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How to "transform" the convenience store how to embrace the electric dealer "tornado"

"The electric business wants to be the center of consumer Life, and the convenience store that is good at" distortion "has already occupied the entrance of community service, how they hug each other"/> electric business wants to become the center of consumer Life, and the convenience store that is good at "transformation" has occupied the entrance of community service, When it comes to convenience stores, a lot of people think of outlets first, two numbers are meant to be open, and now 24 hours is a practice. Over the years, convenience stores are relying on "convenience" two words to time (24 hours), location (near the community, writing ...).

Ding Dong Convenience store: How is a Non-mainstream convenience store refined?

According to Caijing World Weekly, this is a "non-mainstream" convenience store. Previously reported that the king of China's convenience stores in the United States, but also said that the southwest of the convenience store King Wowo, and today to say the convenience store Ding dong is a more exotic convenience store. Future convenience stores will have the following forms: first, the convenience store will become the terminal point of all services, will also become the logistics and O2O last stop. The future of the convenience store will be all the payment, logistics, convenience measures to set a point, or even to the end of financial services, to become the ground to promote business bridgehead ...

KakaoTalk revelation: From selling games to selling content

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall [guide] selling content far less than selling the game's high profit, but in the digital content sales, the market is far from developed.   When the KakaoTalk platform for communication applications benefits South Korea's many mobile game developers, can its newest content-selling platform kakaopage the people who produce the media content? This is another new topic to look forward to. Although predictably, selling content is far less than selling games ...

[F-commerce]101 a Facebook store worth watching

As many brands have used Facebook to add wings to their e-commerce, whether it is the use of Facebook's Open Atlas and social groups to launch social shop, or the 6 brands of Procter and Gamble directly open a store on Facebook, Enterprises to use social media more and more, from marketing channels to the current deep integration, I think as many corporate brands in the Open shop on Facebook, more and more users will slowly get used to this shopping experience, a can always and friends to share interactive shopping experience, in ...

Japan's convenience store through a thorough analysis of the daily POS data

Japan's convenience stores through a thorough analysis of the daily POS data, based on the analysis of the results of the order forecast and reasonable orders, and actively introduce best-selling goods and new goods, timely removal of unsalable goods, while adjusting the shelf display and inventory, thereby enhancing sales. At present, in the national retail industry overall growth slowdown, rent, labor and other costs continue to rise in the competitive environment, large retail enterprises began to appear polarized, mergers and acquisitions between enterprises began to accelerate. Only 2013 years in a year, the National department stores to close the number of 23, foreign-funded large-scale integrated supermarket, close the number of shops.

"Case" Why is Japan's convenience store so successful?

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby Japan's convenience store through the daily POS data for a thorough analysis, based on the analysis of the results of the order forecast and reasonable orders, and actively introduce best-selling goods and new goods, timely removal of unsalable goods, while adjusting the shelf display and inventory, thereby enhancing sales.   A survey of the development of small business in Japan shows several characteristics, reflecting the trend of the development of retail trade, and will bring some enlightenment to the transformation of China's retailing industry. Wen/Nomura Comprehensive research Wang currently, in the national retail ...

Wal-Mart holding no. 1th Store: Chinese-style breakout of foreign-owned electric dealers

The difference between the U.S. and China culture and policy barriers slowed down the pace of Wal-Mart localization, the real store in the recession is also conductive to its online business, in the face of the growing China's electricity market, the holding of Chinese-funded enterprises to ship to sea, into the Chinese society is a good breakthrough path. Wal-Mart, the global retail giant, entered China in 1996, for the Special economic zones, international hub port, preferential policy, reform and opening up the forefront of multidimensional considerations, Wal-Mart to enter the mainland of China's first station in Shenzhen, opened in Shenzhen, the first Wal-Mart shopping Plaza and Sam member stores, this is a typical American model. Eyes ...

No. 1th Store Research

1. Shop 1th, created by EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Liu Junling and Gege, has recently been a bit of a fire.   Store 1th held high the banner of online supermarkets, in Shanghai to provide low-cost and logistics-free fast sales of retail services, and is expanding the business to the country. The main strategy of store 1th is to use low prices and user experience to change the flow, the current development and the speed of burning money is very fast.   No. 1th store in the member marketing, marketing, there are many ideas worthy of reference. Go to the offline supermarket shopping is not the city people enjoy the shopping experience, so the online supermarket seems ...

12 data to help you get your store business done.

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall (1) turnover 1) The turnover reflects the business trend of the shop.   According to the past sales data, combined with the development of the regional industry, through the daily turnover of regular follow-up, weekly summary comparison, in order to adjust promotional and promotional activities.   2 Set up sales targets for shops and employees. According to the business ...

No. 1th Store Dangdang announced the strategic cooperation, the flagship store officially put into operation

March 5, 1th stores and Dangdang in Beijing jointly announced strategic cooperation, each other open platform for each other, the official flagship store has been officially put into operation today. No. 1th Store Chairman Gege and Dangdang CEO Guoqing jointly announced the cooperation message. According to the introduction, Dangdang 1th stores in the official flagship store to sell Dangdang barrier advantage of the proprietary book category.   Shop No. 1th in Dangdang's flagship store opened the main sales of the 1th shop self-owned part of the barrier advantage of food, beverages and so on. No. 1th Store Chairman Gege said, shop 1th want to provide customers with all the ...

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