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CSDN Online Training Security first lesson: Building Secure PAAs Cloud services

At the request of the vast number of users, csdn online training for the first time to bring security-related topics, September 16, 2014, Sohu Network Operations security Manager Wu Jianjiang will explain how to "build a secure PAAs cloud service." Application Address: Course Introduction: Building a secure PAAs cloud service reduces operational costs as users apply to rapid deployment The demand for elastic parallel expansion is getting higher ...

Educational Training Chaos Survey: Tens of billions of markets, crisis lurking?

With the rapid development of science and technology, lifelong learning becomes a trend.  The current grim employment situation, to the vocational skills training market to add a fire.  The training industry in China contains huge business opportunities: according to the conservative estimate of Chinese residents ' savings deposits, the potential market of China's education and training market is up to 300 billion yuan, and it keeps the rapid development speed. The training market lurks a crisis that cannot be neglected: the quality of the training institutions is mixed, the false advertising is rampant, and the training personnel are mixed ... Recently, the reporter visited the relevant departments and a number of training institutions, trying to uncover the unusually hot and "charming eyes" of our education culture.

Deadlock in security industry reform: difficult separation of public security organs

The security industry, formerly operated exclusively by the Public Security department, is facing a huge change, due to the large number of people involved, the interests of complex and "stability" system is closely related to the State Council regulations promulgated more than a year, the reality of the reform is deadlocked "Caijing" reporter Tan Yi fly 2 o'clock in the morning, forty or fifty dressed in plainclothes, wearing white gloves, carrying the weapon of security personnel,  Take six cars in batches into the Taiyuan city of Jinyuan District Ancient village, in the villagers Wu Wenyuan and Meng Fu Gui around the house. This is what happened on October 30, 2010. Ancient village belongs to Taiyuan City Riverside West Road South Extension Project demolition scope, demolition ...

Iffy training qualification and "two associates"

Absrtact: Just after the Lunar New Year, Wusuyan's heart is almost without a hint of warmth. With the lily net lasted nearly a year of the dispute let her suffer from the mental burden of torture. Just discharged her soon, wait not to Lily net unfeeling break up after any account, next, is Christie Lunar New Year just, Wusuyan heart but almost no hint of warmth. With the lily net lasted nearly a year of the dispute let her suffer from the mental burden of torture. Just discharged her soon, wait not to Lily net unfeeling "break up" after any account, next, is brewing to commercial fraud charges and lily Nets court. Wusuyan and lily nets correction ...

Analysis of security strategy for information security cloud computing from icloud

Apple's icloud service has made users excited and impatient to migrate personal data to Apple's data center for easier access and sharing. Look, the service is cool and convenient. But when you give your information to icloud, should you pray for the security of the data? In Beijing June 7, 2011, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the icloud of Apple cloud services at Apple's Global developer conference WWDC 2011, marking Apple's entry into the cloud.

Education and training encounter closed door cold snap enterprise promises employment

Like many industries, education is a sprawling, all-encompassing industry. In recent years, the abundant cash flow of educational enterprises and the stable ability of resisting economic cycle have made the venture capital in this field cluster. According to the chinaventure data, as of January 15, 2010, the education and training industry has a total of 63 investment cases, involving an investment amount of 655 million U.S. dollars. Investment involves a wide range of areas, including language training classes, such as Reese English, New World education, neo-Oriental, said Saybot and so on; early education in the Oriental Love Baby, gifted baby, etc., including Hongcheng education, network Xun home ...

Cloud computing Security: A look at the advantages of security architecture

Cloud computing has become a viable model for many it needs. In some cases, large enterprises will buy cloud CPU cycles on demand, using "infrastructure as a Service" (IaaS) provided by vendors such as Amazon, Rackspace, and Terremark for testing, development, and batch processing. In other cases they outsource the entire application, such as handing the email to Google,crm to, or handing the payroll to ADP. Although it is indeed valuable, it experts are still keen on the value of cloud computing ...

Cloud Computing Security Forum: From encryption, cloud security architecture to trusted computing

"Csdn Live Report" The Second China Cloud Computing Conference in May 2014 20-23rd at the Beijing National Convention Center opened the curtain. The Conference based on practice, with an international perspective, to help participants understand the global cloud computing technology trends, from the application of the transport, medical, education, finance, manufacturing, digital entertainment and other industries in the field of practical experience; and through technical sessions, product launches and training courses and other means,   A deep analysis of the core technology of cloud computing big data. Hunenghei, director and professor of Information Processing Center, China University of Science and Technology "cloud computing security ...

Behind the new Oriental Dilemma: English training industry farewell to savage growth

Absrtact: The new film "Chinese partner" directed by Chan, a well-known director, is expected to be released officially on April 16. This inspirational movie, made by a real person, tells the story of the 80 's, when three of the little people started their own English training school, the new film "Chinese Partner", directed by Chan, a well-known director, is expected to be released officially on April 16. This inspirational movie, made by a real person, tells the story of three people who started their English training school in the 80 's. Reflected in the reality, the protagonist of the script is the new Oriental teaching ...

Security talent Gap huge enterprise security system urgently needs essay

December 18-19th, the first "360 Security special training camp" held in Beijing. From the Government, financial institutions and other enterprises, more than 40 information security principals and 360 of the top security experts to discuss enterprise-level information security, a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the current enterprise faced with the threat of attack and the latest defense measures. National top "hacker" only thousands of people figure: the participants around the end of the speech of the 360 Vice President Tanxiaosheng, continue to exchange discussions. "Our company can not recruit enough safety personnel, want to do a complete system a bit powerless, there is no good way to solve this problem ...

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