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Overseas server maintenance personnel will be subject to sanctions

This report (reporter Yuje) some outlaws use the foreign obscene pornographic website difficult to supervise, difficult to dig the characteristic, have the obscene pornographic website to the overseas server transfer. In this respect, the national pornography office said yesterday that the transfer of obscene pornographic websites to foreign servers, the domestic maintenance personnel will still be subject to legal sanctions.

"Fairyland legend 2" heavy Seihan first Test frequently appears server problem

August 31, "Fairyland legend 2" after the plate-making test, the server frequently encountered problems, the players were protesting. "Fairyland legend 2" to plate, the first time in the first beta, there has been unable to update the phenomenon, the second and third days due to server problems caused the game landing became very unstable. Plus the third day due to frequent server maintenance, so that players who participate in the beta can not tolerate.  It is reported that the use of the server in this beta can accommodate about 5,000 players. At present, the "Fairyland Legend 2" official website forum can not be landed on the players posted by 20,000 ...

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