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International Watch: Chinese investment helps bankrupt Iceland's resurrection

Times weekly reporter Zhang Zipeng intern Wang Shihuan from Beijing in the global financial crisis, Iceland, with less than 19.4 billion U.S. dollars in debt, was once more than $138.3 billion trillion. Although "state insolvency" would not be a reality, no body had the power to receive a state with independent sovereignty. But theoretically insolvent Iceland is bankrupt.  Iceland's GDP per capita had previously ranked fourth in the world. Soon after the financial crisis broke out, many banks were taken over and nationalized by the government. Iceland's ambassador to China, Gonnarson, said in an interview with the FT in May that Iceland's currency has recently ...

Taiwan's foreign exchange reserves have risen to 357.5 billion U.S. dollars in the world's fourth

Xinhua Beijing, May 5, according to the "Central Society" reported that Taiwan's "central bank" today announced the end of April foreign exchange reserves of 357.557 billion U.S. dollars, more than March 2.522 billion U.S. dollars, continued to innovate high, still ranked fourth in the world, after the mainland, Japan and Russia.  Taiwan's central bank officials pointed out that the increase in foreign exchange reserves at the end of April was mainly due to the use of foreign exchange reserves, which increased April foreign exchange reserves in March. According to data released by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority in February, Hong Kong's official foreign exchange reserve assets at the end of January were $257.1 billion trillion, up from 13 last year.

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