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What data do users need?

The first thing to note here is that the "user" in the title refers to the user of the data, or the data demander, who are often not the external users for the website or the enterprise. The consumers of the data are usually all departments and fields within the company personnel. Why do we ask this question, in fact, we often encounter such a situation: the company's top complain that the report can not see useful things, is not able to organize the statements (so busy below), but how? Or what data do they need in the end? (Well, the high-level needs are generally not explained, we have to try since ...

A method of customer segmentation to improve marketing return quickly

Wang Ming Tam database marketing training excerpt customer segmentation, English "segmentation" is the marketing staff has been doing the work, customer segmentation is the eternal theme of marketing. On the one hand, because of the limited marketing resources, we can not put the same marketing resources for all customers, on the other hand, today's consumer behavior more and more personalized, have different preferences, marketers must cater to the personalized needs of customers. Our question is: is not the finer the customer is better, is not 1 to 1 marketing is the pursuit of precision marketing the highest position ...

Medical website Construction Plan

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Medicine website Construction Plan Directory One, project Goal 3 1.1 demand Analysis 3 1.2 website target and expectation 3 1.3 website design principle 4 1.4 Solution 42, website overall structure 6 Third, the main columns and website management function Description 7 3.1 Home 7 3.2 Medicine 7 3.3 News Center 7 3.4 Product Show 11 3.5 ...

Analysis of users ' behavior through user Group subdivision

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby site visitors come from a complex crowd, and each person's access behavior and access purposes are more or less different.   User group segmentation is used as a common web analytics strategy to differentiate different visitor groups and help you understand the audience of the site. Different visitors come to your site for different purposes. Some are reading the content on the website, evaluating the information you provide, or creating a purchase, or looking for some job opportunities or investment information;

Web analytics What kind of tools do I need? (2)

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall "Preface" Tool is the website analysis indispensable element. But how to choose a desirable tool is not so easy. How to choose the right tools according to the needs of different websites? This is a problem that many friends are concerned about.   In the first installment of this topic, we discussed the choice of small ecommerce sites for tools, and in the second, we look at how midsize and large E-commerce sites choose web Analytics tools. Requirements and Tools (cont. 1) Type II: ...

Three major development trends of cloud Platform security

This article from today's information security industry separatist, with the three features of enclosure and hardware, this paper analyzes the increasingly serious gap between information security and cloud platform with typical cloud platform architecture, and puts forward corresponding solutions, that is, three development trends of information security: the defense of information security itself in depth (Defense in Depth), software defined by the combination of application and information security, defines information security (Software tabbed infomation), combines virtualization technology and information security to drive ...

Half-month Talk: Facing the sharp test of labor contradiction

Editor's note: The frequent occurrence of labor disputes and the fight against human rights, continues to sting the nerves of the people. What is there to work with value, dignity?  Can Labor-capital relations get rid of the "confrontational dialogue" of sadness, out of the "enterprise in the improvement, staff dissatisfaction, the middle of the Government folder" of the circle? Premier Wen Jiabao, "the government and all sectors of the community should treat young peasant workers like their own children", causing strong social repercussions; The ACFTU also calls for greater protection of workers ' rights and interests, strengthens the psychological guidance of young workers, especially the new generation of migrant workers, promotes wage collective bargaining and raises the remuneration of front-line workers

Shanghai Bank to stop collecting personal zero-note fee

Municipal Consumer Insurance Committee calls: as soon as possible subdivision of "large" and "zero money" definition criteria-intern Wang 珝 reporter Sha Mapping Nimping recently, the country for the major banks have received "zero-note accounting fees," the controversy is increasingly strong.  Reporter learned yesterday that, after the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Committee and the communication between the banking industry and coordination, the city's major commercial banks have basically abolished the individual customers to collect "zero-note accounting fees." But that does not mean that the cost of the zero-note inventory has been completely "retired" because a significant number of banks will charge corporate customers. The city's Consumer Insurance committee and the legal profession have called for the right ...

Cloud computing identifies the major future trends of the IT Industry

The acceptance of cloud computing is continuing to rise. The North American market becomes the global public cloud service's core market, the platform namely service (PaaS) is favored by many enterprises, becomes the long-term strategic deployment goal, the software namely service (SaaS) because of its various service way, provides the service supplier to win more profit space. Overall, cloud computing has identified the industry's major future trends in the IT industry, such as the gradual shift of it from a support service to a service based product, and the gradual convergence of IT support for large, small, and individual consumers that will ...

Top ten processes easy to manage projects

As long as the process is defined clearly, the project manager will be able to ensure that the project's development direction and the final goal of the match.      In short, to control the development of various types of projects, the first thing to do is to focus on 10 key processes. The life cycle and methodology of the project are the discipline of the project, which clearly limits the project development to ensure the project process. The life cycle is primarily about coordinating related projects, and methodologies are for project processes.

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