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Real-time scientific research allotment raises nearly 30% against the city

Real-time scientific research (08119) allotment funds, made this morning, see 0.155 Yuan, 29.2%, temporary for the highest price, more than 1.6 million yuan. Instant scientific research announced that the 3-person to be allocated a total of 260 million shares, a share of 0.1 yuan, to raise 26 million yuan. The selling price is 0.12 yuan to 16.67% discount from yesterday's closing price, placing shares accounted for 16.63% of the enlarged share capital.

Twitter buys real-time cloud social video publishing platform SnappyTV

Absrtact: Twitter has just announced on its blog that it has acquired real-time cloud social video releases and distributed start-up SnappyTV, but the amount of the deal is not disclosed. SnappyTV is a start-up that provides real-time video editing and distribution, founded in 2010. The platform can Twitter has just announced on its blog that it has acquired real-time cloud social video releases and distributed start-up SnappyTV, but the amount of specific transactions has not been disclosed. SnappyTV is a start-up that provides real-time video clips, editing and distribution.

SEO do a good job of the site real-time update the importance!

Summary: Soon to the New years, I believe many friends are busy in the shopping for the bar, recently particularly busy, but we must still remember the time to update the site Information Bar! All to the lunar, do you still have the kung fu to maintain the site? A piece to discuss how to do a good job soon, I believe many friends are busy to buy the spring festival,   Recently particularly busy, but we must still remember to update the site regularly Information Bar! All to the Lunar New Day, we have the time to maintain the site it? A piece to discuss how to do a good job of the site real-time update it! SEO friends are not unfamiliar. Website on ...

Real-time discussion of shopping between pure buyers Community wave by morning Hing, IDG Angel

Absrtact: Wave was the 36Kr Open Day Road project, which provides a real-time discussion between pure buyers, the process of commodity transactions need to discuss the place to support the discussion, users can chat while browsing. Today, it is exclusive to 36 krypton, Wave has just recently completed a wave was 36Kr Open Day Roadshow Project, it provides for the real time discussions between pure buyers, the commodity trading process need to discuss the place to support the discussion, users can chat while browsing. Today, it exclusive to 36 Krypton, wave just recently completed the Angel round financing, ...

Real-time accurate recommendation on large data

Real-time, accurate recommendation based on large data Tencent data Platform Department Precision Recommendation Center Schoewe 2013.12 • Introduction • Data • Algorithms • Real-time precision recommendations on large data systems

Twitter has recently launched its name-real-time search function

Prior to this, Twitter search also provided name search results, but this time the Twitter site displays name search results at the top of the search results and is located before the Twitter message appears in the regular real-time search. In addition, the names in the search results are arranged horizontally, and the Twitter information in the normal search results is arranged vertically. This is another new feature that Twitter adds, and it can have a significant impact. For example, a user entering "LeBron James" for a search can see the top of the search results ...

"God station" Hua Yecheng "5 to win" champion

& http: // "> nbsp; World Cup ended, synchronized with the multi-screen real-time interactive reality show" 5 to win "also announced the champion from the first phase The final stage of the "platform" popular player Hua Ye, won the championship trophy, and Corolla year use rights, the winner of Germany's luxury double tour award, a well-deserved "God of God." CCTV5 Channel Director Jiang peace visit the scene award ...

"Parasitic Eve 3" is about to be sold the final trailer official website release look forward to PE3 you don't miss!

SQUARE Enix, scheduled for the December 22 launch of the PSP action role-playing game "parasitic Eve: 3rd Birthday" is the March 1998 launch of the "Parasitic Eve (Parasite Eve)" series of the latest, with 2012 years of New York as the background, the description of a supernatural heroine Aya  • Brea (Aya Brea) 's heroic battle against the mysterious "Twisted Man" (Twister). Game using real-time control of the third Person shootout action play, the player played by CTI ...

9.8 billion porcelain house true and false decryption

Mas Real-time news hot: 9.8 billion porcelain house in recent days, there is a letter from the micro-trust friend Circle News, quickly in our friends circle popular! The message said that "a tyrants in Suzhou used a large number of antiques, set up a value of up to 9.8 billion yuan porcelain house" according to the reporter visit, there is no porcelain room but this room, not Wujiang, but in Tianjin!     The owner of this porcelain house is a porcelain collector, but some experts indicate: the appearance of this porcelain house is mostly the use of the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China's civil kiln porcelain, so the value of the collection is not high! .

Continue to maintain the "buy" rating of the time of the gathering

Deutsche Bank today issued an investment report to maintain the "buy" rating of the NASDAQ:YY stock, while maintaining a 90 dollar target share price unchanged. The following is a summary of the report: Given the ability of video/audio technology to provide large-scale real-time hosting services, we believe that the gathering time has the potential to become a strong competitor in China's online education market. But in the near future, the main task of the gathering time is to build the brand, optimize the user experience, upgrade the traffic, rather than rush to commercialize. Due to lack of relevant brand awareness in the education market ...

