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Big Data E-commerce: Jack Ma's Double Eleven Singles Day Experiment

The Singles Day of previous years created online shopping spree. With the development of mobile Internet, this year's Singles Day will create a collective carnival of O2O online and offline.

2017 double 11 technology secret - Alibaba database technology architecture evolution

Every year, the e-commerce double 11 singles day promotion is a big test for Alibaba technicians, especially for the Alibaba database team.

Distributed technology behind the double eleven

A total of seven years of "double eleven singles day" down, no big problems. In the past two years, the entire technical system has some precipitation. From 2009 to 2010, there was still a ignorant process, and there was basically no problem. Engineers did not have any special perception.

CES 2019: Intel and Alibaba partner on artificial intelligence

Alibaba is combining its cloud with upcoming Intel hardware to use AI algorithms and compute power for 3D athlete tracking.

Alibaba’s first Double 11 Singles Day Shopping Festival

Time went back to 2009, when there was no Tmall, its predecessor was called Taobao Mall, when everyone thought about planning an online shopping festival.

This double eleven singles day, Alibaba video cloud takes you to the carnival

In 2017, the Double 11 Singles Day, Tmall Global Carnival Night became a highlight. In order to let users watch the live broadcast with low latency and high quality, Alibaba Cloud uses the full hybrid cloud solution from the party scene to the video cloud live broadcast center.

6 years double 11, DataV data visualization

Since 2012, Alibaba's annual Double 11 Singles Day Promotions has launched a large screen that displays transactions in real time in a variety of lively presentations. Real-time data large screen, it is characterized by a variety of large: large screen, large amount of data, display information, can be said to be the holy grail of data visualization.

Tmall Double 11 Ninth Year: Milestone in the Progress of Alibaba's Economy and China's Business

In the ninth year of development, Tmall Double 11 is the world's largest shopping carnival, the largest online fair, the largest commercial "super project", and the most extensive global resonance.

Easily respond to double 11 zero DNS traffic peaks

In the double eleven zero peak scenario, the traffic of recursive DNS is many times as usual. The increase in authoritative DNS traffic is not as obvious as recursive DNS. Because in the double eleven, the large number of requests is a duplicate domain name.

How to hold the peak of the 9-year double 11 transaction 800 times growth

In the double 11 singles day scenario, a large-scale online service is built on the container using a large-scale operation and maintenance system, including a mixed deployment of business layers.

Tmall Double 11 Ninth Year: Unprecedented global socialization

The socialization and synergy brought by the Tmall Double 11 reflects the new features. The time before and after Tmall 11 is not long, but its scale of social resources is far greater than the previous large-scale synergies. The population of Tmall double 11 mobilized in China reached 600 million, accounting for 43% of China's total population.

Tmall clothing double 11 singles day ultimate list: nike broke 1 billion, Haicang House finally "killed" Uniqlo

The final transaction was 168.2 billion yuan, and the Tmall double 11 Singles Day set a new record again, but the figure reflected the next year's business trend. Judging from the total list of Top 50 of Tmall Double 11 singles day stores, apparel brands still occupy half of the country. In just 18 minutes, the clothing for men and women will exceed the turnover of 1 hour last year.

Major e-commerce companies are targeting the robotics field and preparing for Double eleven

Last year's double eleven singles day, Alibaba's Cainiao network officially put into use in the "smart warehouse" built in Haining, this is the first smart warehouse in China to replace the manual sorting and packing of the whole machine by machine.

Double 11 Singles' Day: 9 hours transaction amount 100 billion

According to the increase in the amount of transactions during the Taobao Double 11 Singles Day period, I believe that in the days to come, friends at home and abroad will be surrounded by express parcels.

Alibaba self-developed real time computing platform supports double eleven singles day

Alibaba self-developed real time computing platform supports double eleven Alibaba announced on November 7 that its big data team self-developed real-time data computing platform Galaxy, currently can calculate more than 5 million data per second, expected double eleven real time calculation.

The first double eleven of the Fliggy, in addition to 2.17 billion, what else did you read?

The biggest difference between Fliggy and Ctrip is that Fliggy is backed by Alibaba's ecosystem. In the case of the “Double 11” (Alibaba has obtained the “Double 11 Singles Day” registered trademark in 2014), the brand IP traffic dividend will also need to break through on the GMV year by year.

Alipay supports the technical realization of the peak of database request for double eleven 42 million times / sec

After more than eight years of practice, from Taobao's collection business to today to support all of Alipay's core business, and in the annual "Double Eleven Singles Day" continue to create a world record for the transaction database peak processing capacity.

Alibaba reaching for the stars with shopping festival Singles Day satellite

China's Single's Day, November 11, is the biggest shopping spree of the world. In a 24-hour online sale, Chinese netizens spend billions buying goods on China’s biggest e-commerce platforms. What’s on Weibo gives an overview of 11 things to know about 11/11.

How to Manage a Large Project for Double 11 Singles Day

For a double 11 singles day project set like a Cainiao, the project level is split into 5 layers. If you use the physical method and Excel method to synchronize the progress of the project, you want to control the risk of each node, the workload and the difficulty of work are hard to imagine.

The Cainiao double 11 "billion package" battle

Every year, the Double 11 is refreshing the world wonder of logistics, but due to big data and collaboration, the task that seems impossible to complete is accelerated every time. Taking a set of data from 2013 to 2016 as an example, from the time of signing, it took 9 days for the double 11 parcel to sign 100 million in 2013, 6 days for 2014, and 4 days for 2015, and 2016 for 2016. The speed increase is only 3.5 days.

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