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Single sign-on research on the Internet

With the popularization of Internet applications, more and more people start to use the services provided on the Internet. However, most of the Web sites currently providing services use user names and passwords to identify users, which makes it necessary for users to enter their username and password frequently. Obviously this kind of authentication has the disadvantage: with the increase of user network identity, users need to remember more than one group of user names, passwords, which give users the burden of memory; another frequent input user name, password, will correspondingly increase the user password password is cracked probability. In order to change this situation, single sign-on technology emerged ...

To Sign-up or not to Sign-up

As a Form application, registration is one of the most basic and extensive forms. With the reading of the Form design-related content, the registration form of 105 websites was collected, some rough data collection was conducted from several aspects and some problems were also recorded. The original intention was to compare the contents of the book with the actual Design contrast in life, here will be some analysis of data, design problems, etc. recorded here, as a learning process of accumulation. Smashing-Magazine did a survey two years ago about registering a Form (Chinese version: Web Form ...

Web sign-up Form design experience for children's web sites

Children's website is a special type of website, designing a children's website is challenging because you have to understand children's mental activities and habits. Of course, generally speaking, designers are adults. So in this article we'll discuss how to design a children's web page (experience design for children). Let's take a look at some of the characteristics of children's visit website, first, children's values and cognitive ability are poor, so they are more tired of abstract digital experience, more like abstract picture expression. And as children are more curious about the unknown, so the creative http://ww ...

Why did you sign in?

Absrtact: The call for death has been a long time in 2012, the new term in the 2010 flourished, with two years to say goodbye to the stage of the science and technology such as Merry-go.     NetEase to stop the service sign has been dead for a long time in the voice of "sign in the dead" has been a long time in 2012, the new term in 2010 flourished, spent two years to say goodbye to the merry-go of the science and technology stage. NetEase stop Service "sign up dead" call ...

Grand Cut guest: Real sign refusal to fly

Shanda Qieke is a royal network based on the real location of a social networking site, installed a grand customer mobile phone client, can be anywhere to share their own life, eat and drink, all the fun of their real life to move to the Internet to share with friends. Evaluation Environment Rich login options Click to enter the Grand cut off, welcome to the screen flash that, enter the landing link will find the landing options are very rich. Already has the Grand Pass user directly to log on can, if has not registered, may conveniently through the mobile phone number one key registration, or directly uses Sina or Tencent's micro ...

The fast-seeding site refuses to sign a 260 million-dollar ticket.

[Abstract] on the day of the issuance of the notice, the rapid broadcast in the absence of a person in charge for the reasons, so that the market supervision Board will be informed of the handling of the lien service.   In recent days, there are news rapid Broadcast Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as fast sowing) because of suspected multiple serious piracy, facing a fine of 260 million yuan punishment. Yesterday, May 21, "Daily economic news" reporters to the Shenzhen market supervision of the Bureau to verify that the current has not yet formally issued a penalty decision on the fast-sowing, but only the "line ..."

20 entrepreneurial trends that entrepreneurs should stay away from: Sign up on the list

Lead: All roads lead to Rome, must on the log bridge on success or failure, it is not trouble?  The American Science and Technology blog site BusinessInsider Tuesday on the selection of 20 entrepreneurs should be away from the entrepreneurial trend, check-in, mobile payment and photo sharing list. 1. Photo-sharing startups that have dabbled in the field: Instagram, PIICTU, Pinterest, sincerely and should be away from the cause of the field: Instagram has established a mature model, on-line head 1 ...

Whisper Network layout lbs test water sign in marketing

October 31 Evening News, muttering Network and Fab Wonderful group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, this is the first time the culture and entertainment industry through LBS platform Marketing, but also indicates that the domestic lbs from the laboratory discussion formally into the business model application. "LBS business model can be seen clearly, but there is still a lot of creative space to explore." American Foursquare business model, close to 50% is the tool of geo-information records, and muttering network is united merchants to explore new business opportunities, our fab strategic cooperation is one of the first, the lbs and cultural and entertainment industry cooperation.

The company does not sign the Labor contract Arbitration Committee support double compensation peasant laborer wages

The recent news, Sichuan Peasant workers Ho Zhengwen got the Labor arbitration award, the Arbitration commission to pay him more than 40,000 yuan in wages and compensation, including the failure to sign a labor contract and pay double wages.  It is understood that this is China's current 40 million construction workers, the first to have no labor contract to get compensation lawsuit. Ho Zhengwen, a Langzhong Mgs Town farmer in Sichuan Province, came to Beijing as a construction worker 5 years ago. As there is no labor contract, he is often deducted from his salary. March 6, 2009, the body and his brother to work with a Beijing site, the agreed salary is 120 yuan a day. Your work ...

Sign up for a good gift the sales manager announces preferential policies

The hot and cold weather gradually away from us, in this sunny spring day, small fat car shopping group for the vast number of consumers to bring the Shanghai Volkswagen brand Group, is located in Pukou Pu North Road 7th Shanghai SVW Jiangsu SAIC 4S Shop today is definitely not lack of popularity, as in the last phase of the small-fat car group, the scene is also very hot, Below let us feel the Jiangsu SAIC 4S shop Lively scene! Jiangsu SAIC Welcome the arrival of small fat group of friends with small fat to buy a car Yes 9:30 A.M., the group of friends have arrived at the small fat Cars, Xuanwu Gate No. 3rd exit of the collection point, staff arrangements Group friends ...

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