Ordering service competitive Urbanspoon launch new features

It is understood that in order to cope with the increasingly fierce competition from foreign food service, OpenTable has just launched a new service for restaurant owners, and rival Urbanspoon soon prepared a new feature for diners. This "right now" feature can help you look at the "availability" of restaurants found on Urbanspoon, provide real-time viewing support for both scheduled and unscheduled diners, and provide more convenient and accurate ordering information for your users. If a restaurant is very popular, it is likely that when you want to eat, your seat will be full ...

Lokir hope with the dawn of the Mid-Autumn Festival envy Michelle Reis Pregnant

Lucky's visit to the program (1/8) September 20, Lokir (Gaile) graduated from the Hong Kong Academy of Arts Shao Bay Hospital, today, she accepted the online real-time video broadcasting program, talk about her artistic experience, due to this live visit, Gaile smile: are a little nervous. Mid-Autumn Festival will be to, Gaile revealed: If Leon don't start, hope can celebrate, for Michelle Reis pregnant news, Gaile said: Do not know, if the true of course will congratulate each other, ask her to send gifts to Linda? She said she would send with Leon, believe Linda BB should be good ...

died on the day of cancer recovery

Real-time hot spots: Cancer recovered on the day the British old man was killed in a car accident when he was cured of cancer (data) there is a saying in China: Hades wants you to die shift, and will not leave anyone to dawn. In the movie "Death Comes", who can not escape the death of the arrangement. In Britain recently, a 68-year-old man, who had been told that cancer had healed, was killed in a car accident on the day of the good news, and the others in the car accident were only slightly injured. It is reported that this old man named Hanson Miller (Jonno Mill ...

Scan application download has exceeded 25 million times

The usability of the new scan application has been enhanced to provide target coverage, support for more platforms such as the iphone 5, IPad Mini, and almost real-time scanning of common code such as two-dimensional code, UPC, EAN, and ISBN. In addition, the 2.0 version uses a more ornate interface to look cooler. Scan by Gallette Gis (Garrett Gee), Ben Telly (Ben Turley) and Oymont (Kirk ouiment)...

Collect comments: Prev 1.1% concussion fell the megathrust of Suning appliance attack

Click to view the latest popular stocks real-time market (603000, shares bar) Beijing August 15 (intern reporter Odawara) today, a small low open, the plate continues to low shocks, close prev fell 1.1%, suning appliances (002024, stocks bar) first plunge after trading.   Up close, Prev report 2118.95 points, down 23.58 points, 1.1%, 45.97 billion yuan, Chengzhi reported 9048.61 points, down 41.01, down 0.45%, sold 52.18 billion yuan. Plate, most of the plate down, ...

HSI 82-point BDI detonated port shipping unit

Expert online real-time FAQ >> Point this to enter the HSI relay rally today, half a day up 82 points, close to 17,967 points, or 0.46%, the pan of 18,037 points, half a transaction 45.3 billion. Blue-chip majority rise. HSBC Holdings fell 1.45%, dragging down the big city. Property stocks, banks, oil stocks rose. Rent-collecting shares in Kowloon Warehouse led up. The BDI index hit a 8-month high, with ports and shipping stocks buoyed up, the most eye-catching segment of the day. Cosco Pacific, China Merchants international rise in blue-chip forefront. Pacific Ocean shipping rose more than 10%;

Deng Zi was banned

Real-time hotspot: Deng Zi Chess was blocked the original title: Chuan Zi Wong by the Ministry of Culture blocked: prohibit all endorsement of business performance-Source: NetEase Entertainment Summary: "Deng Zi was banned in the future ban all business performance and product endorsement" November 7, there are netizens in the circle of friends said Deng Zi Chess, Wong, Fanjiangdaohai three artists were banned by the Ministry of Culture, and Deng Zi Chess performance In addition to the previous signed contract, the future of the business, product endorsement, etc. are prohibited. Then reporters to Deng Zi's agent to confirm the matter, Deng Zi's agent Dan to get on the plane for delayed answer. November 7, ...

LSI President: Urgent need for real-time data analysis solutions

Absrtact: Abhi Talwalkar, president and chief executive of LSI Company, recently, at the sixth annual Accelerated Innovation Summit (AIS), the President and CEO of LSI company Abhi Talwalkar proposed that the data center has never had such a huge strategic impact on the success of the enterprise as it is today. LSI company president and CEO Abhi Talwalkar recently, in the sixth annual Accelerated Innovation Summit (AIS), LSI company president and CEO Abhi Talwalkar, the number ...

Situation reactiveness 0.3.1 Publishing Web resource tools

Situation reactiveness is a tool for displaying multiple Web resources on a single display, and can be displayed from one browser to a tactical dashboard in another browser. You can create a display of alternate tactical overviews, such as graphite and nagios view combinations that provide a quick, real-time ecosystem view. Situation reactiveness 0.3.1 This version fixes resolution errors and supports video. Software Information: Https:// ...

Emerging Chat tools can play this way: Samba lets users use real

Absrtact: The short video chat application has been in the happy appearance, today on the NEXT Samba will bring you a different short video chat play, with the most real-time "response" video message to chat. Record a video with samba a short video chat application has been in the happy appearance, today on the NEXT Samba will bring you a different short video chat play, with the most real-time "response" video message to chat. Record a video with Samba ...

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