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Single sign-on research on the Internet

With the popularization of Internet applications, more and more people start to use the services provided on the Internet. However, most of the Web sites currently providing services use user names and passwords to identify users, which makes it necessary for users to enter their username and password frequently. Obviously this kind of authentication has the disadvantage: with the increase of user network identity, users need to remember more than one group of user names, passwords, which give users the burden of memory; another frequent input user name, password, will correspondingly increase the user password password is cracked probability. In order to change this situation, single sign-on technology emerged ...

Web sign-up Form design experience for children's web sites

Children's website is a special type of website, designing a children's website is challenging because you have to understand children's mental activities and habits. Of course, generally speaking, designers are adults. So in this article we'll discuss how to design a children's web page (experience design for children). Let's take a look at some of the characteristics of children's visit website, first, children's values and cognitive ability are poor, so they are more tired of abstract digital experience, more like abstract picture expression. And as children are more curious about the unknown, so the creative http://ww ...

To Sign-up or not to Sign-up

As a Form application, registration is one of the most basic and extensive forms. With the reading of the Form design-related content, the registration form of 105 websites was collected, some rough data collection was conducted from several aspects and some problems were also recorded. The original intention was to compare the contents of the book with the actual Design contrast in life, here will be some analysis of data, design problems, etc. recorded here, as a learning process of accumulation. Smashing-Magazine did a survey two years ago about registering a Form (Chinese version: Web Form ...

Website Design Analysis: The moving "sign in" details

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall [core hint] 10 big hits the registration and the login page detail Design Devils in the details "the Devil exists in the detail", this maxim in the design is even more so. I believe a lot of people know that there is a website called Littlebigdetails in TUMBLR that specifically records the details of interface interactions that many people may not be aware of. Today we picked a partial registration ...

100 Practical Methods for website promotion

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall website promotion is every stationmaster all urgent concern matter.   Now we have sorted out the common 100 promotion creativity, everybody according to own ability condition and the external environment, picks the suitable method which oneself likes to use, hoped that has the help to each stationmaster. 1 QQ Group Website promotion method. With dozens of QQ, each QQ joins dozens of groups, sends the website every day. On average 50 qq* per QQ join 50 groups * Each group of 50 persons = 75000 people watch. If QQ more, join ...

March 19 Broad Bean Network does not recommend Android applications: "Lucky on the sign"

The Android app, which has sprung up all over the web, downloads, and users ' phones, is currently the biggest problem for Android phones due to lax regulation and openness. Directories are replicated, private photos are lost, information is disclosed, and so on, and the culprit is the Android phone app that has hidden security concerns and malicious code. In view of this situation, the broad bean Network Joint "Security Butler" regularly for everyone to review the security of Android applications, do our best to help use ...

The success sign of the website is to be bought by high price

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy Cloud host technology Hall today, the original Mezimedia colleagues told me that the day before yesterday, the United States the second largest network advertiser ValueClick (after DoubleClick) announced that     Buy a 352 million dollar comparison shopping search engine Mezimedia (full star). My first job in college was to advertise with the former Greater China president Steven.chan of the 4 a advertising company BBDO, I originally ...

Hainan has been revoked license travel agency still open to sign contract

The tour of the Olympic country in Hainan has closed the gate. Jonfin photo map for tourists in Hainan Olympic Country Brigade outside the wall to see the tourist line propaganda bar. Jonfin 17th, Hainan media reported that Hainan Province Tourism Commission will verify the illegal Hainan Olympic International Travel Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter: the Olympic National Brigade) to revoke the business license. That afternoon, the reporter called the Travel agency customer service telephone, customer service personnel unexpectedly said can report the group, and said the company recently holiday, can send the contract to sign. According to the Hainan Daily report, February 15 CCTV news channel "Oriental Space-Time" column broadcast "holiday observation: Hainan Tourism High Rebate ..."

Foreign media says Foxconn treats workers like a machine forced to sign a suicide pact

In Friday, according to a recent survey published by the two nonprofit groups, the U.S. News and review website, The Huffington Post, said Apple's factory, Foxconn's work environment, was so overworked that workers were forced to sign a "no suicide" agreement. The following is a summary of the article: according to the Multinational Research Center (Center for Study on Multinational corporations) and the Hong Kong Civil society organization "University teachers and students monitoring unscrupulous enterprise Action" (hereinafter referred to as "SACOM") ...

Le tease says sign copyright exemption clause, lawyer finds clause invalid

Le tease aspect says, with "three Swords Hao" the developer of the wind game signed copyright exemption clause, the lawyer found that the clause is invalid.   As a hand-travel industry distributor, Le Tease has recently added a title-"The defendant", and the other protagonist of the event is the game industry heavyweight companies-swim. Two companies stand in the plaintiffs ' and defendants ' seats, from the cruise prosecution of the "three Swords Hao" game has infringed the rights of Mr. Jin Yong's works in the field of Hand tour. According to the Financial weekly reporter learned that the latest situation, the current tour of the tort case of fun has been ...

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