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Red Hat announces launch of OpenStack product portfolio to achieve open mixed cloud vision

June 12, 2013-Red Hat today announced the launch of two new products to achieve the open mixed cloud vision. The new product includes a solution that helps cloud users build OpenStack cloud infrastructure Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and a comprehensive product designed to support the transition from traditional data center virtualization to OpenStack Cloud for enterprise users. The new product is built on the Red Hat Company's enterprise-class open source solution, providing world-class red hat support ...

Red Hat Open Source cloud: Linux, virtualization, storage and large data

At the end of March, Red Hat released its fiscal year 2012 and full-year earnings for the year ended February 29, 2012. Red Hat's total revenue for fiscal year 2012 was 1.13 billion dollars, according to earnings reports. At this point, Red Hat has become the first IT industry revenue more than 1 billion dollars of open source solution vendors. How does Red Hat do three years 1 billion? What are the new trends in red Hat in the past 2012 years? What are the plans for the future? Core Linux business and virtualization this May, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux has been unveiled for 10 years. May 2002, Red Hat launched the first enterprise Linux ...

Wave +red hat (Red hat) hardware and software integration to open up a new era!

The wave of September 18, 2014 signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Red Hat, the world's largest open-source manufacturer, in Beijing yesterday. Under the cooperation agreement, Red Hat will be the wave of NP Series Tower Server, NF Series rack server, wave Storage server, NX series Blade Server, such as the 9 Wave x86 computing products to provide comprehensive technical and service support, the tide will become the Red Hat OEM partners, in the user selection, Recommend the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 operating system. Wave group vice president Hureyun and Red Hat Global strategic Alliance vice President Scott M.

Red Hat push 64-bit ARM Server Partner Program

"Tenkine Server channel September 15" Red Hat announces a new partner Program for 64 arm hardware data center vendors, further promising to strengthen support for ARM processor-based architecture servers. Red Hat provides partners in the program with the tools, resources, and support needed to build a common development platform to help partners accelerate the development of a 64-bit ARM solution based on Red Hat technology. The goal of this program is to provide trial Red Hat 64-bit ARM software to members of the program and to standardize the server software and the application development platform that supports multiple hardware designs ...

Red Hat releases new products such as hybrid cloud, PAAs program

Red Hat announced at the Red Hat Summit in Boston last week that it plans to launch a number of products to build mixed clouds in the coming months. "This is a new era for Red Hat," said Brian Stevens, chief technology officer and Vice president for global engineering at Red Hat, Blaine Stevens. A few years ago, the company's customers were mainly red Hat Linux customers. However, these customers now consume many of the products of Red Hat. ...

Red Hat Next-generation middleware parsing: from JBoss to open hybrid cloud

As one of the most important business of Red Hat, is also an important complement of Linux business, JBoss middleware business has been doing quite well, its growth rate is probably one times of Linux business.   The Red Hat strategy is largely focused on the "open hybrid cloud", so the keynote address of Craig Muzlla, general manager and vice president of Red Hat group at the Red Hat Middleware business group, is "JBoss next-generation middleware helps users build open hybrid cloud". Red Hat Middleware business group general manager and Red Hat Group vice President Craig Mu ...

Chrome pushes cloud computing progress Red Hat and Ubuntu new initiatives

Google announced this week that it was developing a chrome operating system that would be a huge boost to cloud computing, with Google posting information on Chrome on its official blog: "People search for information on the Internet, check email, get the latest news, shop and contact friends, Google Chrome Browser is designed for such internet users. But Chrome is not limited to the Internet, we will launch a new product from Chrome, Google Chro ...

Visit Red Hat Fan Lu Wen: Open source to inject vitality into cloud computing

There are too many exciting emerging markets in the history of it that are the object of business. Cloud computing is no exception, if it is different, that is the more hot cloud computing. Cloud computing the whole concept of the meaning is to let the business move out more quickly, will be loaded into it annals, then, Cloud computing is the "Emperor's New Clothes" or "Enterprise IT Magic weapon"? How does the enterprise smoothly move towards the cloud computing age? November 19, on the occasion of the "2010 Red Hat Cloud Computing Conference" held in Beijing, Enet Silicon Valley Power reporter interviewed Mr. Fan Lu Wen, Vice president of Asia Pacific and president of Red Hat Greater China.

Red Hat Update Open Source Software Development Tools

Red Hat (RHT) has updated its open source programming language and development tools, the well-known Red Hat software collection, currently available in beta 1.1. This development kit (released separately) complements its flagship product, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Red Hat Software Collection Released Fall 2013, "> The target groups are those who want to deploy the latest stable release with a single source ...

Red Hat joins open computing project to improve data center efficiency

November 3, the Red Hat Company (NYSE: RHT) announced its accession to the ">facebook established Open computing project." The goal of the project is to build the most efficient computing infrastructure at the lowest possible cost.   For this purpose, Red Hat will collaborate with open computing projects and its members on technology, design and development to redefine the next-generation data center. With the Open ...

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