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Guangdong: Mobile phone mass 300 pieces of yellow jokes or be shut down

January 27, this newspaper reported that "Cantonese yellow do not engage in" a knife "" out of the street, causing the number of mobile phone hair "Yellow" text off the standard discussion of the function. Recently, in Guangdong Congress, the CPPCC meeting, this topic also aroused the interest of delegates. In this respect, in the CPPCC group discussion, CPPCC commissioner, Guangdong Province Communications Administration director Couvet made it clear that the public will never because of a "yellow joke" was stopped. At the same time, Guangdong Province Communications Administration is investigating, mass 300 or more garbage, yellow, invoice class text messages, mobile phone number will be suspended. Meanwhile, the NPC deputies 、...

From traditional banks to the Internet in the field of finance to individual banks shut down the credit card mall

From the balance of treasure to "all kinds of treasure", from Alibaba to Tencent, from the traditional bank into the Internet financial sector high-profile to individual banks shut down the credit card mall, over the past week, internet companies in the traditional financial sector of the infiltration of a brainstorming about internet finance. Although Ali financial officials did not disclose too many details to the daily economic news reporter, it is clear that Ali financial credit payment service has been Jianzaixianshang, is expected to be launched this week, the micro-letter 5.0 was launched last week, the most industry concern is the "...

Mobile Jego will shut down the domestic call function

Sina Science and technology Cang for the recent suspension of China Mobile "class Skype application" Jego suspend new user registration, people familiar with the matter, said China Mobile will not really give up jego, but by the domestic ban on Internet telephony policy restrictions, will make jego shut down the domestic users of communication and video functions, Both domestic and international registered users can use Jego when they are overseas, once jego completes this technical improvement will be online again. To prevent export according to China Mobile International, Jego is an internet-based international power company issued by China Mobile International.

More than 500 vulgar websites in the country "shut down"

Intermediary transaction SEO troubleshooting Taobao guest owners buy cloud host technology Hall "since January 5, according to incomplete statistics, the communications authority has legally shut down the relevant departments of obscene pornography, such as more than 500," the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said the department of the Ministry of "Regulation of the Internet vulgar wind special action"   As a focus of the current work, in the early crackdown on network pornography on the basis of the special work on the online vulgar bad information on a comprehensive renovation. This special action involves the Internet, mobile communication network and other network, content includes ...

Cnnic said 4 days shut down 699 bad domain names

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall December 15 News, in Cnnic to carry out special management, accept complaints of bad domain name, In four days, 699 yellow-related sites have been closed. It is reported that the CNNIC national domain name Complaint Processing Center began on December 10, 2009, the external disclosure of the application of bad domain name telephone, 4 days time ...

The rumours of a takeover of pplive the video industry, which has just shut down for two days, to the forefront.

Alibaba and Hunan satellite TV 400 million dollar joint acquisition of pplive rumors of the two days just shut down the video industry again pushed to the forefront.   Just a few months ago, Baidu (134.92,-3.59,-2.59%) Archie to 370 million U.S. dollars to acquire PPS video business for the video industry accelerated shuffle to bury a new foreshadowing. BO, an independent observer of the Internet, said: "Integration is bound to happen, the future video industry players only three or four, and the four major portals coexist in a similar pattern."   "Is the pattern of the video industry set?" Mobile Video Reverse attack ...

Hebei website illegally broadcast Olympic Games shut down create "short-lived" the Most

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest stationmaster group buy Cloud host technology Hall in New society Shijiazhuang August 9 Electricity August 8 Eight o'clock in the evening, on the global eye Focus Beijing" Bird's Nest "   Historical moment, in Langfang, Hebei province, an illegal broadcast of the Olympic Games related activities of the site by the copyright department here legally closed. The website called "Olympic Live Network" has been running for less than half an hour.

Speed Network: Analysis of the IT World Network will shut down the truth of the operation

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnosis Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall speed network November 9 News: It World Network content operations including IT industry dynamics, computers, networks, Mobile phone application technology, skills, etc. 2005 by the "Internet Weekly" selected as China's most innovative web site 50 strong. It has Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Nanjing, Xi ' an, Changsha 、...

China Eastern Airlines on line HNA shut down airline electric business ice fire double Day

Absrtact: bcc Beijing August 16 News According to the Sound of economic "world Company" report, recently, Oriental Airlines planning a long long online shopping mall "Eastern Origin direct network" officially online. China Eastern Logistics General manager Zongwei, the company's electric platform to fresh mainly in Beijing August 16 news According to the sound of the economic "World Company" reported, recently, Oriental Airlines planning for a long long online shopping mall "Eastern Origin direct network" officially online. China Eastern Logistics General manager Zongwei introduced, the company electric platform to fresh as the main category, and emphasized its origin direct service ...

No-card SNS game was ordered to rectify: Happy Farm or will be shut down

After a long time, want to take a happy net, Renren and other SNS website will be a small game company will add a few threshold.  The press and publication Administration and the Ministry of Culture and other regulatory departments are strengthening the management and regulation of SNS games. "Happy Farm" was accused of violating a recent web site on Weibo posted a press and publication administration's "order to stop the illegal operation of online games" notice.  The notice mentioned that it has not been approved by the state Press and publication Administration, illegal operation of the online game "Happy Farm", limited to 7th, the initiative to stop operating. But so far, in happy Net and Renren, by Shanghai ...

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