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Golden cast to watch the network special session of the popularity of the "most exquisite eye-pleasing" title

November 15, 2013 16:00-16:45, Shanghai Centre Theatre, with "five screen life content to win sales" as the theme of the golden cast to enjoy the popularity of the video network. Wang Xiangyin, executive director of the website of Le Vision Network, le View Film CEO and executive director Zhang, famous actor, star producer, Le Yuwei Lu Studio founder Xiaolu and Ganvi, as well as the host role of the music network marketing vice President Tan Jingying, composed of the golden cast 20 more special session "the most exquisite most eye-pleasing" lineup. Music video Network Solo "I Am a Singer" second season, the heavy news the beginning of the concert, Wang Xiangyin ...

Le see 2013 gold to reward the theme revealing: Multi-screen interactive entertainment integrated Marketing

June 6, 2013, the 2013 sixth session of the International Creative Festival in the fashion capital Shanghai officially opened the curtain. 100 industry elites from all over the country gathered at the scene. China's first long video web site will be announced in November Gold to reward the global Creative Leaders Summit in-depth interpretation of the theme-multi-screen interactive entertainment integrated marketing, the four-screen interactive communication highlights sparked a lively discussion. At the same time, video marketing vice President Tan Jingying also as a special guest, an elegant cheongsam and the "Oriental Classic" theme of red carpet show matched. From the traditional media "content for the King", the internet media "End ..."

Session 7: Welcome new opportunities for mobile internet and internet

News and science and Technology December 1-2nd, 2012 annual Venture Capital Conference and 100 Awards ceremony held in Beijing, the theme of this meeting is to illuminate the reality of the dream, entrepreneurs and financiers, and domestic entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, share the dream, explore the future.   Dispatch as a guest financial portal for the full report. The following is the seventh session: Li Yu: I am honored to invite six guests to share their ideas, I think today these guests are very representative, they have to do social, such as Renren, have to do tourism, have to do the community, have to do ...

Haier big screen curved TV overseas first Middle East businessman praise Theater level experience

"Sitting in front of the TV, the eye to the TV screen in the middle and the right and left sides of the distance is almost equidistant, the picture looks more realistic, curved surface design is very sense, comparable to theater-level experience, this TV is very suitable for our more populous family use." "At the opening of the 116th session of the Canton Fair on October 15, Haier large screen curved surface 4K television was first marketed for overseas markets," a Middle Eastern businessman praised after experiencing the 65-inch curved television. The reporter saw, in the Haier exhibition area, Haier TV exhibited 65-inch curved TV, 55-inch OLED, 84-inch oversized screen UHD and large screen 4K ...

Fujian Province, the holding shareholder parent company touch screen institutions billion after sweeping trading?

Fujian and Fujian (000536, close to 27.50 yuan) this month in the two-level market performance is quite eye-catching, so far the single month rose nearly 50%.  Following the trading in Friday, 22nd, the stock Exchange continued to be active, the day after the transaction data show that the unit to buy the top five of all agencies, the funds spent close to 100 million yuan. What makes institutional investors suddenly be more impressed by the company?  Some brokerage researcher thinks, perhaps with its controlling shareholder's parent company China Ying Tube in touch-screen aspect to have some gain. Institutions throw million yuan sweep goods yesterday Fujian High opened after the stock price was quickly pushed high, just 6 minutes to increase the force ...

Adtime Open Multi-screen interactive marketing method

The three-day China Internet conference ended on August 15, with the theme "Building a good ecological environment and serving a better online life", which is a forum for many different fields, different perspectives and different levels.   In particular, the forum on large data is eye-catching, including some innovative enterprises to bring the "dry goods" to share, to impress people. From this session of the Internet Conference can be seen, large data technology in the field of Internet advertising will also be promising. Some large data technology as the driving force of enterprises, innovative products and technology into ...

Mobile-phone market share growth of one times year-on-year

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud mainframe technology hall Tencent Technology news September 10, Apple has just released the equivalent of a tablet phone 6 smartphone.   If it was six years ago, who would have thought that just increasing the size of the screen would make a phone popular? In a mobile ecosystem dominated by smartphones and tablets, FLURYY, a market research agency, published a report last spring. In fact, Flurry claimed that the "newcomer" to the tablet phone was ...

Mobile-phone market share growth of one times year-on-year

September 10, Apple has just released the equivalent of a tablet phone 6 smartphone. If it was six years ago, who would have thought that just increasing the size of the screen would make a phone popular? In a mobile ecosystem dominated by smartphones and tablets, FLURYY, a market research agency, published a report last spring. In fact, Flurry claimed that the "newcomer" to the tablet would not have much impact on consumers, developers and manufacturers. And today, Flurry announced a ...

Round Table: Passion and pragmatic frontline entrepreneurs experience wisdom to share

Passion and pragmatic frontline entrepreneur experience wisdom to share news and information 2013 China Internet entrepreneur Conference May 11 in Beijing. The theme of this session, "embracing the mobile internet in a comprehensive way", includes nearly 50 high-end guest speeches and round-table forums.   News and science and technology to the General Assembly of the whole report. The following is "passion and pragmatic frontline entrepreneurs experience wisdom to share" forum record: Moderator: You are not a big old introduction, because time is short. The problem is very simple, the first question directly into this link, we today the General Assembly is a full embrace move ...

On the innovation of the interaction Design of white Society (III.)

Today, March 21, "> World Sleep Day, happens to be a weekend, tired of a week's people have not slept in the home ~ ~ to remind everyone, Attention to sleep quality is to focus on the quality of life, sleep is concerned about health. Well, back to the point, in the previous (i) and (ii) to talk about the truth and the task of design, this time to talk about the white society three smaller point of design. First, new friends add reminders ...

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