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Photo: Hathaway shows a variety of dress show style in Oscar fashion show

Hathaway dignified and elegant Hathaway blue skirt show slim stature Hathaway Noble graceful Hathaway greet guest Hathaway stream Su Qun fashion elegant Hathaway back Hathaway swing Tassel Hathaway drag boy Hathaway Bird Hathaway Chenge Hathaway Hathaway actress The red dress debut Hathaway black dress Charming Stage design dream Gorgeous Hathaway expressive rich Hathaway informal Hathaway coy face Hathaway handsome full Hathaway finger nostril Hathaway the natural Hathaway full Hathaway suit debut Hathaway and get ...

Han Geng Signing book fans full regret friend Joey failed to show up

Han Geng is the first in his personal capacity in Hong Kong to hold the "Han Geng's latest limited edition concept book signature", more than 500 fans to the scene to support the idol. Tomorrow he will attend the ninth exhibition to meet, and meet with fans, he frankly is very excited to look forward to, then prepared a very different things to show you. Han Geng said the meeting, fans to shake hands, hug can be, do not worry about fans too enthusiastic, believe that they are sensible. [Page] Before Han and Joey (Joey) for filming, but Zooey due to work in the death failed to attend his meeting, he reluctantly said, each time himself ...

Li Bingbing Blue dress up to show the Empress temperament beautiful legs star taste foot

Li Bingbing's blue dress show temperament (1/6), Li Bingbing September 26 appeared in a watch center catwalk. The appearance of a blue dress she showed noble temperament, in the scene of the big beautiful legs, and with the guests photo, full of star flavor. [Page] Li Bingbing blue dress Show temperament (2/6) [page] Li Bingbing blue dress show Temperament (3/6) [page] Li Bingbing sits on the Queen temperament (4/6) [page] Li Bingbing sits the Empress temperament (5/6) [Page] Li Bingbing debut (6/6)

Photo: Hyo Sexy battle simple endorsement big Show slender legs

Hyo stature sexy Hyo simple endorsement Lee Hyolimei legs Slender Sina Entertainment news South Korean singer Hyo recently wearing a concise style of jeans and T-shirt, for a fashion magazine photography, Big Show slender legs, with her unique sexy charm attracted many fans eyes. Nam Yu/Wen copyright mydaily ban Reprint

"China's Got Talent show" second-quarter migrant Workers Street Dance Group volunteers in the Championship (figure)

The migrant worker hip-hop troupe is a sophisticated dancer and gets a pass-through certificate. Morning Post reporter Wang Chentu Morning Post reporter Zhung last week, the second season "China's talent show" Shanghai recruitment station ushered in the second selection activities. Reporter found a lot of familiar faces, there is a hit drama "Love Apartment 2" in the Japanese actor clay, there has just been the Rabbit CCTV Spring Festival Gala Workers Street dance troupe.  According to the director of the group, this year's "China's Got Talent show" will be on the May 1 in Oriental TV premiere. Migrant Workers Street Dance Group: Dance can be asked to leave at any time the first season of "China's Got Talent show" let us remember the migrant workers from Shenzhen ...

NIE "Boutique Shopping Guide" cover Black-and-white blockbusters show calm charm

Recently, NIE was invited, for "boutique shopping Guide" shot the cover of a large, NIE black-and-white modelling, to show a steady male charm. [Page] Recently, NIE was invited to the "boutique shopping Guide" shot a cover film, Nie black-and-white modelling, to show a steady male charm. [Page] Recently, NIE was invited to the "boutique shopping Guide" shot a cover film, Nie black-and-white modelling, to show a steady male charm. [Page] Recently, NIE was invited to the "boutique shopping Guide" shot a cover film, Nie black-and-white modelling, to show a steady male charm.

"Single queen" Weide Drunk show Love Jiao qian (figure)

Weide to Dai Jiao Qian Love Sina Entertainment news from Beijing pull wind film and television investment company produced, Hong Kong TVB gold medal director Cai Jingsheng directed, the urban emotional workplace inspirational drama "single Queen" has been in the Oriental satellite TV strong debut.  Because Dai Jiao Qian entangled in two men between ambiguous, this also let has been deeply in love with Dai Jiao Qian weide feel "unsafe", in Dai Jiao Qian's doorstep staged a drunk show love farce. "Single Queen" in the Gufeifei (Dai Jiao qian Decoration) engaged in the profession of architectural designers, but also over 30 years old "leftover", the current boyfriend zhouhuiming (Chan adorn) ...

"Green Hornet" premiere Jay Chou, Los Angeles show Chinese Kung Fu

Onlylady Entertainment Channel Original: January 11, the film "Green Hornet" held a premiere in Los Angeles, Jay Chou Handsome debut in the scene of Chinese Kung Fu, a sweep of the last time in the Spanish media meeting when the shy. The last time the Spanish media meeting, Jay Chou a black suit to show the Chinese elements, the appearance of Los Angeles in order to match the film's green style, wearing a green tie and matching black suits.  [Page] Onlylady Entertainment Channel Original: January 11, the film "Green Hornet" held a premiere in Los Angeles, Jay Chou's handsome debut scene show China ...

Rain Beijing sings a song Hot Dance wet body Sexy Big Show Chinese

March 26, Rain "The Best" concert at MasterCard Center. The show was a special gift for Chinese fans before he enlisted in the second half of the year.  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page] [Pag ...

Zhang Yu Quan couple shirts show up on the streets

Hand debut [Page][page] Zhang Yu back [page] Zhang Yu Quan talk [page] Zhang Yu quan hand [page] Zhang Yu Quan Intimate [page] Zhang Yu Quan couple shirt debut [page] Zhang Yu quan former photo [page] Zhang Yu micro Bo Shou diamond ring Sina Entertainment News recently, Zhang Yu and director Quan has been engaged, and recently two people wearing a couple shirt appeared on the streets, not to avert suspicion lead theirs show sweet.

