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Bean Network Boutique App recommendation No. 269: IPhone5 Reservation

Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Info] Apple iphone 5 can be booked, 5 iphone 5 per person at last!! Apple's iphone 5 booking page is officially open nine o'clock today, and the sales policy is the same as the ipad Mini, where consumers can buy at 5288 yuan from Apple's online store and Apple Store entity retail outlets. The iphone 5, in addition to bare metal, ...

The most popular and useful business advice of the 2014

Earlier last year, I sat in a cafeteria with Karn Maruni (Caryn Marooney) to exchange ideas about what startups should be paying attention to. What is the ineffable quality that separates the smooth-sailing media darlings from those Shing innovation companies? Outcast agency, a former founder of the company, has now served as Maruni of the Facebook Technology Exchange Department, giving a very good answer. When talking to Maruni, I can feel her according to her real experience ...

Fred Wilson predicts 2015: Millet strength to enter the U.S. market

Absrtact: 1, such as Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, etc. the 1 billion dollar unicorn that has grown up in the past five years will be listed, investors will be willing to hold the shares of these companies, inject capital into these companies, so these companies will also for the development of business 1, such as Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, etc. the 1 billion dollar unicorn that has grown over the past five years will be listed, investors will be willing to hold the shares of these companies and inject money into these companies, so they will also do business for ...

App brushes the lake, how do you think

Every industry will have a ranking, like reading will have the second runner-up, now, in the brush list crazy growth in the era, some people see it as "mobile internet trench oil", but some people have different views.   There are rankings where there are rivers and lakes: App Brush list, the following are some cases. In the old office building of a pioneering park outside the North five ring of Haidian District, Beijing, the reporter saw Shanyao, more than 30 years old, slim, looking shrewd but without losing enthusiasm. Walking into a compartment full of ash and broken bricks, Shanyao his name on his desk ...

The enchantment lacks money and lacks heart.

The Charm clan Zang recently disclosed in the community will introduce the investment to accelerate the Charm clan development, the media reported that the Charm clan wants to raise 1 billion renminbi, and launches the Employee stock option plan.   In terms of industry trends, Zang reaction some slow, today's smart phone market is not the charm of the past cool leader, its community model is everywhere, the charm clan has to face a fierce competition in the Red Sea market, to face millet, Lenovo, Huawei, Gionee and other major mobile phone manufacturers of melee competition.   Zang Wake up a little late, Miss what? And not to tangle between Zang and lei ...

IPhone 6 Footsteps approaching, bursting with hearsay summary

[abstract] In the autumn of this year, the company will announce the launch of the company's next flagship smartphone iphone 6. If it were to follow Apple's regular product release cycle, Apple would release the iphone 6 of its next flagship smartphone this fall. In the community, the current rumors about the equipment has been overwhelming, and the following is the science and technology website PhoneArena about Apple IPhone6 configuration, design and price information such as the summary: design: Will be longer, more ...

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