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VCs have seen some hope in China's e-commerce sector

Absrtact: December, an early winter day. Hangzhou Huanglong Hotel, an ordinary E-commerce forum is being carried out in the future for many years in the history of E-commerce development, this will certainly be an ordinary day, and for this day in the scene of the electric merchants, electronics business December, early winter day. Hangzhou Huanglong Hotel, an ordinary E-commerce forum is underway, in the next many years of e-commerce development history, this will certainly be an ordinary day, and for this day on the scene of the electric businessmen, e-commerce ignited their desire to succeed impulse and desire. The benefit is also to cultivate this ...

On the history of Internet development from the technology of famous websites

In recent years, with the continuous innovation and development of the Internet industry, batch after group of websites or be eliminated or stand out, for those successful websites, most of them already exist nearly 10 or more than 10 years, in such a long period of development, in addition to the business facing the challenges, Technically, it's also a lot of challenges. The following selected Alexa rankings of the previous site (ranking up to April 21, 2012, by analyzing how they are technically coping with the challenges of business development process, to a deeper understanding of the development of the Internet industry in recent years. ...

How Web designers get passive income

More and more freelance designers are starting to look for passive income methods.   I have always liked to serve clients, but I had to endure the pressure of a few bosses and the final release of the project, which almost crushed me. A few years ago I began to focus on my projects and think about how to make money from them. I sell the theme and template and start writing a book.   Now I'm doing my own project "Job board for Designers (designer job board)". In Smashing Magazine's previous article ...

Persistent Passion optimistic attitude VC focus on the three major elements of entrepreneurs

"You may have encountered such a situation in the domestic gas heating, because forget to turn off the fire, causing the overflow of water to extinguish the gas, causing huge security risks." And our company provides the product, can solve this kind of problem very well, we use the sensor technology, the embedded technology provides the whole solution for the gas company. "Hangzhou weighing Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Xu Qin Lang's speech won the audience bursts of applause." This is not a product promotion, it is the first time in Hangzhou, the national large-scale innovative projects and venture capital "dating conference." A "non-interference" type of project show in Hangzhou set off ...

I understand Internet applications and enterprise application development

Some time ago, I wrote a blog about the topic, but I finished, I think I still did not talk about nature, this article is a sequel.   Internet Applications (Web sites or apps), and the essential difference between enterprise applications, should be discussed from the user. The internet is a strange user, the website for them is self-service system (similar to ATM machine), do not need, and can not be mandatory training for them, such as user registration.   So they have to be absolutely retarded and try to reduce the cost of learning. Enterprise application is the company's employees, with mandatory, and before, or system before the line, a ...

10 things you need to do from primary to intermediate

Justin James has published a blog post "Tips for advancing from a beginner to a intermediate developer", and we share how to complete the programmer from the beginning to the intermediate transformation, Here translated a turn, hope to help you. In a message exchanged with TechRepublic members, he mentioned blogs, articles and magazines for programmers ...

Present situation and future of spark

Spark is a cluster computing platform originating from the Amplab of the University of California, Berkeley, which is a rare versatile player, based on memory computing, starting with multiple iterations, and eclectic data warehousing, streaming and graph computing paradigms. Spark is now the Apache Foundation's top open source project, with a huge community support, technology is gradually maturing, but to really put into production, but also need to undergo a lot of optimization. To shark, Spark streaming and related projects as the theme, Spark Summ ...

Count the 10 most important companies in the cloud computing field

is now popular in the hot, not only the major IT giants in this layout, many new companies also as their opportunity to enter the field of cloud computing. Not only is it changing the Internet, it is also changing our daily lives. So what's happening today, let's take a look at the 10 most important companies in cloud computing that Business Insider summed up in: Amazon, though Amazon is probably the most familiar of E-commerce, is no doubt the main role in cloud computing, Like Startups DROPB ...

How much does it cost to build the world's top 10 products

This article is written by Courtney Boyd Myers, who is the founder of This article focuses on her contacts with some web and mobile development companies, incubators, consultancies, and lab executives to discuss how much it will take to replicate the 10 products that are now very successful in the marketplace: 100,000 yuan and a suitable development partner can make you rich overnight? How much resources do I need to replicate a product like Twitter or Instagram?

High-end wine sales encounter cold, popular products into the mainstream

Because of the impact of macroeconomic slowdown, in this year, high-end wine sales encounter cold, and group buying sales are basically zero. In the domestic consumption environment changes, the rapid development of the wine industry in the last two years the collective encounter cold.   China Wine Association Wine branch Secretary-General Wang Zuming pointed out that the industry since 2010 slowed down, and to 2012 years, 2013 wine industry overall decline in the situation, some enterprises should even have a loss, especially high-end product sales decline more obvious. According to the relevant statistical data, in 2013, the national Portuguese ...

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