services. Sina Vice President Peng Shaobin pointed out that after two years of accumulation and development, SAE has a lot of Sina's internal business to provide platform services, especially ...

Four Java Cloud computing evaluation

There seems to be a plot in a thriller that says, "It's easy ... It's so easy. "And then all things began to fall apart. When I started testing the top-tier Java cloud Computing in the market, I found that the episode was repeating itself. Enterprise developers need to be more concerned about these possibilities than others. Ordinary computer users get excited when there are new scenarios in cloud computing that make life easier. They will use cloud-based emails and if the emails are lost they can only shrug their shoulders because the electrons ...

Windows Azure new Services and enhancements

Today, we are ushered in a new era of hybrid clouds, bringing together the best not cloud and cloud computing. Virtual machines, virtual networks, and Web sites are now available as new preview services for Windows Azure. SQL reports are now typically available to customers, and a local redundant storage option has been added to provide additional customer choices, and several enhancements to Windows Azure's existing services are now available. These updates help customers build and use their own unique ways to publish their applications in the cloud. In addition, some price and metering updates add to the overall value. These ...

Have "Rong" is big: Docker container, 100,000 shop easy to host

"Editor's note" Shopify is a provider of online shop solutions company, the number of shops currently serving more than 100,000 (Tesla is also its users). The main frame of the website is Ruby on rails,1700 kernel and 6TB RAM, which can respond to 8,000 user requests per second. In order to expand and manage the business more easily, Shopify began to use Docker and CoreOS technology, Shopify software engineer Graeme Johnson will write a series of articles to share their experience, this article is the department ...

Top 10 Hadoop Administrators Best Practices

Preface Having been in contact with Hadoop for two years, I encountered a lot of problems during that time, including both classic NameNode and JobTracker memory overflow problems, as well as HDFS small file storage issues, both task scheduling and MapReduce performance issues. Some problems are Hadoop's own shortcomings (short board), while others are not used properly. In the process of solving the problem, sometimes need to turn the source code, and sometimes to colleagues, friends, encounter ...

Microsoft CodePlex Platform Open Source project TOP10

CodePlex is a Microsoft-created open source Web site where all of the programs released in this site can be downloaded from the source code, which has now become a peripheral component of Microsoft software or an extended distribution pipeline. September 10, 2009, the CodePlex Open Source Foundation (CodePlex Foundation), which uses the forum format, allows the open source community and the software development community to work together to promote the common goal of participating in the open source community project. Outside the existing open source organization ...

Why do mobile games fall into the infinite cycle of "Cool and die"?

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall note: Compared with traditional host games and PC games, the life cycle of mobile games is often short. The "Candy Smash Saga", which has sucked gold for the past 1 years, has inevitably plunged into recession and stagnant growth, leading to a plunge in game developer King's share price. Why is that? The English-language technology media recently published a column from the famous game industry analyst Tegg Kelly Tadhg Kelly, analyzing the topic. In this article, Kelly will ask ...

Commercial application of "cloud computing" on interactive TV

"Cloud computing" estimates that in our interactive television industry, not many people will notice in the recent internet IT industry quietly emerging from a new term "cloud computing."     And the "cloud computing" business applications, but began to flood our modern society, and slowly affect our lives, and even change our user experience and habits (can actually see, feel is ready to sell in 09 cheap Internet notebook). Cloud computing (C ...)

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