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Programmer interviewing has been a popular topic for community discussion

Since I worked as an internship in 2006, I have experienced four software companies, all of them foreign companies, among which are Fortune 500 telecommunications companies, middle-sized European financial companies engaged in options futures trading and Android development for large automobile manufacturers. Emerging companies in smart cars. Since entering the IT industry, I have been interviewed for many times during the job search process. In the past two years, I have also had many interviews with other people's experiences. I feel now to express my views on this issue, this article is a stand-in reflection of the interviewer's point of view on the programmer interview and experience summary ...

The most valuable investment value 50 strong bookkeeping and management must be conveniently remembered

As an annual event of the investment industry, the "2014 China Equity Investment annual ranking and the nineth session of China's top 50 awards ceremony" held by the Qing Ke group in Beijing recently. Domestic accounting Management app category leaders casually remember successfully selected "2014 China's most investment value enterprises top 50." As a domestic mobile finance leading manufacturers hand technology under the flagship products, conveniently remember the user size has exceeded 120 million, daily record more than 10 million financial records. 2013 with a series of products for users to manage 500 billion RMB debt, 100 ...

Legal standard and fact standard--eight talking about the age of large data

Apple and Samsung's patent war with the initial results, Apple victory, Samsung fiasco. Like the World Cup qualifier, the war is a double game, a fight in Korea and a fight in the US to avoid home dominance. In South Korea in 3:3, the court sentenced both sides of the infringement, Apple net compensation but tens of thousands of dollars. In the United States to 7:0, Samsung to compensate Apple more than 1 billion dollars. Samsung has vowed to appeal, but the defeat has been set, and the struggle may lose more. The South Korean court has symbolically banned several outdated Apple products in the country, and Apple is likely to demand a ban on Samsung's hottest products in the US. ...

The era of mobile games is coming

The most important thing when an industry is in an explosion is to learn how to exercise restraint in the fun. When the mobile game industry is an easy-to-make industry for people, this means the end of brutal growth. What impressed me the most in the mobile gaming company's excellent conference rooms was the lack of chairs and tables, which led to everyone in the conference room having no choice but to stand still; the conference room was clear Principle "must have a conclusion, the person in charge of implementation, must determine the implementation of the completion time." I do not know whether this company's operation looks so efficient, but one ...

How to effectively get the seed users

1. Most of the answers to seed users refer to looking for celebrities to snowball, snowball theory is like Maslow as the theoretical basis for the mouth. But the snowball and the sheet are not the!!! you want to roll. Celebrity resources are less useful in terms of the experience of individuals running emerging communities. Unless you're a big size, or the celebrity is very, sincerely willing to use, or will appear: A. Celebrity use is not strong, the release content and other platforms repeat, not to attract its fans to their own products effect; even bother to come in person to publish, authorize you SQL Dafa;

11 experiences of successful entrepreneur summarizing mobile application development

The development of a popular application, it is easy to say that it is difficult to do. The Next Web interview with 11 successful young entrepreneurs has summed up their mobile application development proposals to see if they have inspired you. 1, testing very critical mobile application test is a relatively new field, but it has a great impact on the development of applications. Use a platform such as artisan to complete these tests--Rjmetrics founder Robert Mors of the Business Intelligence Online Services website, Rober ...

China Mobile Internet Conference

Recently, the third China Mobile Internet Conference (CMIC2014), sponsored by the Chinese Mobile Communications Federation and the Xiamen Municipal government, was held in Xiamen. The main representatives of the national scientific and technological community gathered in island, focusing on the five topics of peak, O2O, Mobile Entertainment, internet finance, digital reading and culture, bringing an annual feast for the mobile internet to the industry. As a representative of the domestic Internet finance South, we were invited to attend the conference and share the theme of the future development of internet finance. It is understood that the hand of science and technology with the notes, Canuixin ...

Amber education: How can indigestion be integrated?

March 1, 2011, the Amber Education released the fourth quarter of 2010 and the whole year without the audit earnings. This is the 7th month after the launch of Amber.  According to earnings reports, net profit in 2010 amounted to $32.7 million trillion, a 56.3% increase from the year of 2009.  Whether in the two hours of the day of the listing, the Singapore government's investment companies, McGraw, and many other world-class companies, or the formation of the unique business model, the last six months, the performance of Amber after the listing has led to a wave of overseas investors on the Chinese education industry confidence. ...

Blizzard tips: Picky and jump tickets to stick to a single game

"World of Warcraft", "StarCraft" and other games have made Blizzard a great success. How did these games develop?  Can Blizzard's success continue in the age of social gaming? Wen |CBN reporter Sherinning at the Los Angeles Bay City of Blizzard Entertainment (Blizzard Entertainment) company headquarters, the second office building in a floor hall with a "Street Fighter" game consoles.  It is an old-fashioned double rocker arcade that has a history of at least 10 years. This is one of the most popular games in the world ...

The environment and reason of Docker creation and development

"Editor's note" Today, Docker's talk has been everywhere, and this popular open source project allows people to use software containers to automate the deployment process of the application, which many it giants love. Recently, Luke Lefler summed up the keynote address of Docker's father Solomon Hykes on the New stack, describing the causes and circumstances of Docker's creation. The following is the futurestack14&n of the new relic ...

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