Degree of difficulty in the form of a pas de deux-this is too much to say, are you sure it's not an acrobatic show?

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > from the Ukrainian talent show Super pas de deux, difficulty coefficient direct explosion table!! The video goes straight to 1:00 to see the super male and female pas de deux, saying this is not an acrobatic show?! Small series read that immediately think CCTV1 dance out of my life Xuan and partner Han Yi Bo Cico title, "High-altitude Dance", both dances are very good ... Ukraine's talent show Super Double ...

"Monster Hunter" wild Sexy cos Show

You've browsed through all the pictures play the next Atlas X on the wild Sexy cos show reprint the Next "Monster Hunter" to: Sina KX RR qq 20101219hwyb1.jpg ...

"China's talent show" Harbin recruit talent Craze continued

Harbin Division of the judges "talent" performance of Harbin station Sina Entertainment News "38" arrival, the most watched Oriental TV "China's Got Talent show" Harbin Recruitment station, the first trials in the six floor of Zhuo exhibition, nearly 40 contestants on the stage, from the 6-year-old to 70-year-old players in the talent stage to show their talent.  The first site registration really became a no threshold, no age, as long as there is a dream of talent can participate in the national draft. "Pirated Jolin Tsai" PK "pirated Jackson" Day 13 o'clock Xu, from all over the Heilongjiang province ...

"Desperate Housewives" Eva rushed to show new love 10 years old or sister

Eva and Eduardo show weakness after a night of binge "Desperate Housewives" Longoria a week ago with the NBA star husband Parker finish divorce formalities, the day before yesterday, she took a new woman aboard a luxury yacht, to participate in friends to watch the United States Super Bowl Cup event party. Eva, the new man named Eduardo Crouze, is a Spanish singer and the brother of a famous movie star Cruz. U.S. media reported that in fact, last October, Eva has been with Edward much better ...

"I for the crazy" Xiamen Boot Nursery Show Chinese demeanor (figure)

"I'm Crazy" press conference nursery in the press conference nursery show "Chinese" style nursery drama Sina Entertainment 2011 The most anticipated fashion emotion drama "I for the crazy" this month 24th in Xiamen, Fujian to boot.  Always show the handsome, Sassou characteristics of the nursery this will highlight the mature, elegant, calmly "Chinese" demeanor, incarnation fashion OL, stunning performance is worth looking forward to. "I for the Crazy" by the new director Yang directed, brought together a lot of strength and idol both the popular artist, told about in the bustling urban life, the marriageable age ...

Zhou Libo, a three-port airport show warm wife with a name Baogui (figure)

Zhou Libo and his new wife appeared at the airport. The little girl followed the couple Sina Entertainment News February 25, Shanghai, Zhou Libo and his family returned to Shanghai from a holiday in Shenzhen, newlyweds and his wife ten fingers tight out of the airport, big sun love. Zhou Libo Dark sunglasses armed, cool and full, keep talking on the phone, and Bird's wife Hujie is famous brand, purple crocodile leather brand bag show her rich identity. Together with them, there were two little girls around the age of 10, one of whom should be Hujie and ex-husband's children, and the other a friend's child. Girl Clever understand ...

Maggie Cheung left her boyfriend alone watch the show exploded head to pull friends to find fun

According to Taiwan(China)'s "Apple Daily" news, Maggie Cheung in recent years to go to the whim of the day to participate in the party, to go abroad to watch the show, recently, she appeared in the United States New York Fashion Week, holding the brand of designer friends.  Media asked whether the boyfriend OLE also love to go to New York to spend romantic Valentine's Day, Maggie said that although the boyfriend is not around, but and friends in the hotel to talk, as soon as happy. Reported that Maggie is a special trip to New York to hold friends of the field, was arranged in the first row of VIP watch show her, sitting next to the movie "Spider-Man" heroine Dunst (Kirsten ...)

Photo: Bang Sun singing and female Hot dance nude show chest muscle

Sina Entertainment Beijing Time September 27 morning news, according to South Korean media reports, idol combination bang members of the Sun last night in Seoul University held a "solar" personal concert, attracted a large number of fans to participate in the scene packed.   The scene of the sun not only with female dancers close to the hot dance, but also naked upper body show perfect pectoral muscle, attracted the radio bursts of screaming. The Sun sang the many personal songs that had been launched so far, and staged a new choreography, with bang other members on the stage to cheer for the sun. The Sun's solo concert ...

Hobonch Blessed SA new love Lin Show fire-proof racing suit (figure)

October 11 star Weibo daily: Hobonch blessings o sa Chen Weixian Love Lin show Fire racing dress Hobonch Blessing SA Chen Weixian romance over the weekend, a SA (Charlene) (Http:// and Chen Weixian (http:// the romance and returned to Hong Kong today to face the media. SA said the two days with a lot of their own courage, will continue to cheer for themselves. Chen Weixian ...

Park no fee as "best Ballad Show" MC Attention

[summary] South Korean singer Park from February 25 to 26th, no pay for the military Miura Culture and Arts Guild held "Best Ballad Show" of the MC, aroused the attention of netizens. In this respect, see the photos of netizens have said, "Park more and more faces" "Park good deeds really let people warm," I also want to drink hangover drinks, etc. show a variety of reactions. South Korean singer Park from February 25 to 26th, no pay for the military Miura Culture and Arts Guild held "Best Ballad Show" of the MC, caused netizens concern. Park ...

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