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High German map takeaway feature

Recently in Beijing a dormitory room appeared in a very "absurd" scene. I saw a beautiful woman wearing a World Cup team uniforms, dressed as football baby appearance, publicly fed a male student milk! University students Chen, because the night off, only to find time to find the World Cup in the daytime, due to Too much input, all meals are delivered by takeaway. One day, when Chen used the Goode map for takeout, she found a "beauty to send out" activity. Originally thinking of just a gimmick, she never really thought it happened to her. then...

This is not a little wisdom! "Pokemon" Reality edition HD Promo

More online news recently, in the Internet by the players are rumored "Pokemon" Reality edition, released the film propaganda videos and posters, thunder attributes full load, the vast pockets of fans please be full of funny psychology to watch this trailer, otherwise the trailer we used to be familiar with the partner's shape can put your thunder of the outside Coke tender. In fact, with an adaptation of the film's work angle of view, from the promotional film is still pretty good, just cute elves have been unrecognizable, even small series I have to send out: "This goods is not small wisdom, look at that melancholy eyes, sigh of Hu Slag", As for Pikachu ...

The risk of carcinogenic risks in the use of inferior fresh film for Fruit amortization (FIG)

Watermelon is to be sold next to the absence of any packaging of fresh film. With the weather into the Voldemort, many businesses often cut the fruit covered with a layer of fresh film, exposing the delicious fruit to attract customers. But the reporter through the investigation found that many fruit stalls to use the plastic film does not have any identification.  Experts remind, "three no" fresh film is very likely to contain carcinogenic substances, long-term use of the human body is more harmful. Public doubt rang stained plastic film on the refrigerator in the preservation of the watermelon how to send out a peculiar smell?  Ms. Zhang, who lives in Taibai Road, recently met with such a strange thing. Ms. Zhang bought half after work ...

Chao Sun today's big wedding Huang Baoqiang Rehearsal

Sun Chao Wedding will be held at the Litz Carlton Hotel in Pudong National Gold Center. Before, Sun Chao son marry of news already spread to the uproar. The wedding preparations did not see Sun Li traces, but by the groom Chao full responsibility. Yesterday, Chao from the morning began in the hotel supervision of the wedding scene layout, until the evening to leave. Although so busy, but the good mood of the groom still did not forget to crouch down reporters, specifically asked staff to send out for dinner. At the same time, the hotel lobby also appeared Huang, Baoqiang, Guo and other people's figure, I believe that today's wedding must ...

Twitter is likely to launch a "quietly canceling attention" feature

Absrtact: Recently, Twitter users have discovered that Twitter is testing a new feature that allows you to block out any Twitter users you care about, so that any messages (tweets or retweet) from this user will not appear in your own timeline. Recently, Twitter users have discovered that Twitter is testing a new feature that allows you to screen out any Twitter users you care about and let the user send out any messages (t ...).

Bus station is too-Norwegian street most touching positive energy, you will send out a coat?

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > This is a public service advertisement taken by Norway. The theme is to see what the reaction of a cold child is. I can see the tears! Positive Energy! To do is to see for themselves, is really not sure can do ah! Ashamed to be ashamed of ... A bus stop in Norway

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