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8 Noteworthy Sql-on-hadoop Frameworks

The operating language of the data is SQL, so many tools are developed with the goal of being able to use SQL on Hadoop. Some of these tools are simply packaged on top of the MapReduce, while others implement a complete data warehouse on top of the HDFs, while others are somewhere between the two. There are a lot of such tools, Matthew Rathbone, a software development engineer from Shoutlet, recently published an article outlining some common tools and scenarios for each tool and not ...

Mysql two useful SQL performance analysis statements

1> explain SQL, similar to Oracle explain statement For example: explain select * from nad_aditem; 2> select benchmark (count, sql); Calculate the sql statement to perform count times For example: mysql> select benchmark (1000; Select * FROM AD;); + ---------...

Summary of MySQL database optimization method

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Lobby database optimization is a very complex task, because it ultimately requires a good understanding of system optimization.   Even though the system or application system does not know much about the optimization effect is good, but if you want to optimize the effect of better, then you need to know more about it. 1, the optimization of the system to run faster the most important factor is the basic design of the database.   And you have to be aware of what your system is going to do, and the bottlenecks that exist. The most common system bottlenecks are as follows: ...

Several types of SQL connections: internal, leftist, right, full, cross connection

&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp;     SQL connections can be divided into internal, external, and cross joins. Database data: Book table ...

discuz! NT 2.5 to 2.6 SQL Server version Upgrade tutorial

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall from open source to open, discuz! NT 2.6 is not only a simple function of the upgrade, more important is the application of innovative ideas. discuz! NT 2.6 incorporates a new concept of Community product development and introduces an open API interface.        The use of APIs can invoke user information, sections, posts and other content to develop highly integrated with the Forum application. This upgrade requires the use of an upgrade. Upgradein ...

2017 Double 11 Technology Secret - TDDL/DRDS Class KV Query Optimization Practice

The core concept of sub-library table is based on MySQL storage. Solving the problem of data storage and access capacity, the product supports the database traffic of previous Tmall double eleven singles day core transaction links, and gradually grew into the standard of Alibaba Group access relational database.

Ali cloud ODPS vision, technology and difficulties

In January 2014, Aliyun opened up its ODPS service to open beta. In April 2014, all contestants of the Alibaba big data contest will commission and test the algorithm on the ODPS platform. In the same month, ODPS will also open more advanced functions into the open beta. InfoQ Chinese Station recently conducted an interview with Xu Changliang, the technical leader of the ODPS platform, and exchanged such topics as the vision, technology implementation and implementation difficulties of ODPS. InfoQ: Let's talk about the current situation of ODPS. What can this product do? Xu Changliang: ODPS is officially in 2011 ...

Chen: Spark this year, from open source to hot

The Big data field of the 2014, Apache Spark (hereinafter referred to as Spark) is undoubtedly the most attention. Spark, from the hand of the family of Berkeley Amplab, at present by the commercial company Databricks escort. Spark has become one of ASF's most active projects since March 2014, and has received extensive support in the industry-the spark 1.2 release in December 2014 contains more than 1000 contributor contributions from 172-bit TLP ...

Cloud Computing Week Jevin Review (2.6-2.10)

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is bound to perish File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is defined in RFC 959 and released in October 1985. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is designed to be a cross-platform, simple, and easy to implement protocol. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has a long history of evolution, is one of the most important applications on the Internet, but today, has been declining. The author of this paper enumerates some shortcomings of File Transfer Protocol (FTP). 1. Data transmission mode is unreasonable regardless of the contents of the file itself, blindly using as ...

Solutions with large data technology and Hadoop

Machine data may have many different formats and volumes. Weather sensors, health trackers, and even air-conditioning devices generate large amounts of data that require a large data solution. &http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; However, how do you determine what data is important and how much of that information is valid, Is it worth being included in the report or will it help detect alert conditions? This article will introduce you to a large number of machine datasets ...

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