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Small funds return to the securities brokerage unit into the focus of increasing positions

Yesterday, the total transaction 167.4 billion yuan, with the previous trading day basically flat, the net inflow of funds of about 1.8 billion yuan.  Guangzhou Bandung data show that yesterday, a small return of funds, the return of funds are mainly concentrated in brokerage, gold and other small plates, other plates are not fully returned. Yesterday's capital transactions before the 5 plate, followed by banks, non-ferrous Metals, real estate, brokerage, medicine, the net inflow of funds to the larger plate, for the brokerage (+14.5 billion), non-ferrous metals (+11 billion), Shanghai local stocks (+5.3 billion). And according to the big Wisdom Superview data show, yesterday brokerage ...

Rich return to his alma mater Big private Chu Guogen yesterday donated 200 million

Rich return to his alma mater Big private Chu Guogen yesterday donated 200 million Peng Jieyun yesterday, investment sector, Shanghai Chongyang Investment Chairman Chu Guogen to his alma mater a "gift", the People's University of China Chu Guogen to invest in the name of the donation of 200 million yuan, which is the Chinese people's University to date to obtain the largest amount of RMB donations, It is also one of the largest donations for domestic colleges and universities. At the donation ceremony, vice Minister of Education alone, assistant chairman of the CBRC, Yan, assistant to the Chairman of the SFC, Yujun, president of Chongyang Investment Mote, managing director of Citic Securities, Xugang, GAO Securities CEO ...

A-share July, a year after the return of 3,000 points

Securities Times reporter Hunan Tuesday tail plate fast downward, and did not change the overall upward trend of the A-share market-yesterday, in the bank and real estate "Shanha" a sharp surge, prev return to 3,000 points after a year, but also for the market to bring the first trading day of July "flying off."  Shanghai and Shenzhen both low opened yesterday, then all the way up, the afternoon in the weight of the leadership of the strong, prev breakthrough 3,000 points, this is also since June 12, 2008 below the point, the first time to regain the mark. Prev Close Final report 3008.15 points, Rose ...

Former French team goodgame Three Musketeers to return and form new team

The former French war team goodgame Three Musketeers Julien "Mayers" Rivière, Dimitri "Dim2k" LaRue and Vincent "Lator" Wallet announced the return, and the formation of a team called Noname. Goodgame is France's famous CS team, with AAA and Armateam became the three major French hegemony. Goodga ...

Shares will return to more than 1 dollars

The company's board has approved a 1:4 reverse-share plan, according to a source called the Nasdaq:caei. That means the shares will return to more than 1 dollars and avoid the risk of picking up the cards before the December 28 deadline arrives. Reporters from the network insiders learned that the reverse unit will be in the United States Eastern Time 12:01 noon December 21 effective; After the reverse split, the company's common stock circulation will be from about 80.2 million shares into about 20 million shares. Dahua construction is so concerned because of Tang June (Weibo) to join. Today ...

Drink the beauty can be a bottle of goat milk diarrhea red rash business return compensation

21st, the residents of Miss Wen called the News hotline, she bought in the Wal-Mart supermarket two cans "the United States can be a" milk powder suspected of quality problems, the baby after drinking a lot of red spots appear in the body. After the business sector intervened, the merchant promised to return the goods and give a certain amount of compensation. The baby drank the milk powder to pull the belly up the red rash Miss has a 10 month old niece. 15th, Miss Wen spent more than 500 yuan in Wal-Mart supermarket Cangshan Wanda shop to buy two cans of "beautiful can" goat milk powder. On the evening of 16th, Miss Wen's niece drank some goat milk powder and then pulled the belly. The next few days, the baby appeared ...

Sheen and Yan Xing Carnival drug-induced diseases difficult to return to the "two men and a half of the hero"

Last week, a sudden "disease" was sent to rehab-sheen difficult to return to the "men two and a half" into the Detoxification Institute Sheen can return to the "men two and a half" cast is still unknown.  According to foreign media today, last week, "Two and a Half Men" starring Sheen and two Yan stars at home carnival, sudden "acute abdominal pain" by the emergency center to the hospital for treatment. According to the scene of star Kessi Jordan to the media, 36 hours of carnival after the end of the "tennis size" of cocaine by Charlie &m ...

SAIC CWB1 will enter value return channel investors should be wary of warrants investment risk

SAIC CWB1 will enter the right period from December 31, 2009 to January 7, 2010. Near the right period, warrants will enter the value of the return channel, the time value will be quickly consumed, the price will rapidly close to its intrinsic value.  For warrants, the intrinsic value of the formula is generally corresponding to the price of the positive shares minus the right price, if the stock price is lower than the right price, then the intrinsic value of 0. Warrants enter the value of the return channel, the absolute price of warrants will be relatively low, often attract a lot of speculative funds into the speculation, so that warrants price fluctuations, or even far higher than its intrinsic value. And a lot of ...

Banks complain: It's hard to return to the market.

-Morning news reporter Lin Li Qiang-intern Kang Fizhen in the middle of last month, the Shanghai Association of banking Industry began to solicit opinions in the industry on the Convention on self-regulation of the Housing Mortgage Loan Business (hereinafter referred to as the Convention).  The Convention requires the Shanghai bank to attains intermediary "rebate".  The so-called "return point" refers to the individual housing mortgage loan competition, some banks and real estate intermediary companies to cooperate with the intermediary referral customers, the bank according to a certain proportion of the loan amount to the intermediary to pay the Commission. Will this ban really happen next year? Around this issue, Morning paper reporter in recent days ...

