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News: Two shareholders increase the line of Suning appliance "> Suning Noon Release announcement two shareholder shot overweight, on the one hand to help the current decadent market, on the other hand also give the three anniversary of the gift, stock price straight up, The instant pulled up five minutes rose more than 10%, up more than 5%.   By Suning Electric Pull up influence, triple trading (600898, shares bar) also appeared a big difference, the stock price rose more than 3%. (News stock)

Silicon Bao technology 27.81 million yuan to increase the capital Anhui company

NetEase Financial February 21 Silicon Bao technology 21st evening Release announcement, to the super raise capital of 27.81 million Yuan Anhui Xiang Fei opposition silicone New Materials Co., Ltd., accounted for the increase in opposition 50.72% of the equity.  According to the announcement, after the investment Xiang Fei opposition and the original shareholder Commitment Xiang FEI Opposition 2011 net profit should be no less than 5.4 million yuan, 2012 net profit should be no less than 7.4 million yuan, 2013 net profit should not be less than 12 million yuan. Silicon Bao technology 21st low Open High, the collection Rose 2.59%, reported at 21.76 Yuan.

Dongyuan Electrical Appliances by the third largest shareholder reduction of 5.01 million shares

NetEase Finance March 3 News Dongyuan Electrical Appliances 3rd Evening release announcement,  The third largest shareholder Nantong Tong can Investment Industrial Co., Ltd. from August 30, 2010 to March 1, 2011 through the Shenzhen Trading system accumulated sales of the company's unlimited sales conditions of 5.0109 million shares, accounting for the company's total share capital of 3.56%. After the reduction of the shares, the investment still holds Dongyuan electric appliances Unlimited sales conditions of the circulation of 7 million shares, accounting for Dongyuan electrical total capital of 4.97%.  Qualcomm Investment does not hold Dongyuan Electric limited sale condition shares. Dongyuan Electrical Appliance 3rd Low Open concussion, accept ...

Billion yangxin by major shareholder reduction of 22 million shares

NetEase Finance February 25 News billion Yangxin Pass 25th evening Release announcement, holding shareholder billion Yang Group Co., Ltd. 25th through the Shanghai Stock Exchange bulk Trading system of 22 million shares, accounting for its total shares of 3.91%.  After the reduction of billion Yang Group also holds billion Yangxin shares 113 million shares, accounting for the total of billion yangxin shares of 20.06%. Billion Yangxin said, billion Yang Group holdings of funds mainly used in three areas: to support the implementation of the Yangxin share Incentive plan, will be billion yangxin to hold the original billion-yang group employees holding shares of employees ...

Dan Technology by two shareholders to reduce the 10.337 million shares

NetEase Finance February 28 News Dan Technology 28th evening release announcement, two shareholder Shanghai Woo Enterprise Investment Co., Ltd. from October 12, 2010 to February 25, 2011, Woo investment through the Shanghai Stock Exchange trading system to reduce the cumulative reduction of 10.337 million shares, accounting for its total share capital of 1.33%.  After the reduction, Woo Investment holdings Dan Technology A shares 41.2654 million shares, are unlimited sales of shares, accounting for its total share capital of 5.3%. Dan Technology 28th Low after the shock lower, closed down 3.98%, reported at 17.35 Yuan.

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