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15 years of safety commitment to grasping the bull socket for quality control

& ">nbsp; Recently, I was surrounded by a friend of mine because of a short circuit burned the home of tens of thousands of yuan of electrical appliances.      In addition, it is also heard that the market has inferior socket caused by the fire caused by the loss of life and property, I can not help but sigh today socket market chaos, inferior products in the road, the safety of sockets is very prominent. Long ...

Millet Intelligent Socket/camera experience

Abstract: Millet in October 10 quietly released the Millet Intelligent Remote Control center, Millet intelligent sockets, small ant smart camera and Yeelight smart lights, of which the first two from millet personally to copy knives, and then two is the millet eco-chain products.   Millet intelligent sockets and millet in October 10 quietly released the Millet Intelligent Remote Control center, Millet intelligent sockets, small ant smart camera and Yeelight smart lights, of which the first two by the millet personally copied knives, and then two is the millet eco-chain products. Millet intelligent sockets and small ant ...

6-month WiFi socket product development and entrepreneurship sharing

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall Guide: WiFi sockets, a very creative starting point, the function is also practical, A lot of things only real experience, have a certain say. From simple to do foreign trade adjustment over the 6 months of product development experience-from the original concept design to the final product formation, let oneself grow a lot, share with you the main process and ...

AMD will continue to launch the Fast Dragon II processor with socket FM2 interface

According to Cpu-world, after Trinity Apu, AMD will continue to launch the socket FM2 interface of the Fast Dragon II processor, as now will have three products, respectively, the Fast Dragon II X4 730/740/750k. These three processors are on the basis of Trinity APU shielding graphics display core, the default frequency is 2.8GHz, 3.2GHz and 3.4GHz, dynamic acceleration is not explicitly, but think that there should be, as for the desktop version of the Trinit ...

AMD launches the first 6 core Opteron processor next year

AMD is expected to launch its first 45-nanometer native 6 core Istanbul processor early next year, from AMD's data to motherboard manufacturers to determine that AMD will launch further in 2010 12 Aggregation/3513.html "> Core processor, AMD server/Workstation Global Business development manager John Fruehe says AMD is not currently commenting on the Istanbul processor. Jo ...

Using the method of transverse comparison to see several major multi-core processors in the future

At the Taipei Computer Show, Intel unveiled 32nm processors, while AMD launched a truly core 12-processor product.      So, we can see from AMD, the core of the CPU is still the current CPU technology development direction, according to my own estimate, may be 2010 years four cores of the CPU will be fully popularized.    12 core processors, who can estimate the full open program occupancy rate. ...

The "core" power of cloud computing industry

According to research institutions, cloud computing will grow at a rapid rate of 26% per cent in the next few years, 5 times times faster than the traditional it market--and the entire IT industry agrees that the rapid development of cloud computing will have a significant impact on it technology innovation. Not only is the IT industry, which is most closely related to cloud computing, undergoing upheaval, governments, businesses and users have great expectations of cloud computing. Cloud computing's "core" standard cloud computing is most attractive because it transforms the computing power from the cost of input into the resources that can be purchased, and the complex technology of hardware abstraction, the user just on demand ...

Process analysis of client clients for Hadoop RPC communication

Hadoop RPC communication is different from other systems RPC communication, the author for the use of Hadoop features, specifically designed a set of RPC framework, the framework of personal feeling is still a little complicated. So I'm going to split into client-side and Server service-side 2 modules for analysis. If you have a good understanding of RPC's entire process, you must be able to understand it very quickly for Hadoop RPC. OK, let's cut to the chase. The related code for the RPC of Hadoop is ORG.APAC ...

Intel launches new 32 core server chip speed up to 1.2GHz

June 1 News, according to foreign "> media reports, Intel has released a new high-performance server architecture based on the novel 32-core server chip.   This new architecture combines the common x86 kernel with a special kernel for faster processing of highly parallel scientific and commercial applications. Intel Vice President and Data Center Division general Manager Kirk Skaugen Monday in Hamburg, Germany ...

Android Adb Bugreport Tool Analysis and Use

This article describes the concept of bugreport, how to use it, and how it works, as well as other options for adb bugreport.

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