March Shadow City return insipid farewell to the Lunar festival file Fierce grappling (figure)

March Shadow City return insipid no commercial production: the release of nearly 20 films mostly belong to middle and low investment, even to see the title can not arouse the audience's desire to visualize.  No big names gathered: Fan Bingbing, xiaoming, Yam and so on only in the film burden, there is the kind of "director is not well-known, actors not big, the film does not publicize" three not film.  No big Hollywood productions: Only "Kiss Me Again" and "The Battle of Los Angeles" two import films to the audience for a change of appetite. If you want to go to the cinema to see Blockbuster and strong films, in March, this is almost "impossible task". Special ...

Wait another year-start menu 2015 years ago will not return to Windows 8.1

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > at the Build convention in April, Microsoft announced that the Start menu would return to Windows 8.1, and Microsoft even showed the concept map back on the spot, Microsoft's move has been widely recognised because many people dislike the start screen of Windows 8 ... Microsoft has not disclosed when to let the Start menu back to Windows ...

Flappy Bird will return to the app Store in August

Absrtact: Flappy Bird, author of Dong Nguyen (Nanhadon), said in an interview with CNBC today that this maddening and addictive bird will return to the app Store in August. Nguyen also revealed that it will support the multiplayer mode, and will not be the same as before Flappy Bird author Dong Nguyen (Nanhadon) today in an interview with CNBC, this crazy and addictive bird will return to the app Store in August ...

Players speculate that the fifth occupation of "Guild Wars 2" will be the return of the Magic artist

Martin Kerstein, the Arenanets community manager, recently broke the silence on the website Guild Wars2guru, announcing that Arenanets will announce the fifth occupation of Guild Wars 2 next January. So the players began to talk extensively about what this mysterious fifth profession would be.  According to the news, the fifth profession in Guild Wars 2 will most likely be the return of the Magic artist. The four occupations currently advertised are: Warrior, Ranger, Elemental and Necromancer. And the official says there will be 8 jobs in the game to wear equipment ...

Samsung baby-friendly cooking washing machine is not clean: merchants agree to return

June 9, the Hangzhou network reported that aunt million use Samsung "Love Baby cook Washing" washing machine washing clothes, washing machine inside the tube appears white powder phenomenon. (See more: Samsung "baby-washing" washing machine washing not clean Hangzhou grandma is very mad) one weeks passed and things came to an end. This morning, million aunt calls said, Samsung has promised her request, agreed to return. Samsung Hangzhou West Lake shop maintenance director Chao told reporters that in Saturday, the company has sent maintenance personnel to aunt million again, the laundry appeared after the situation video shot down, and then sent this video to the Beijing headquarters ...

Chuan Lei will return to Jinshan

Recent news that Lei is about to return to Jinshan. So what kind of things can attract big guy back to Jinshan, the answer is only "eldest" position. Lei's leadership temperament is recognized by the industry, "he can only be the boss." "A person close to lei so appraised him. When the Golden Hill PR staff often hung in the mouth of the word is, and so the woman reporter was thunder total momentum of admiration. (UCWeb chairman, angel investor Lei Techwe) started writing commercial software before graduating from the early 90.

Classic return "Stone Age" Taiwan service will be the new company agent

The "Stone Age", familiar to players, is about to return to the Taiwan region of China.  Japan Digipark 1st in the official website announced that the "Stone Age (Stoneage)" Taiwan's exclusive right to operate authorized to Tao Ju Technology Co., Ltd. (Taozhu), the two sides and on October 12 formally signed a contract.  Digipark in the announcement, at the same time exposure "Taiwan Stone Age" website URL, and the website "in January 100 to find your original moved" slogan, particularly eye-catching. "Stone Age" in 200 ...

Lianglo refused to be a gold statue guest speaker: Short term will not return to Hong Kong

Lianglo Noble Temperament (1/6) According to Hong Kong media news, after the breakup of Leong and Richard Li, many of the film dealers want to ask her to return to filming, yesterday, that the Hong Kong Film Awards Congress also want to grab gimmicks, to invite her back to Hong Kong for next month's awards ceremony as a guest of honor. Some media yesterday to call Leong spokesman Lu seek snow verification, she said: "The General Assembly has indeed invited Leong to return to Hong Kong to do the awards, but in the short term to return to Hong Kong, so the intention to push off the General Assembly." However, Wen Wenwei, director of the Hong Kong Film Awards, said: "There is no official invitation list at this stage, according to ...

Coal stocks expected to return to coal prices in the second half

The trend of the second half of the coal stocks will return to the performance of listed companies, and coal price trend is the most important factor coal stocks in the second half of the market will return to the coal price expected >>>C2

"100,000 cold Jokes" Nezha article (4)-strong return! What's the point of this tear?

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > "100,000 Cold Jokes" the second quarter of the 3rd episode-Nezha return! By Yu Ying unintentional accidentally, boil optics elder sister cast water flooded Chen Tang Guan! The disaster, in order to save hundreds of thousands of people's lives, Chen Tong, Nezha stand Up, Jing tears on the spot, the palace all a sad ... This episode is so awesome, it's a bit of a masochist! "100,000 cold Jokes" second season: Nezha (4)

WLK Open the suit to attract the player to return 57% units to show the return

More Play Network News (North Dove) August 30, 31st to mainland China more than 5 million of Warcraft players, is a special day, because they wait nearly two years of the Lich King will officially open on 31st.  But for the Taiwan service players who have gone to Taiwan for a long battle, will they face a choice, return or stick? More games on the network The poll showed that about 57% of the players said they would return to the National service after the service, while 43% still said they would stick to the table. On 21st-27th, a total of 62 games were played during the week-round survey.

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