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Introduction to Server Virtualization

The George Ou provides an introduction to server virtualization, from what virtualization is, why you use virtualization to when you need to use virtualization, how to migrate physical servers to virtual servers, and so on. The Jevin was originally published in May 2006. ———————————————————————————— – What is virtualization, and when to virtualize when to use virtualization how to avoid "putting all eggs in the same basket" physical migration to Virtual server patch management authorization and support for virtualization servers ...

Server owners want to sue Mobile company: said the innocent was sealed

Every reporter Zhongchunhui from Shanghai moved recently to the local computer room, so that tens of thousands of servers were sealed, which led to many Web sites were closed, leading to a large part of the server does not involve obscene content of the servers also involved. December 1, Shanghai lawyers to the "daily economic news" that will represent "innocent" server owners, the prosecution of mobile companies infringement, is currently organizing the collection of materials. It is reported that this group of clients mainly from the last month was frequently exposed in Shanghai mobile Nu River Computer room users, they questioned the server hosting units in the absence of notification, did not produce legal provisions ...

Fully understanding the energy saving and heat dissipation of blade server

& ">nbsp; Domestic Internet Data Center users believe that the blade server to the room's existing power supply system challenges, they pointed out that the conditions of a better Internet Data center, each of its racks rated current only 16A, and the condition of some only 6.8 A, to such a condition, if the deployment of Blade server, Must have a right to ...

Data center positioning in Blade server application

Michael May is Indiana Midwest Independent transmission System "> Assistant Director of the Operator (ISO) data center, who has witnessed the center's ongoing process of adding more servers to meet business needs. Referring to the blade server, May said: "The newly installed blade server makes him very worried ...

Lenovo Network disk to implement the charging mode, for a time about the network disk charges or not

Since 2009 Lenovo Network disk implementation of the charging mode, for a time on the network disk charges or not? The discussion of the net-disk profit model is pushed to the cusp. In fact, domestic network competition has already entered the white-hot stage, which is the most representative of Huawei's Dbank network disk and rain forest wind under a certain network, a focus on the core functions of the network and user experience, a focus on the network of SNS. As of now, no corporate propaganda has started to profit or to say there is a clear profit direction. So where is the road to the money-burning industry? The author of the current some of the surplus ...

Hope Cloud Security: Enterprise charges anti-virus software Terminator

If 360 is the end of the history of personal anti-virus software charges, then hope that the cloud security will be worthy of the end of the enterprise charges to kill soft. According to statistics, since the beginning of this year, hope Cloud security took the lead in seizing the first free enterprise version of antivirus software This is a battleground, less than 2 months, the enterprise user installed capacity has exceeded 100,000, the user distribution in the telecommunications, education, finance and chain stores and other industries, the advent of only 5 months, I hope that the cloud security has become the company's first choice of antivirus market products      Achievements。 At present, the Chinese enterprise market uses the more anti-virus software is Cabas ...

Server hire be careful how to pick IDC

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall for Small and medium enterprises or enterprises involved in E-commerce platform, The rental of IDC company's server has a certain advantage. First of all, worry, do not need to bother users, and secondly, there are preferential prices. So how do you pick the right server? What should be paid attention to when renting IDC's servers?

"Grand Cloud" commitment to unlimited domestic traffic flow charges

November 10 News, "Grand Cloud" recently announced the end of the free period, and promised to the user will be completely unlimited bandwidth, the introduction of Flowmeter fee charging method. As we all know, the traditional IDC in the domestic use of bandwidth billing, and this "> Billing methods exist some drawbacks, such as not support burst flow, procurement time is longer, Can not meet the business growth needs in time, and once the excess purchase, with no need to pay money ...

Millet response MIUI upload user data charges

Millet official response to the actual action of some time ago noisy millet unauthorized upload user data charges. On the Google + page of Hugo, he responded: "Millet is a company focused on providing high quality, Easy-to-use mobile Web services." We believe that protecting user data and privacy is the top priority. We do not upload or store personal information or data prior to the user's permission. We decided to set the millet cloud SMS as a service that needs to be enabled and will no longer be automatically enabled. At the same time, Hugo apologized to MIUI users and fans for their concern, and thanked them for providing the counter ...

Enterprise Purchase rack-type server is 1U or 2U appropriate

As you know, 1U rack-type servers are limited to scaling and cooling, with tight limits on accessories that cost more than 20–30% tower servers. Now a lot of "> Enterprise Servers are in fact by the professional IDC agency unified Trusteeship, which charges the highest price to 1U highly affordable." By such standards for a long time, the cost of capital is a 1U rack of the most cost-effective. Therefore, it is precisely because of this ...

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