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Six-year-old man even cheated four years to buy 4 insurance and thought it was saving money

67-Year-old GUI dad often to the post store for savings, do not want to four years to buy 4 insurance products, they do not know. Finally, the son found that the father has "saved" 79900 yuan in insurance. "My father lives in Castle Peak, and in April this year, he went to the Postal Savings Bank Wu branch to dump a deposit of 36900 yuan, and bank workers recommended to my father that they save money in the same way as they do on a regular basis." He didn't know it was insurance and signed the policy. Recently, I came home, my father will show me the passbook, I see this is not a passbook, but a 6-year warranty ...

Beijing property Bubble Super Shenzhen Shanghai Experts say prices have been overdrawn

BEIJING, Shanghai and Shenzhen have always been called real estate investors Paradise, the real estate bubble is relatively obvious.  Beijing has become the most prominent property bubble in the three cities, with a remarkable "performance" in housing prices. Reporters yesterday from the United States and other real estate agencies, 21st century property and other intermediaries learned that according to Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics and the Beijing Real Estate transaction management network related data measurement, measuring the four real estate bubble, Beijing has all significantly exceeded international standards, indicating bubbles exist, while the rental ratio, Investment ratio and house price income than the three indicators are more than Shanghai and Shenzhen, ...

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