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Popular Photo Application inventory

Photo applications have been in the App Store are very popular classification applications, and with the continuous development of mobile phones, the configuration of the camera is also rising, and now a lot of people do not take a digital camera but the direct use of mobile phone to take pictures, but also mobile phone camera applications are endless, There are many very good photo applications, can even let people who do not know photography can make very professional works, people can't help but Shang applauded; but there are some very 2 B or very spoof of the photo application, I think for some people like to spoof, this kind of photo application should ...

Useful 24 wireframe Web development tools

It can be said that the wireframe should be a very useful web development tool, as long as the correct use can help the Web developers save time and effort! This article will introduce some common wireframe tools below, hoping to be helpful to web designers. Templates for Inkscape This tool has 960 Inkscape template collections. 2. Android Patterns This is a group that can help you design Andro ...

New elements of mobile user experience design

Whether it's a quick switch between a series of sketches, or a switch between a screen and a screen, or something like that, it's not easy to make a perfect transition to a dynamic in these scene transitions. This is an art that requires patience, which requires careful observation of how people and objects move and change in two dimensions of time and space. This very clever dynamic and animation, is slowly becoming a new, interesting design elements of mobile experience. And worthy of the user experience practitioners to learn, and ultimately learn how to efficiently and elegantly use in their own design. Good action and ...

Teach you to find excellent wireframe design material

Wireframes are like design frames and bearers, which represent the very heart of the final product. Wireframes maintain a subtle balance between fidelity and speed, and while plotting does not require the most perfection of detail, design ideas must be expressed that express all of the important parts of the wireframe. In order to make a qualified or even excellent wireframe, we can also prepare some suitable material for ourselves. 1, Sqetch, an Illustrator Wireframe Toolkit Sqetch ...

Maker Voice:gopro Extreme Sports Photography's god partner!

Absrtact: Maker Voice is a column for the friends who pay attention to the new hardware, the initial form is an article every day, carding sum up the essence of the new hardware industry, may be an interesting product, may also be a thought-provoking point of view, the goal is to let Maker Voice It's a column for friends who focus on new hardware, the initial form is an article every day, combing the summary of the day down the new hardware industry's essence, may be an interesting product, may also be a thought-provoking point of view, the goal is to let friends in the shortest time here ...

Excellent Project recommendation: The first half of 2013, domestic outstanding start-up Enterprise Summary

This article summed up the first half of 2013 years on the line or relatively high domestic outstanding start-up companies, content from the Tianya Sea Pavilion on the weekly Web2.0share weekly selection of domestic start-ups: Voice360 is through the phone horn to send audio signals (with 10K of silent Signal), And then use the microphone to receive decoding to achieve close range of data exchange of the Trans-era technology, voice360 SDK, can quickly integrate acoustic communication functions, to achieve close range of data exchange, authentication, file sharing. Link: htt ...

Powercam, comedy, quick push and other excellent mobile projects recommended

Powercam: is a photo + recorded like the Almighty Warrior Powercam List of features: ★ Have a large number of puzzle templates.   Common-looking, literary and artistic, 2B stylish, which fan do you want?   ★ has the original intelligent self-portrait function--what side to the lens pendulum pose side elongation arm press shutter god horse's most annoying! Come, Powercam can press the shutter of their own, as long as the intelligent Countdown 321 Oh, you can concentrate on the beautiful pose Oh, is the most love of self-portraits! ★ Photo + video, sea ...

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