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Announcing a price war with Suning

Announced that the will be launched with Suning "style=" line-height:1.6; > Price After the war, Liu on its microblog revealed that "someone cheated: began to pressure suppliers to stop us sourcing!" Oh, it's late!!! ”

Suning Electric starting line under the "National Great Benefit War"

From Suning headquarters to obtain the latest news, Suning appliance 1700 stores in collaboration with Suning easy to buy the same day launch line under the "National Grand Benefit War", Suning side in the "815 electric business War" began to counterattack. Earlier, Suning Electric President Kim Jinming has made clear that this weekend suning will start the annual largest promotional activities.   At the same time, Suning has been united with more than hundreds of global first-line suppliers signed a large purchase of tens of billions of orders to ensure that during the activities of Suning online under the absolute price advantage and adequate sourcing preparation. It is reported that the "Suning National Grand Benefit War" period, consumers in Suning store in the scene than ...

Mainland for Hong Kong and Macao agricultural products abundant

BEIJING, January 29 (reporter Cui, Du Haitao) Spring Festival is approaching, all the relevant departments actively organize sourcing, to do a good job in the supply of Hong Kong and Macao areas of life necessities to ensure good quality and stable price. At present, the first half of grain and flour milling, annual live livestock quotas have been issued to all parts of Hong Kong and Macao Enterprises.  The mainland for Hong Kong and Macao fresh agricultural products abundant supply, can fully meet the Spring Festival and 2011 Hong Kong and Macao market needs. At present, 2011 years of mainland supply of Hong Kong fresh agricultural and sideline products related work and emergency mechanism has been fully activated, the emergency measures have been implemented to local and enterprise, Guangdong ...

ShopClues Commodity procurement platform to operate as a satellite channel

March 5 News, India's network retailer ShopClues announced that it will launch a commodity procurement platform this week and operate as a satellite channel for existing websites.   The platform allows customers to make bulk purchases, and businesses can buy back goods on the platform.   The Commodity procurement platform is India's first online commodity procurement business model that allows customers to buy commodities at wholesale prices. Sanjay Sethi, founder and CEO of ShopClues, said the launch ...

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