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Some attacks on SQL databases

For a lot of news at home and abroad, BBS and E-commerce sites are used asp+sql design, and write ASP programmers Many (there are a lot of just graduated), so, Asp+sql attack success rate is also relatively high. This kind of attack method has little to do with the NT version and the SQL version. There is no corresponding patch, because the loophole is caused by the programmer, and most of the book on ASP programming, the source code example has this flaw exists, in fact, just some legitimate ASP on the request of SQL, leaving endless trouble! A This attack method originated from ...

SQL Server Database Optimization

Designing 1 applications doesn't seem to be difficult, but it's not easy to achieve the optimal performance of the system. There are many choices in development tools, database design, application structure, query design, interface selection, and so on, depending on the specific application requirements and the skills of the development team. This article takes SQL Server as an example, discusses the application performance optimization techniques from the perspective of the background database, and gives some useful suggestions. 1 database design to achieve optimal performance in a good SQL Server scenario, the key is to have 1 ...

Millions data 4 SEC Import SQL Server Introduction

Presumably every DBA would like to challenge the data import time, the shorter the work efficiency, the more sufficient to prove their strength. In the actual work sometimes need to import a large amount of data into the database, and then for various program calculation, this article will recommend a challenge 4 seconds limit to let millions data into SQL Server experiment case. This experiment will use the 5 method to complete this process, and detailed records of the various methods of time spent. The tools used are Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2000, SQL S ...

Introducing IBM's SQL technology for Hadoop to relational DBMS users

This article will introduce big SQL, which answers many common questions about this IBM technology that users of relational DBMS have. Large data: It is useful for IT professionals who analyze and manage information. But it's hard for some professionals to understand how to use large data, because Apache Hadoop, one of the most popular big data platforms, has brought a lot of new technology, including the newer query and scripting languages. Big SQL is IBM's Hadoop based platform Infosphere Biginsight ...

Mysql database sql statement commonly used optimization methods

MySQL database sql statement commonly used optimization methods 1. Query optimization, should try to avoid full table scan, should first consider where and order by the columns involved in the establishment of the index. 2. Should be avoided in the where clause on the field null value judgment, otherwise it will cause the engine to abandon the use of indexes and full table scan, such as: select id from t where num is null You can set the default value of num 0, to ensure that Num column table does not null value ...

Solutions with large data technology and Hadoop

Machine data may have many different formats and volumes. Weather sensors, health trackers, and even air-conditioning devices generate large amounts of data that require a large data solution. &http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; However, how do you determine what data is important and how much of that information is valid, Is it worth being included in the report or will it help detect alert conditions? This article will introduce you to a large number of machine datasets ...

SQL Server mass Data import method

To realize the problem of importing massive data, import millions of data into SQL Server one at a time, and if you write with a normal INSERT statement, I'm afraid it won't be completed in a few hours, first consider using bcp, but it's based on the command line, and it's too unfriendly for the user to actually use ; finally decided to use the BULK INSERT statement implementation, BULK Insert can also achieve large amount of data import, and can be implemented programmatically, the interface can be done very friendly, it is very high speed: Import 1 million data ...

Double 11 Data Operation Platform Order Feed Data Torrent Real-Time Analysis Solution

In 2017, the double eleven refreshed the record again. The transaction created a peak of 325,000 pens/second and a peak payment of 256,000 pens/second. Such transactions and payment records will form a real-time order feed data stream, which will be imported into the active service system of the data operation platform.

New MARIADB Enterprise Products combine SQL and NoSQL

To help database administrators and http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/7155.html > developers more flexibly handle large amounts of data, Skysql launched a mariadb based   Enterprise and enterprise cluster products, which are integrated with the NoSQL database. As mobile devices and cloud service users continue to grow, the amount of data the enterprise is processing is growing rapidly. This situation ...

Intel Wugansha: Large Data development context

On the morning of 26th, Mr. Wugansha, chief engineer of the Intel China Research Institute, delivered a speech on the theme of "Big Data development: Seeing yourself, seeing the world, seeing sentient beings". In the speech, Wugansha pointed out that the next wave of the big science and technology revolution has been ready, large data models can be divided into three categories, the first category to see themselves, as Socrates said you have to know yourself. The second level is to see heaven and earth, you have to pay attention to yourself, to the world between heaven and earth, to understand the community and social behavior. The third is to see sentient beings, the so-called sentient beings are heaven and earth, nature, all things, the so-called all sentient beings have Buddha nature, this is the day ...

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