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Singles Day has become synonymous with "online shopping promotions"

Taobao led by a number of nets to launch the singles festival big promotional activities officially began, this day coincides with the weekend, countless ice-city residents overnight, snapping up the right goods online. Overnight shopping: In order to buy the baby to send mother-in-law "jingle Bell ..." After a hasty alarm, the resident Daoli District New Yang Lu, who lives in front of the computer, took part in the 11th 0 o'clock Taobao "shopping carnival." "0 points just after I click on the" Buy Now ", the page becomes very slow, there is also" the product you can not buy ... "

Alibaba Cloud Redis Helps the Technology Behind the Double Eleven Singles Day

The double eleven singles day is in full swing, and Alibaba Cloud Redis (ApsaraDB for Redis original KVStore) has successfully completed the protection of the double eleven singles day Redis. At present, Alibaba Cloud Redis provides a stand-alone version and a cluster version of Redis.

Last year, a number of banking network silver fault Singles Day network shopping carefully net silver security

Zhejiang Online November 10 News Tomorrow is the annual Singles Day, the last few days a variety of shops have launched a promotional campaign, ready to do a big promotion on the day. Everyone online buyers are also gearing up, ready to sweep the goods tomorrow. But last year, a number of singles in the net silver was overwhelmed by the collapse of a period, and these days there are netizens in the micro-blog complaining about the early recharge net silver has been unable to bear the signs appear, many people worry about the internet in the future of their own network of silver will have problems, especially security issues, so the reporter specifically interviewed the bank network silver Experts, To everyone's network ...

"Singles Day" will be to the securities dealers inventory of electricity flow ranking

This Sunday, "> Domestic electric business in the field of November 11 promotional festival will be, this day also dubbed as" Singles Day. " Recently, the days of the cat, Jingdong Mall, when the merchants will announce their respective promotional plans.   The "Singles Day" promotion, launched by the Cat 4 years ago, is about to form a free-for-all promotion. Guotai Securities November 5 published a network of retail industry reports, taking stock of the power flow and ranking changes, reported ...

Alibaba Middle Cloud 11 Product Interview Internet Middleware

In the upcoming double 11 singles day, EDAS also brings you a very big discount, for all EDAS versions, no matter how many nodes, can enjoy 50% off shopping discounts, old users can also enjoy a 20% discount Offer. We also hope that more users will be able to try EDAS products through this opportunity.

2017 double 11 technology secret - Alibaba database technology architecture evolution

Every year, the e-commerce double 11 singles day promotion is a big test for Alibaba technicians, especially for the Alibaba database team.

How to hold the double 11 data flood peak of 180 million / sec? Ali flow computing technology

In the case of double 11 singles day traffic peaks this year, the real-time data update frequency is still stable: from the first second, the rushing party into the order payment, to complete the real-time calculation and delivery to the media full screen full path, seconds Level response.

Alipay supports the technical realization of the peak of database request for double eleven 42 million times / sec

After more than eight years of practice, from Taobao's collection business to today to support all of Alipay's core business, and in the annual "Double Eleven Singles Day" continue to create a world record for the transaction database peak processing capacity.

Order synchronization has skills, double eleven peaks are no longer afraid

As can be seen from the figure, the entire double eleven order processing process mainly involves three systems: platform (Tmall, Taobao), ERP/OMS (used to process orders), WMS (package, delivery within the warehouse).

The electric dealers of November 11 and grassroots webmaster of the November 11

Intermediary trading ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall The Chinese people know what the festival is today, the annual 11-11 Singles Day, no Lovers object , gathered today to celebrate the single happy, the target people, today to celebrate the graduation from The Bachelor, there are many couples called today "naked Day", but today is an internet ...

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