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Waterloo point of view: Sinopec short-term hope to breakthrough 7 yuan to pay attention to its subscription card

April 15 News, the Wednesday Hong Kong equities performance dull, closed slightly up 0.08%, Wednesday U.S. stock market high, achieve five Lian Yang, Hong Kong Zhiyuan forecast, the U.S. stocks rally to provide Hong Kong power, today's index is expected to try 21,400 points. On the derivatives side, April 14 oil prices eased the cost of Sinopec due to the international crude oil price pressure, Sinopec's recent technical form is very stable, short-term opportunities to challenge the 7 Yuan pass. If the continued optimistic about Sinopec, pay attention to the subscription card 18548.

Oriental Ocean Vice president of the illegal short-term trading company apology

Oriental Ocean (002086) Friday Noon announcement, the company's vice-president Cong Yizhou sold the company on September 3, 2010 after selling 114 shares, and this March 1 to buy 30,000 shares of the company, resulting in six months of short-term trading irregularities, but it did not benefit from the transaction.  The Orient Ocean has apologized to investors for this. In the afternoon of Friday, the Oriental Ocean closed at 16.69 yuan, down 2.11%.

What is the reason for the decline of Reebok?

Adidas is likely to no longer spend the 9th year of their acquisitions with Reebok (Reebok). October 20, the Wall Street Journal said a consortium of investors from Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi had made a sharp bid for the Adidas group at $2.2 billion. Adidas bought the second-largest sporting brand in the United States at 3.8 billion dollars in 2006 to further compete with Nike and expand its share and influence in the US market. The short-term effect is indeed very clear, after the completion of the acquisition, 2006 Adidas Group ...

The mayor of the stock market 11 days to earn 170,000 claiming that there is no insider trading

July 1 This year, to 10.66 yuan on the day to buy West Fly international 64,200 shares, July 15, and then 13.33 Yuan on the day to sell, before and after 11 trading days, easy to earn 25% income, will be 170,000 yuan in the bag. The precise short-term operation came from the hands of a deputy mayor who, after two months of selling West Flight International, became the top executive of the listed company's asset-restructuring trader. All sorts of chance coincidence, the stock master was exposed: Li Jian, at the end of September this year was employed as AVIC Aircraft Limited Liability Company (hereinafter referred to as AVIC Aircraft) Deputy general Manager ...

Exchange fund paper yields lower in early 18th

Hong Kong Exchange Fund bills fell early on 18th, with 3-month Exchange fund bills yielding 0.01%, 17th-0.02%; 1-year yield is now reported at 0.09%, 17th. Comprehensive foreign reports June 18, by the interbank market liquidity sufficient support, short-term bills buyer's yield quotes into negative areas, Hong Kong Exchange Fund bills on the 18th early trading lower, 3-month Exchange fund bills yield is now reported 0.01%, 17th, 0.02%, The 1-year yield fell to 0.09% from the previous 0.13. ...

Period refers to fall back to 17753 present report 17870

China Asset Management Co., Ltd. REV-Fung's point fell to 17753, now reported 17870, the period is not with the U.S. stocks sharply low open, only 18001 slightly lower open, see 18034 gradually fall back to 17786, the rebound on 17933 after the fall to 17753, the period refers to repeatedly that the city rebound, but a bomb and then again and again soft , see 17753, in the short-term still oversold situation in the low repeat, the amplitude of 281 points, is currently trying to play again, but on the opening 18001 to be stable.

Australian Ministry of Civil Affairs uses scientific research to justify games

The game has traditionally been seen by parents around the world as a tool to poison children, and even a lot of research has stood on one side of this view, of course, in the eyes of our new Age youth is inconceivable.  Fortunately, a recent study conducted by the Australian government officially proclaims the erroneous nature of this view. Australian Ministry of Civil Affairs Brendan O ' Connor said in a recent statement that "there is no conclusive evidence that violent computer games are more serious than violent video programs in terms of the impact on players." The statement also notes that research has shown that most of the effects of violent games are short-term rather than long-term effects ...

