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Search for strategic release mobile applications ushered in the era of open platform

Signs that the mobile internet industry is on the move today, people for the powerful, accurate positioning, high-speed access to information applications such as app has never stopped. As a Super app application, the search and search of Yue in the advent, not only to achieve the Super app integration development trend of the regression upgrade, but also completed the integration of the mobile Internet ecological chain of the basic definition of mobile Internet innovation industry to build a new growth coordinate. As an innovative leader in this trend, the search once again stands at the forefront of the development of the mobile internet industry. Open ecological chain take shape well known, move ...

Mobile payment driven business applications rapid growth

First, the overall situation of the Internet application Internet users in the first half of 2014 the use of network applications more in-depth. Communication and communication applications, instant messaging usage continues to rise, the status of the largest network applications more stable. Microblogging market gradually entered a mature period, the entire market showed a trend of concentration. Social networking sites continued to decline, mobile social gradually converged to a single application. Under the driving of mobile payment, mobile commerce applications are experiencing a leapfrog development and become more and more important in the field of network applications. Mobile internet payment, mobile online shopping, mobile internet banking and mobile travel booking applications ...

BAT Big Three Internet financial drop chart

Yesterday, Baidu announced 28th this month will launch a similar balance treasure wealth management products "hundred", the target of the annual rate of return may reach 8%. The move from Ali Pengley just after the micro-trust only a week. Baidu, Tencent and other internet giants, Merchants Bank and other old financial institutions such as Ping An, and even the giants of game manufacturers try to occupy the fashionable Internet finance business. The biggest difference between "internet finance" and "financial Internet" is the attribute of "Internet". Traditional finance is due to the wealth of people, the Internet finance because of people's enrichment, traditional financial institutions as the center, Internet financial users as the center;

Interface design for business Web applications

Business Web application interface Design business Web application design is often overlooked. I see a lot of programs that do not meet the business goals or the needs of users, they have a poor user experience, and caused a loss of commercial profits. More exaggerated, some designers are not involved in the whole process of the development process, but the entire responsibility to the developers. For engineers who are good at front-end and back-office technology, they lack the design capability to accomplish this difficult task. Dissatisfied consumers, frustrated users, and failed projects are natural and ...

Search and BI tools combine enterprise-wide search in the ascendant

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Cloud host technology lobby Internet Data Center (IDC) analyst Sue Feldman said: "A survey shows that a complete corporate search has repeatedly become the most priority in the minds of the subjects." "Over the past two years, companies have become even more important when they find that their decision-making system has been ignoring the content level," she said. "Most of the data you need is hidden------but where is it? They are hidden in data that is not organized ...

"Where to go" in the financial industry: not to touch money, not lend, sniff out good business

In the past year or so, Rong 360 has proved the potential of financial search. And as a bridge between users and banks, how to achieve a balance in the steady and innovative, and constantly meet the needs of young users, is the core of 360 can continue to expand. Your finances start on the line? Vertical search is a practical model of financial O2O, which is transferred to offline by gathering demand. "Rapid expansion, to do large-scale" is Ye Daqing always adhere to the guidelines. This early years as PayPal China market general manager, American Express multi-channel marketing director of the returnees, is now the founder of the 360. Not long ago, this gold ...

Layout industry large data Wave release financial large Data Integration machine

"Tenkine Server channel March 19 News" March 18, the tide held a press conference in Beijing, officially launched the first domestic financial industry-oriented large data customization machine-wave of cloud financial large data machine.   The product is the wave group and the domestic leading financial information solutions provider of the South-day information jointly launched for the financial industry's large data mining, analysis platform. In the past 2013, China's financial sector is perhaps the most hot talk of internet finance, internet finance is related to the application of large financial data. Tide is the leading manufacturer of large data processing platform, South Day ...

Four new models of internet financial management worthy of attention

The traditional Internet financial management is a broad concept, internet banking consulting, stock trading, asset trading can be grouped into this field. With Peer-to-peer network loans, online fund sales (such as balance treasure) The rise of the concept of the scope of change, the network loan platform and fund platform have to "finance" as the main propaganda concept, the formation of the current Internet finance an important position. Peer-to-peer Network Loan Financial model is well-known, such as the "pleasant loan" direct bidding model, everyone loans "preferred plan" entrusted to the bidding model. The fund guarantee aspect then has the ordinary unsecured mode, Lu Jin the line guarantee ...

Financial 360 round of financing more than 60 million US dollars

Reporter Zhu Dandan from Beijing yesterday (July 23), "Daily Economic News" reporter was informed that last August received Sequoia collar 30 million U.S. dollars round B financing, the online financial search platform melt 360 announced the completion of C round of financing. The main investor is Singapore Pavilion Sovereign Fund Temasek set up in 2012 sole proprietorship - Lanting Pavilion investment (PavilionCapitalPte), so far to get 360 total investment amount of over 100 million US dollars. "C round of funding is mainly used for search, recommendation and service product optimization and user experience to enhance, while increasing the line ...

The ultimate evolution of search engine to artificial intelligence

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall K.K in the documentary "Google and the World Brain," he said at the beginning of the Google venture, he asked Larry Page, now has a good performance search engine, why do one? ' Instead of developing a new search engine, we're going to do artificial intelligence, ' Larry page explains. Search engine is our active consciousness and the internet world the most important connection way, and in the long-term data accumulation, save ...

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