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Stunnix C and C + + Obfuscator 3.8 release code obfuscation

Stunnix C++xx-obfus is a code obfuscation for C and C + + source code. It can transform the source code into a highly mangled form, making it difficult for competitors or customers to study, analyze, or reuse, while preserving the functionality of the original code intact. It has many options to control all aspects of code hiding and supports all syntax constructs. Stunnix C and C + + Obfuscator 3.8 This version can ignore the metadata catalogs for git, subversion, and mercurial ...

CCID 1.4.4 Release chip smart card interface Device

CCID provides a generic USB CCID (chip smart card Interface Device) driver and ICCD (IC (S) card device) source code. The CCID (USB chip/smart card Interface devices-usb) standard is a standard developed by several major international IT companies, which provides a possibility for the communication between a smartcard reader device and a host or other embedded host. Ccid 1.4.4 This version is updated as follows:-support wa ...

New iphone chip Exposure: 32nm process power down 50%

The so-called new iphone 4S contrast with the iphone earlier today, foreign developers have discovered some news about the new iphone from the iOS 6.0 beta, which is the Wi-Fi chip. The source code shows that the new iphone is using Bo Tong BCM4334.   Although the new ipad and iphone 4S are also used for the chip, the former BCM4334 is 40nm process manufacturing, which can reduce power consumption by 50%. This new BCM433 ...

Bino v0.9.0 releases a Linux video player

Bino is a Linux 10244.html "> video player that supports 3D video, supports a large number of video formats, and supports multiple monitors." Bino is a video player with nonblank special features: Support for 3D videos with a wide produced of input and output formats ...

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