China South car to issue 5 billion yuan short fuse

China Southern Car (601766) plans to issue no more than 5 billion yuan short-term financing coupons, the issue period of not more than 365 days, the collection of funds will be used to repay loans and supplementary liquidity. On the same day, the company revised its previous stock options plan. The revised version incorporates the 10 stock options scheme and the first grant into a grant scheme; the effective arrangement of stock options from three to 5 years, 4 years and 3 years, respectively, for the validity period of three instalments is 3 years; it also adds the right constraint: "For the directors and senior managers of the motivating object, Should be no less than 2 of the total awarded ...

Pan Shiyi: Property market regulation effect will be immediate

Pan Shiyi, the chairman of Soho China (00410.HK), said in an interview with China Securities News 18th that the State Council's recent housing market regulation and control policy has been unusually intensive and severe in recent years.  The response of real estate market to policy is lagging behind that of stock market, but the effect of regulation will soon appear. Pan Shiyi as a new round of housing market regulation as a Siberian cold, short-term market inflection point has been "far off." "The volume of commodity housing will decline rapidly," he said. And how the price changes, the next one months can be seen. Pan Shiyi pointed out ...

The two most practical ways to keep the rain from Bayuquan jump Bayuquan

The saying goes: "The rain, Bayuquan jump, in-laws smile." Bayuquan taste delicious, high nutritional value, by many people love. Rain season just passed, father-in-law received son-in-law sent fresh Bayuquan natural smile, but then trouble also came, this fresh Bayuquan how to store into a difficult problem. Reporter to the gourmet talent for some fresh fish storage coup, if you intend to store short-term, can be used in addition to the internal organs of salt water immersion, can not wash, do not shave the case, the fish's internal organs hollowed out, placed in 10% of the salt waters soaked, can be kept for several days does not deteriorate, can also use hot water treatment, that is, to remove fresh fish offal ...

Cosco Pacific rises 4% Merrill Lynch raise target to 9.5 yuan

Cosco Pacific this morning after a significant shock, the share price rose 3.9% to HK $9.32 a half, 7.345 million shares.  The Merrill Lynch report said it maintained its neutral rating but raised its target price from HK $8.1 to HK $9.5, a premium of 2% per cent. Merrill Lynch pointed out that while short-term profits in the Cosco Pacific are expected to be under pressure, China's exports will rebound in the future and should support share prices because its port operations will benefit from it. The stage of a sharp drop in container throughput is over. Exports are expected to stabilise in the second quarter, starting to rebound in the third quarter.

Ah stock spreads narrow A-share strong helpless Hong Kong

Securities Times Ye Shangzhi Hong Kong stocks in two days after the setback, on 17th repeatedly soft, rebound rally momentum has not been enhanced, the market wait-and-see atmosphere has gradually become strong signs. As a matter of fact, Hong Kong stocks have fallen from the 19,162 point of the last Friday, with a cumulative decline of 1000 points, and the decline of Hong Kong stocks is expected to temporarily slow down in the context of a oversold short-term decline.  Before new good news emerges, the incentive to intervene is hard to spark again. At present, the global stock market has entered a continuous rebound after the adjustment posture, the mainland A-share performance is relatively strongest, but AH shares of the premium has been greatly received ...

Shell PetroChina to buy Australian energy company is still pending approval

Shell denied that the deal had been approved by Australia, and that it was not expecting a short-term approval from overseas media yesterday about a joint takeover by Shell and PetroChina of 100% per cent of Australian Arrow Energy, the Australian Foreign Investment Audit Committee (FIRB), a spokesman for the Shell Oil Australia, told reporters yesterday  , the report is not true, the company is still waiting for FIRB approval. March 22, PetroChina International Investment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CNPC and the Royal Dutch Shell Corporation, Australia Shell Energy Holdings Ltd.

November China new RMB loan 294.8 billion yuan

Xinhua Beijing, December 11 (Xinhua Jiang Rui Yiu Junfang) The People's Bank of China released data on 11th, the November Chinese new renminbi loan 294.8 billion yuan, compared to October 253 billion yuan annual minimum value rebounded slightly.  At this point, the first 11 months of China's new renminbi loans to a total of 9.21 trillion yuan, more than 5.06 trillion yuan. The central bank's data show that households ' loans increased by 237.7 billion yuan in November, including a 36.5 billion yuan increase in short-term loans and an increase of 201.2 billion yuan in medium-and long-term loans. Non-financial companies and other sectors of the loan increase of 57 billion ...

