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How to uninstall Iredmail

When you want to uninstall or reinstall Iredmail, you can use the tools provided by Iredmail to quickly uninstall Iredmail components, reinstall # CD iredmail-0.5.1/tools/# Bash Follow the prompts, and when you reinstall, you still need to run the download script and run the setup script.

How does Linux configure which services to start?

How does Linux configure which services to start? 1 run NTSYSV or Setup command, enter menu to configure; [Root@localhost software]# ntsysv [root@localhost software]# Setup

How do I install grub to the MBR in Linux?

How do I install grub to the MBR in Linux? We can do this by doing the following: grub> Root (hd0, 0) grub> Setup (hd0) can also use Grub-install/dev/hda to install Grub

LLPP V10 publish PDF Page Program

LLPP is a PDF page program based on Mupdf. LLPP V10 This version adds a multiple-column mode, Ghyll scrolling, and a video setup and usage instructions. Software Information: Http://

Queuemetrics Espresso 0.5 Release automation tools

Queuemetrics Espresso is an automation tool for obtaining the most common asterisk PBX based setup programs for queuemetrics operations. The current version supports FreePBX, Asterisknow (FreePBX interface), Trixbox CE, pbx-in-a- " >flash and ...

Clubmaster Beta1 Release Club member management system

Clubmaster a club member management system. It supports multiple locations, groups, roles, stores, accountants, subscriptions, and more. Clubmaster Beta1 This beta adds a setup program. Download Address: Demo site:

Turn your Ubuntu into Windows 7

& ">nbsp; Many students may scoff at this and criticize imitation behavior. I think it reflects the power of Ubuntu to some extent.     Because of its strong, solid hundred become invincible! Here is a topic to recommend you to change your Ubuntu Win7. Install Win7 Theme ...

MPD KDE4 a music player with C/s structure

MPD ( ">music player Daemon") is a music player with C/s structure. MPD runs in the background as a daemon, manages playlists and music databases, and consumes very little resources. For interactive management, you need a separate client. More information can be found on the website. Plasma Parts Mpdplasma htt ...

Python Extensions Pyicu v1.1 release

This version is almost entirely encapsulated in the c++++ ICU version 4.6, supporting the old ICU edition. Pyicu is a Python extension that encapsulates IBM's C + + internationalization component (ICU) GitHub is more than ethically a place to share code. It ' s a place to keep tabs on your favorite developers and projec ...

WIN10 the requested operation needs to be elevated and run as an administrator

When the computer runs the netsh winsock reset command, the requested operation needs to be elevated. This is because we direct win+r, input cmd, enter this netsh winsock reset appears above the situation. In fact, there are two win10 inside the cmd, one is no administrator rights cmd. We just need to start this need administrator privileges cmd, it can be. So there won't be any problems. More experience please pay attention to small knitting.

How to manually set up boot entry in WIN10

Click the Start menu to eject the input box, enter the command msconfig open the system configuration Select the Startup option page and then click Open Task Manager. At this time, Task Manager automatically switches to the Startup options page Select the program you want to disable, right click to disable it.

How Windows 10 systems use System Restore points

Right-click the desktop "this computer" icon and select "Properties"; On the System tab of the computer, select the System Protection tab on the left, and in the System Properties tab, select System Restore in the System Restore Wizard, click Next to continue; At this point we need to select a restore point and click Next ; The system will eject the warning, you need to click "Done" confirmation; the system will eject the warning again, accept the click "Yes", the computer can log off the system into the restore process; The system is being restored, do not do anything at this time, do not power off;

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