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Openlogic PAAs will support multiple programming languages

Original: Openlogic is launching a platform-as-a-service offering "aims to give users" flexibility that many     About Infrastructure-as-a-service without the work. C ...

Twitter: A simple tweet behind the powerful open source power

Absrtact: 7 years ago, one of the ideas, the success of today's popular social network and microblogging service--twitter. Twitter now has more than 200 million monthly active subscribers, and about 500 million tweets are sent every day.   Behind all this is the support of a large number of open source projects. Twitter, known as the "Internet SMS Service", allows users to post no more than 140 tweets, the idea from Twitter's co-founder, Jack Dorsey, which was dubbed "the dumbest Ever" by analysts 7 years ago ...

Brief public-private cloud

Cloud Foundry is an open source platform or service that provides developers with the freedom to choose the cloud platform, development framework, and application services. Initially launched by VMware, Cloud Foundry has received widespread industry attention and support, enabling developers to more quickly and easily develop, test, deploy, and scale their applications. Cloud Foundry is a brand new open source project that allows users to use multiple versions of private cloud as well as public cloud services including CloudFoundr.

VMware's cloud computing ambitions: Open source PAAs landing in China

The Cloud foundary 2012 Cloud Developer Conference was held at Sheraton Beijing Great Wall Hotel on March 28. As the industry's most watched open source PAAs platform in China, Cloud Foundry has attracted the attention of many industry and developers.   As a result, Mark Lucovsky, the vice president of Vmware Cloud Foundary Software Engineering, is again being watched. Speaking of Mark Lucovsky (Mark), perhaps everyone has heard of the story of throwing chairs. ...

Take you to the IBM Bluemix platform Cloud

It is based on this trend that IBM released its own public cloud products, the product name is IBM Bluemix, is currently in the open testing phase. Bluemix is built on the Apache Open source project Cloud Foundry, and provides the quality service (services) developed by IBM and its partners for use by IT practitioners. This article takes the core component of Bluemix platform-Bluemix Java Runtime as the main line, to introduce to the reader IBM public ...

Review 2013: The Summer of cloud computing

Before 2013, there may be a wait-and-see or scepticism about the cloud, but after a year of development, cloud computing has completely landed: Big companies are busy with how to deliver faster, more stable and safer cloud services, how to snatch users in the cloud market, and small companies to consider how to use cloud computing to reduce their operating costs. How to make your system into a cloud structure; startups think about how to use the cloud to reduce upfront spending, and even how to use the concept of "cloud" to start a business and sell yourself in front of a VC. According to Gartner, 2013 Global ...

Four Java Cloud computing evaluation

There seems to be a plot in a thriller that says, "It's easy ... It's so easy. "And then all things began to fall apart. When I started testing the top-tier Java cloud Computing in the market, I found that the episode was repeating itself. Enterprise developers need to be more concerned about these possibilities than others. Ordinary computer users get excited when there are new scenarios in cloud computing that make life easier. They will use cloud-based emails and if the emails are lost they can only shrug their shoulders because the electrons ...

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