NI black dress black trousers black shoes dress up like "Aunt"

"Tong dispensers" ni because and the boyfriend's love recently again become the focus of major media, recently, NI appearance, wearing glasses face fat, alone she, with the usual appearance, gaunt many. Black trousers black shoes dressed like "aunt", so that no one around to recognize her. [Page] At the scene, the reporter found that ni did not take any bodyguards assistants, also did not carry any baggage, seems to be a short-term arrangement. However, alone NI is not lonely, on the road, NI's mobile phone has not cannot, all the way to the telephone porridge and come, and occasionally show sweet smile, suspected with 8 ...

News: Citic Guoan large speculation space big

Yesterday, a sharp drop, the shape of the short-term head of Citic Guoan uncharacteristically today, the shares of the morning rose to 15.65 yuan, the highest increase of 5.6%, as of 10:15, the shares reported 15.39 Yuan, up 3.91%, although the shares of the stock rose has been significantly reduced, But compared to the market to its trend is relatively strong. From the theme, Citic Guoan is the biggest aspect of the new energy battery this piece, with the development of new energy industry continues to deepen, I believe that the stock speculation space is still quite large.

Funds raid real estate sector focus on performance advance stock

Every reporter Shaoyan yesterday afternoon, the real estate sector suddenly collective exerting force. The morning is also in the downward adjustment of Vanke and other stock group turned upward. Two o'clock in the afternoon, Vanke led the real estate plate up, the plate more than one stock once impact trading.  At the close, the property index jumped 7.35%, and turnover was significantly magnified in the previous two days. Short-term interest rate cuts are unlikely real estate stocks in the afternoon, is it because the immediate interest rate cut? Rumors of interest rate cuts quickly circulated in the market? However, the central bank's 2009-year two quarterly survey of National Bankers surveyed showed that more than 57% of the silver ...

The country refers to the midday fall of 172 points after China Ping An resumption of the lower

Hong Kong stock morning highs consolidation, at noon to the 18,606 point, down 283 points, or 1.5%, the turnover reduced to HK $37.589 billion. That the city is obviously subject to the weakness of the mainland stock market, at the same time under a decapitated, speculation atmosphere temporarily affected, but the Hang Seng index morning adjustment of the low point, on the 10th line clearly see support, have the opportunity to become the first strong short-term support. At the same time, other technical indicators also issued an optimistic signal, the 50-day line has climbed to 16,607, approaching now at 16,760 near the 250-day line, the formation of gold cross in the week has become a foregone conclusion, will be the medium-term positive signal. ...

Big City perspective: Hong Kong stocks still look at the rebound market

First Shanghai securities market strategist Ye Shangzhi July 15. Hong Kong stocks rose to the second trading day, the Hang Seng index more than 18,000 points. However, we believe that the Hong Kong stock market is still in the midst of a repeat process, pending a significant rebound in capital flows and a temporary failure to lead to a rally.   Short-term trading opportunities are still there, but in general it is the attitude of Bo bounce to enter, temporarily unfavorable to hold too optimistic view. Lack of capital flow with the Hang Seng index closed 18,259 points, up 373 points, turnover of more than 60.6 billion yuan. On the other hand, Hang Seng refers to ...

Experts say China's inflationary pressures are not big in the short term

Edible oil, refined oil prices bullish experts: the current inflation pressure in China is not in domestic aviation kerosene ex-factory price increase of 460 yuan/ton and the golden Arowana cooking oil prices adjusted, the expected increase in refined oil pricing is also increasingly strong. Will the rise in oil prices lead to inflation, which in turn leads to stagflation?  In this respect, the industry experts interviewed by reporters said that the above price increase on the CPI, although China's prices may be higher in the future, but because the aggregate demand is not very strong, food prices rise in space is not very small, so short-term inflation pressure is not big. Oil price ...

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